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572 Major Enlightenment in the Bushes! Part 3

 "Where did he go?"

"He escaped through the front door!"

"After him!"

The PUBG Grande Chasse unfolded before the eyes of the live audience and those in the streams.

No one expected that Liu Zilang would one day be reduced to hiding and shivering in the bushes.

Upon seeing this scene, many viewers in the local Chinese live stream channels nearly laughed out loud!

"Now that's the game I've been playing! The manual evasion of a shotgun blast and pistol counterattack were just hallucinations!"

"Whatever happened earlier. Every time I see Vic on the stream, I feel like I've bought the wrong game."

"Heh heh, you didn't buy the wrong game. Don't you know about the 998-yuan Deluxe Collector's Edition? It comes with one-key pick-up, smart evasion, and auto-aim!"

"Ha, I almost believed that sh*t. Now is 988-yuan-Vic gonna just squat there?"

In the game, even though he was perfectly camouflaged among the thick bushes by the container near the front entrance of the police station, Liu Zilang could not help but feel nervous as he heard footsteps dashing past him.

The two players from TSM did not manage to find him at the front entrance. They concluded that Liu Zilang must have gone around the building to sneak up from behind, and therefore hurriedly moved toward the back door in pursuit. After all, everyone's senses were heightened in a tournament.

They did not guess that Liu Zilang, once past the front door, immediately turned around and squatted down right there.

Well, a normal person would not behave like that, right?

That was exactly what Liu Zilang did!

When the TSM players circled the left side of the building and reached the back door, they were confused.

As befitting of an international-level team, they did not blindly chase after their target. Instead, they proceeded single-file so the opponent could not take down both of them at once. Therefore, Liu Zilang could not have evaded them again.

Right then, the final member of TSM arrived from the C building.

"Hey partner, did you see anyone leave?"

"Was there anyone?"

"Wait a sec! I think... we missed a spot."

The three TSM players immediately reacted at SmaK's words.

They rushed like starving dogs toward the front entrance of the police station.

The most dangerous place is the safest!

Liu Zilang was familiar with this idiom.

He was also aware that in many situations, this phrase only applied once.

Seeing the two players leave from the left side, Liu Zilang wasted no time and crouch-walked toward the right.

In a short while, he heard frantic footsteps from the other end of the police station.

Someone was running toward the front entrance from the back.

Under these circumstances, Liu Zilang gave up on stealth and dashed toward the back door.

At the front entrance of the police station, the three players of TSM busted past the door and stared at the bushes.


The hot-tempered Break did not even stop to analyze the situation, but immediately used his AK to fire intensely at the bush in front of him!

Even so, Break's instinct was spot-on.

That particular bush happened to be the densest, which meant that it provided the best cover. It just so happened that Liu Zilang was hiding at that exact spot earlier.

Unfortunately, Liu Zilang was not there anymore.

Vroom vroom vroom!

Without warning, the three players of TSM heard the sound of a motorcycle revving.


They looked at each other, and their hearts plummeted!


Liu Zilang mounted the motorcycle and stepped on the accelerator. From the back door of the police station, he departed toward C Building No. 3, leaving only a trail of smoke.

Before he left, he did not forget to sound the horn a few times--a little souvenir.

Through the echoing noise of the horn, one could vaguely hear the immortal saying, "Working..."[1]

What the f*ck...

The western members of the audience gawked at the motorcycle disappearing into the distance. Was this part of the ancient and exotic Thirty-Six Stratagems of the Orient?

"Awesome! What a tense psychological battle!"

On the commentary platform, Lord Rong was dishing out praise unreservedly. "This time Vic has displayed the psychological fortitude of a professional player!"

"That's right. As the saying goes, 'To keep one's composure while Mount Tai collapses in front of one's eyes'. That is the epitome of being bold yet cautious."

Ruo Feng continued as he smiled. "It felt like Vic was leading the three players of TSM by their noses."

"But that had hindered Vic's development in the match opening." Su Changming shook his head. "Well, it can't be helped. That was the risk he took, and he's lucky to be still alive. It's up to 4AM to handle the development of the situation."


In 4AM's team voice chat.

Aluka saw Liu Zilang approaching on his motorcycle. "How the f*ck are you not dead? I saw three other people entering the police station while I was keeping watch. How... how did you lose them?" he said incredulously.

'Was my teammate just observing by the sidelines?' Liu Zilang pondered. His face darkened as he calmly replied, "Wisdom gives you the upper hand against all opponents. Enough talk, you have a gun?"

"F*ck! Duga was barren; there were only two shotguns," Aluka said brashly, "An S686 and an S12K. Take your pick."

Liu Zilang's doubts cleared after hearing Aluka's report.

He was not pleased that Aluka did not provide cover fire for him from Duga but simply watched on.

It did not matter whether he could take out an enemy, but at the very least he could have provided a distraction.

Now he knew that Aluka only picked up two shotguns, so it was understandable that he was unable to lend a hand.

Firing a shotgun at this distance was about as effective as setting off fireworks.

"I have a Kar98K. Come and get it," GodV said.


Liu Zilang remembered the 8x scope he picked up just as he entered the police station's back door. Warmth spread throughout his chest. "Wei-chan! That must be fate!" he exclaimed passionately.

With that, he ran giddily toward GodV.

At the early stages of the game, it was not enough to only have a sniper rifle. Fortunately, Cpt had an extra Vector which he 'sponsored' to Liu Zilang, so he had both close range and long range fighting capabilities.

At that moment, the first play area refresh happened.

On the map displayed on the big screen, a white circle surrounded almost the entire Sosnovka Island, save for the fishing villages at the end of the two bridges on the northeast and northwest, and a short stretch of the coastline.

Unquestionably, this was a classic Sosnovka showdown.

For Liu Zilang and his teammates who had jumped at Sosnovka at the beginning of this match, there was good news.

At the same time, it also brought some bad news.

The good news was, naturally, they did not have to escape the blue circle.

As for the bad news, the other three teams that had jumped at the same location did not have to escape either.

If the white circle had appeared somewhere else, they could have enjoyed a ceasefire as everyone escaped, but now it seemed that someone's death would be inevitable...


[1] The full saying/meme is "Working, working is impossible for me." The saying comes from a televised interview with petty thief Zhou Liqi, nicknamed "Che Guevara", on his motives for stealing an electric bicycle in 2012.