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567 Is This Man Poisonous?

 Vivian and Satan both stared with their mouths agape at the boulder at the foot of the hill. In their hearts, there was a stampede of ten thousand Australian alpacas!

I was an idiot!


"Hu! Hu!" Vivian blew puffs of air in anger.

She was right earlier to suspect something was amiss, but she had never thought that the opponent was camping right above her.

Was this person some kind of feral child?

Satan, crouching behind the jeep, narrowed his eyes as the M24 on his back silently slipped into his hands.

He was not a man of many words.

He would rather have his gun do the talking instead.

Right now, the only member of SKK who kept his composure was Karl, who had been knocked off his vehicle Liu Zilang's flying kick.

He got on all fours, crawled to the back of the sedan, and snooped at Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the airdrop crate.

He knew what his opponent was up to.

"Get away quick! He's planning to stall!" Karl shouted rapidly.

That must be it!

Satan and Vivian suddenly regained their senses. They looked upwards at the impending radioactive web.

They knew that Liu Zilang was closer to the blue circle than they were. If reached a stalemate, he would be the first to take damage.

It was clear that the opponent's objective was to reveal himself at the most critical moment.

He wanted all of them to die together!

Understanding this, Satan's narrowed eyes glimmered a flash of insight. He turned toward Vivian and told her, "Let me handle him. You run away!"

Vivian turned to look behind her. This was a common scenario they encountered in tournaments: One person had to stay back to allow the other to escape.

Usually, she would have left without a second thought.

This time, she hesitated. The opponent behind her was Liu Zilang.

As a western girl who could not live without the Internet, she had an aggressive competitive spirit.

While matched up with Liu Zilang during the random matchmaking game, she had been sniped by Liu Zilang who wielded an AWM.

She would be lying to herself if she said that she accepted the outcome of that incident.

Now that she had encountered Liu Zilang again, it was natural that she wanted to settle the score with him.

In the next moment, seeing Satan taking aim with his M24, a sudden realization struck her.

This was a tournament, not a solo match!

Her teammate was prepared to sacrifice himself for her; so she should be doing her best to survive.

The car was in no condition to be driven.

Vivian quickly downed an energy drink to fill her boost. She quickly took stock of her first aid kit count, unequipped her weapon, and dashed on foot toward the Three Warehouses at full speed.

As long as she did not get hit along the way, she believed that her six first aid kits could sustain her until she reached the safe zone.


A gunshot fired from her back without warning!

Vivian was estimating the distance and her health level. She had not taken more than a few steps before a splash of blood appeared on her back!


The live audience collectively sucked in their breath!

Misaka Mikoto, sitting at the front of the audience area with Wang Qianqian, clenched her small fists. She stared unblinkingly at the big screen, eyes glimmering with excitement.

Kill her!

Kill that woman!

"That was a no-scope!"

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Su Changming took in a deep breath and spoke slowly, "This fella is giving his all to stall the three players of SKK!"

"Tsk tsk! He dares to no-scope in front of Satan! This time Vic is dancing on a knife's edge in the sky!" Lord Rong exclaimed.

A knife's edge is dangerous, but a knife's edge in the sky is a lot worse. One slip in concentration can mean a death so horrible that nothing would be left of one's corpse!

No one thought that Lord Rong was exaggerating.

It was common knowledge that Satan was known as "The True Devil's Eye" in the sniping world!

The reason why she dared to unequip her weapon and to run brazenly was that she knew she had Satan covering her back.

Ever since switching to PUBG, countless tournaments, both big and small, had proven that Satan aiming with his sniper was equivalent to erecting an indestructible steel wall behind her!

How did this person... penetrate Satan's defenses?


Meanwhile, the caster switched to a player cam on Satan, who just had a shot snuck under him and hit his teammate.

On the screen, it seemed that Satan's face was as calm and unbothered as usual.

In the players' spectating area between the stage and the audience, Li Muqiu took a side glance and burst out laughing. "This guy thinks he can play it cool like Master Ze! He looks calm but even his nose is contorted in anger!"

His nose was contorted in anger?

GodV and the rest were shocked upon hearing that!

When they lifted their heads toward the screen, the caster had already switched back to the in-game view.

Everyone had doubts in their minds.

Was his nose... really contorted?

Li Muqiu was, of course, exaggerating, but it was true that beneath Satan's expressionless face, he was holding back a volcano that was ready to erupt!

Just now he had seen the flash of a silhouette to the right of the airdrop crate.

With his lightning reflexes, he immediately dragged his crosshair toward it, but the opponent pulled back in time.

At the same time, the gunshot fired!

Not only had the sniper bullet struck Vivian's back, but it had also wounded Satan's heart!

This, obviously, was not simply a case of "I feel your pain". Satan realized that he was being toyed with!

Thinking of this, he took in a deep breath. "Just run. I'll make sure no one can get another shot at you," he told Vivian who had just used a first aid kit.

After that, he focused his concentration like he never did before!

His mind was clear and his body was light. Nothing remained in his field of vision except the airdrop crate a short distance away ... and the person behind it!

Vivian noticed the change in Satan's tone. She knew that she could count on him.

The blue circle was closing in. She had wasted a lot of time. If she continued dawdling, she feared that even the first aid kits would not pull her through until she reached the safe zone.

She gritted her teeth, tucked her head in, and ran forward.

Indeed! She only ran for about ten meters when gunshots were fired behind her.

Did Satan manage to hold his defense?

Unexpectedly, she also heard explosions behind her!

Shortly afterward, there was another "Boom!"

It sounded like something had been blown up...

On the tournament's big screen, the live audience and those in the broadcasting room stared awestruck at Liu Zilang hiding behind the airdrop crate. As he lifted his hand, a grenade flew out!

He tossed four grenades in a row at Karl, who was closer to him!

The third grenade killed Karl, who was knocked out and had not been revived by anyone.

At the same time, flames started appearing on the little orange sedan.

The airdrop crate that Liu Zilang was using as cover was enveloped by the blue radioactive web.

Bzzt bzzt bzzt!

His health points decreased by chunks.

The critical signals flashed!

Liu Zilang did not heal himself. Instead, he pulled the pin from his fourth hand grenade, and once again threw it.


At that moment, the grenade ignited the orange sedan!

Liu Zilang, whose health had dropped below critical levels, sidestepped without hesitation, and took another shot at Vivian's back!

At about the same time!

Satan, stationed behind the jeep, narrowed his pupils, and pulled the crosshair of the M24 toward him!



One crisp shot, and the other echoing!

After the two shots were fired, Liu Zilang and Vivian fell in unison.

All that remained at the foot of Georgopol Hills, now fully enveloped by the blue radioactive web, was Satan, an orange sedan burning fiercely, and a jeep missing its two side wheels.

Radiation rapidly drowned the players like an incoming tide.

Suddenly, Satan felt his body stiffen.

Was this man... poisonous?