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571 Marseille Turn at the Brink of Death! Part 2

 In the dimly-lit police station, barbed wires and crates were haphazardly strewn about.

Thud thud thud!

Frantic footsteps echoed in the back storeroom, giving off a sense of anxious urgency!

"Too bad, Vic got caught red-handed!"

"He was careless. He thought his opponents were too busy looting to bother with him."

"Yup, Vic might have bitten off more than he can chew. On the other hand, the player from TSM was rather assertive, and on top of that, Vic's luck was pretty bad. There wasn't a single gun in that half of the storeroom."

"Oh! There's a pistol in front of him. Think he'll pick it up?"

In the caster's screen, Liu Zilang was seen escaping from the back storeroom to the front entrance. He saw the pistol in front of him and cursed his luck.

P1911 vs S1897!

'How the geoduck am I supposed to fight with that?'

There was no room for bargaining. As he ran past the pistol, Liu Zilang stashed it into his backpack with a few swift movements of his fingers.

Better than no gun at all, right?

He had not taken two more steps when the unexpected happened. The sound of footsteps at the right side door became louder!

Bad news!

The opponent took an alternate route!

Liu Zilang made a quick decision and abruptly stopped in his tracks.


A flash of gunfire and a cloud of lead shot appeared from the right side door.

A preemptive spray!

If he had taken another step, he would have been lying on the floor by now.

Even so, his current situation was not much better.

He heard the sound of the shotgun reloading.

In the next moment, Viss, wielding his shotgun, dashed right toward him and forced him into a corner of the room!

Heh heh heh!

Run all you want! Scream all you want!

Struggle all you want! Resist all you want!

Nobody will save you no matter what you do.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang's heart went "Oh my god" when he saw his opponent lifting that big gun.

However, he was not the type to die without a bang. He equipped the P1911 and started loading bullets.

Ha, you still dare to reload?

Viss smiled coldly as he saw Liu Zilang loading in this desperate situation.

He fired another shot!


A shower of sparks emerged from the mouth of the gun; countless lead shots exploded like pear flowers battered in a thunderstorm!

That felt good!

After the shot, Viss felt a sense of boredom.

That was it? And he had the guts to sneak around?

In the next moment, his eyes widened, and his jaw dropped, his tongue nearly paralyzed from the shock!

Whoaaaaa! The western members of the live audience are screaming in utter disbelief!

"Oh my god! Is this a joke?"

"Good heavens, what kind of playstyle is this?"

On the big screen was the instant replay. At the moment of the shotgun blast, they saw Liu Zilang, standing in a corner surrounded by crates, jump vertically on the spot. The blast harrowingly missed him and passed harmlessly between his legs, leaving countless bullet holes in the wall behind him!


Viss was dazed for a split second but recovered quickly.

With another "thud", he loaded another 12-gauge shotgun shell into the barrel.

In front of the computer monitor, a flash of wickedness spread across Viss' typical Caucasian face!

'I don't believe that I can't get you today!' Without further hesitation, he fired another shot at Liu Zilang!


In the instant the shot was fired, the hearts of the live audience froze in suspense!

A moment later, their eyeballs popped out as if they saw something unbelievable.

Under the God's perspective of the caster's instant replay, they watched as, at the precise moment of Viss' shot, Liu Zilang jumped and once again evaded another lethal blast!

This time Viss lifted his crosshair slightly, ensuring it was not a total miss. A portion of the shot still managed to graze Liu Zilang's crotch.

That body part was stained red and looked particularly bloody!

Fortunately, the blast that hit between his legs was damaging but not lethal.

At the same time, Liu Zilang had loaded his P1911!

Viss heard the faint "ka-cha" as Liu Zilang cocked the black-and-white pistol next to his ear.

His face turned pale as a sheet.

He had never felt such panic before!

Liu Zilang, who had just danced on the brink... no, did an insane Marseille turn on the thread between life and death, now felt like he was ready to sing a song of liberation!

He violently exhaled a mouthful of stale air, and slapped the butt of his pistol!

Then, aiming at Viss's helmeted head, he fired several quick consecutive shots!

Bang bang bang!



After several quick taps of Liu Zilang's mouse, waves of blood splashed from Viss's head, which was painted red in the blink of an eye.

"4AM-Vic knocked out TSM-Viss by headshot with P1911!"

SmaK was heading toward the back door of the police station when he heard the fourth shotgun blast coming from his teammate. He had a vague sense of unease.

Whatever he was expecting, he was definitely not expecting Viss to be knocked out by his opponent's pistol!

Viss was the entry-fragger of the team. Techniques like spraying or instant spreading were a piece of cake for him. It was beyond belief that he would have missed such an easy target.

What the hell happened?

At this moment, Viss, who was knocked prone on the floor was dumbfounded. He thought that the opponent dodging his first blast was a lucky fluke.

What kind of reflexes must one have to dodge a point-blank shotgun blast?

After being outmaneuvered by Liu Zilang, he caught a glimpse of his opponent loading his gun before he fired the second shot.

He only subconsciously lifted his shotgun slightly before shooting, trying to eliminate this opponent quickly.

Deep in his heart, though, he was sure that lightning would not strike twice.

Now prone on the floor, he noticed his opponent's ID for the first time.


He finally believed that such miracles could indeed happen, but only for supernatural phenomena, like this monster in front of him.

Viss felt a wave of regret. If God had given him another chance, he swore to himself, he would have aimed for the head.

Sadly, as shots rang out from Liu Zilang's pistol for a second time, he stretched his legs and departed for heaven.

"4AM killed TSM-Viss by headshot with P1911!"

After delivering the killing blow, Liu Zilang did not dawdle to loot but immediately headed out via the police station's front entrance.

He did not hear the footsteps, though judging from how the opponent subconsciously moved backward as he was knocked out, he had a hunch that his teammates must be entering from the back entrance.

His hunch was proven right soon after, and it saved his life.

He had just exited the front door when he heard a flurry of footsteps in the back storeroom.

'Someone's here!'

'And it's not just one!'

If he thought that he would be able to put up a resistance with only a P1911, he must have been out of his mind.

Running away haphazardly was also not an option.

In a flash, he made a resolute decision.

As the saying goes, "One can find minor enlightenment in town, and major enlightenment in the bushes!"[1]

The stakes were raised!


[1] The original saying "One can find minor enlightenment in the mountains, and major enlightenment in town." was a quote from the Han dynasty Taoist scholar Dongfang Shuo. This quote demonstrates that high levels of enlightenment are achieved when one puts himself in more dangerous and chaotic situations.