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566 Have You Asked for My Permission to Leave? Part 6

 On the tournament's big screen, the caster moved the camera to the sky and displayed a birds' eye view.

From the heavens, it was shown that amidst the little patch of open field surrounded by a radioactive blue net, six teams remained. They were: SKK, Gates, TS, C9, Vega, and 4AM; the last of which had only one member left.

The first four of those teams were from Europe or the Americas, while Vega was from the Commonwealth of Independent States.

As for Asian teams, only Liu Zilang was left. It was not an exaggeration to say that he carried the hopes and dreams of all of Asia.

At present, several teams' icons were seen moving around the hilly and densely forested areas, scouting around for a clear path.

Nevertheless, everyone was nervous in the final rounds. Even if one's location was secure, most of the time the players would not be standing or crouching still.

The only exception was Liu Zilang.

It was not that he did not want to move, but rather, he could not.

Having stolen three kills from SKK, all he could do was to peacefully lie prone on the boulder. A stark contrast to the raging trio below him.

Liu Zilang was human, not Buddha.

Faced with the formidable players of SKK, any rash movements would run the risk of being discovered, and he would have been instantly reduced to a leaky sieve.

The countdown ended and the second last safe zone refreshed.

Luck was not on Liu Zilang's side this time but on the two players from C9, who had occupied the Three Warehouses south of Georgopol since the fourth circle.

The Three Warehouses, occupied by the duo of C9, were the only buildings available for cover within the play area.

When the circle refreshed, the six teams on the battlefield fell back into observation mode.

There was a saying, "You can tell the pioneers by the arrows on their backs."

Out in the wilderness, the players could stay out of trouble if they kept a low profile.

The first to move would always be the receiver of concentrated fire.

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Lord Rong seemed concerned.

"Fifty seconds before the play area is restricted. What will happen to Vic? He's quite a distance from the safe zone, so he'd better be making plans now."

"Nothing he can do, I'm afraid." Su Changming shook his head. "Once the circle starts shrinking, it's checkmate for him. He can't make a move as long as SKK doesn't make theirs."

"It doesn't seem like SKK plans to move out any sooner. They have two cars, which means that they can outrun the blue circle as it shrinks." Ruo Feng continued the commentary as he fixed his eyes on the screen.

"Wise choice by SKK." Lord Rong could not help but smile and slightly lower his chin. "Even if the last white circle would be one in the wilderness, at this point five out of the six teams are outside the white circle. It seems like SKK can make a big show of driving into the white circle with their vehicles, but actually, they'll have to be wary of C9 hiding in the warehouses. The other teams should be busy fighting among themselves and won't have time to bother them."

Ruo Feng continued with his analysis. "By then, all SKK needs to do is to secure one of the warehouses. If they can eliminate the neighboring C9 after that, they've basically clinched the match."


The three of them had hit it right on the mark.

Indeed, SKK's plan at this point in the tournament was to sneak into and occupy one of the warehouses amidst the scramble.

If that were the case, it meant that Liu Zilang, who was stuck above them, would have a hard time.

If SKK had left sooner, the other teams would have had their sights trained on them, allowing Liu Zilang to slipped out unnoticed.

On the other hand, if they chose to leave with the blue circle right behind them, Liu Zilang would be unable to outrun the blue circle, which spelled certain death!


He took great pains to survive up to this stage of the tournament. There was no f*cking way he would give up and die to the blue circle!

Liu Zilang silently inched forward. He looked at SKK under him holding their positions and cradled the M16 in his hands.

He sunk into deep thought.

All around him was quiet. Under these circumstances, and based on his experience, he knew that if he decided to ambush SKK, they would react and discern his location within a tenth of a second.

He would do the same if their roles were swapped.

He would only be able to take out one opponent at most. With the other two opponents pinning him down at his spot, he would die either by gunfire or blue circle.

He stole a glance at the countdown.

Thirty seconds.

He looked back at the trio of SKK players beneath him.

In an instant, a spark appeared in his eyes, as though he had made up his mind about something.


With fifteen seconds left until the blue circle started shrinking, there was a sudden, frantic burst of gunfire on the battlefield!

"Oh! It's the three players of TS from South America and the full squad of Vega! They ran into each other while moving into the play area and are now engaged in combat!"

"That's right! Oh my god! MuMiNo, Vega's rifler, took down an opponent! Only two players left in TS!"

"Hold on, MuMiNo is reloading. Oh! Another TS player is attacking!"

"An amazing sneak attack! 993, the rifler from TS, took out MuMiNo and his teammate! The "curse of reloading" was too deadly..."

"And 993 goes down! Now Drainys, TS's lurker is flanking in from the slope!"

"Nice! The side attack from Drainys killed the remaining two members from Vega, thus concluding the 3v4 bloodbath!"

"With the blue circle closing in, there's no chance for Drainys to revive his teammates. He'll have to move on without them!"

"Wait! On the other side, Gates has been gunned down by C9's sniper as they were entering the white circle!"

The western live commentators were speaking passionately!

In the blink of an eye, the number of survivors was cut down to seven.

At this time, the caster turned his camera toward Georgopol Hills.

SKK saw the sudden commotion on the battlefield. They decided not to wait any longer and immediately boarded their vehicles.

Right as they boarded their vehicles, SKK would never have thought in their wildest dreams...

A person leaped out from over their heads!


Tut tut tut!

Heavy gunfire rang out!

Liu Zilang delivered a flying kick at Karl and stole his sedan!

In the next instant, he dodged to the left and hid behind the airdrop crate. His opponents' jeep skidded to its side and made an abrupt swerve to eliminate this troublesome pest.

Liu Zilang suddenly appeared from the left side of the crate. His fingers rapidly tapped the M16, and took out the side wheels of the jeep!

Suddenly, Satan and Vivian had the same thought as they dismounted the jeep, and the corners of their mouths twitched...

'This is bad news!'