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570 The Dream Opening? Part 1

 The airplane flew past the final seaside town and soon disappeared beyond the endless sea.

The caster switched to God's perspective. Along the flight route was a tightly packed line of parachutes.

"Once again 4AM have decided to jump at Sosnovka Military Base. Are they trying to make a repeat of the last match, going around the military base and into the wilderness?"

"Hmm... I can't be sure of that. Judging on where they're flying, I think they're heading straight toward the military base."

"In this round, there are a total of four teams that jumped on Sosnovka Island. But Team Vega from the Commonwealth of Independent States have opened their parachutes high up in the air. I think they're planning to glide over to Novorepnoye."

"Indeed. Other than 4AM, the other two teams heading toward Sosnovka Military Base are TSM from North America and Gates from Europe. Tsk, these Western teams are strong opponents! Looks like 4AM needs to be careful when they land!"

Upon seeing this scene, Chinese viewers started leaving a flurry of comments in the stream.

"Announcing the return of the Lords of Sosnovka 4 Ah Mei?"[1]

"Don't get ahead of yourselves! That was a hard-fought third place. You must secure your ranking!"

"Victory is certain when Aluka offers himself as a blood sacrifice!"[2]

"Hm? Why did Vic land outside the military base? Is 4AM planning to engage in guerilla warfare?"

On the big screen, the caster's camera was on Liu Zilang, who had landed on the road leading to the military base.

Upon landing, he immediately sprinted toward a motorcycle parked next to the road.

It was a two-wheeled motorcycle!

Sosnovka Military Base was not directly on the airplane's flight route, and by performing a straight descent on the periphery of the military base, Liu Zilang was undoubtedly faster than others.

In the meantime, TSM and Gates were still hovering in the air, diving toward the C building and the big warehouse respectively.

No players were heading towards the K building and A building. This was because the buildings were close to each other, and would have resulted in an early struggle for resources.

Even though these teams selected to jump at Sosnovka Military Base, there were not many players that would eagerly hunt for other opponents at this early stage; the same applied in random matchmaking games.

In professional games, the reason for them to jump at the military base was to acquire better resources and not to immediately pick fights. As the in-game saying went, "Leave life and death to fate, but prosperity to one's weapons."


"One team is freefalling toward Novorepnoye. Besides us there are two other teams at the military base," Aluka said rapidly as he gathered information while in the air, "No one's at the K Building and the five warehouses. Loot as you please. Oh, right, no one's at the police station either."

The police station was located between the C building and the Boiler Room, that is to say, between TSM and Gates.

The structure of the buildings here was similar to the K building: easy to loot with an abundance of resources.

"Then you guys go loot at the K building. I'll go sneak a bite at the police station. There are only three teams at such a big place, I can't let them have it too easy," Liu Zilang replied without a second thought after receiving Aluka's intel.

The other three members of 4AM were used to Liu Zilang's playing method of diving headfirst into danger.

In the previous match, Liu Zilang single-handedly stalled the three "monsters" of SKK and even carried the team into the top three. This alone was proof of his skills in international tournaments.

This was why upon hearing Liu Zilang's suggestion, GodV merely scrunched his forehead and replied, "Alright then. Cpt will go to the five warehouses and A Building. I'll go to the K Building and the three small warehouses. Aluka, go loot at Duga and keep watch from there. After looting we'll rendezvous, and if there's no fight here we'll leave."

GodV's plan was undeniably "loot and scoot".

The major resource points like the boiler room and C Building were best left for the other teams, while 4AM went for the lesser resource points. In that way, even if they did not manage to score some kills, they would have profited the most from the resources.

Upon receiving GodV's instructions, they immediately set out toward their destinations.

Ura! Ura! Ura![3]

Liu Zilang happily rode his motorcycle and zipped along the road past the perimeter fence. He arrived at the back door of the police station, which was situated between the C Building and the big warehouse.

It was quiet all around, with no one in sight.

Liu Zilang might be reckless, but he knew that there was no time to waste.

He parked his motorcycle and snuck in through the back door. Once inside, he spotted the 8x Scope placed between the barbed wire and resource crate.

'This journey was well worth it,' he thought to himself.

What he did not know was that while he was parking his motorcycle at the police station's back door, the metal gate at the east side of the C Building No. 3 suddenly swung open.

Someone holding an S189 crept out suspiciously, and discreetly inched his way toward the police station.

Noticing the movement of his teammate's icon, SmaK, the leader of TSM, who was still at C Building No. 1, frowned slightly. "Hey partner, heading to the police station? I thought I saw a vehicle entering there."

"I know, that guy rode in with a motorcycle. I don't think he's picked up a gun yet." Viss, who was wielding a shotgun, smiled as he looked at the police station in front of him. "Stealing under my nose? I'd better teach him a lesson."

Hearing that the opponent was unarmed, SmaK relaxed slightly. Still, he warned, "OK, looks like a boor. I'll cover you just in case."

In the last match, they were eliminated by SKK not too long after the start of the match. Their ranking was near the bottom of the leaderboard.

They knew that this international tournament had a modified scoring system, with more emphasis on kill count.

This was why TSM elected to jump at Sosnovka. They could start fighting as soon as possible.

If they were able to fight, they would rather deliver the first strike.


Level three military vest!

Level three backpack!

Med kit!

Two first aid kits and an energy drink!


Examining the items on the floor, Liu Zilang felt that he would have enough recovery items to last for the rest of the match.

'But give me a f*cking gun, dammit!'

He saw the front door which he had not yet looted. He prayed to himself that there would be a gun there.

If he could loot an M16, and a KAR98K, that would be the perfect opening.

On many occasions, life would not be perfect.

Just as Liu Zilang started walking, a flurry of footsteps came from the side room of the police station.

The footsteps were speedy and careless, perhaps even be a little audacious, like a butcher wielding a cleaver on his way to slaughter a pig.

'Hold on! So I'm a pig now?'

Liu Zilang was still mentally processing the turn of events when someone appeared at the front door.

The two of them locked eyes!


The opponent was still taking aim when Liu Zilang reacted by diving behind the barbed wire.

SmaK heard the gunshot and was alarmed. "What happened? A fight?"

"Haha, don't worry, this kid is without a gun!" Viss grinned.

He saw Liu Zilang escaping in panic among the barbed wire, and licked his lips before cracking a wicked sneer.

'I'm coming, baby!'

[1] Typing "AM" into Chinese Pinyin auto-corrects to "Ah Mei". It means "little sister" in a gruff way. There was a popular Taiwanese singer in the '90s that went by that name.

[2] A real-life meme. Aluka is known to be the first to charge towards the opponents and be killed.

[3] Russian battle cry.