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565 You’ll Never Walk Alone! Part 5

 "4AM-Vic killed Vega-Auzom with M16A4!"

Liu Zilang perfectly synchronized his shots with his opponent's and finished off a player knocked down by Satan!

The Americans and Europeans in the live audience dropped their jaws in shock!


What kind of control was that?

On the other hand, many online viewers in Chinese streams who were familiar with Liu Zilang's playstyle laughed out loud as they saw this scene.

"LOLOLOLOL! What a trickster!"

"Analysis complete! It seems that this player is none other than NaughtyPig[1]."

"I knew it! You can't bet on Vic to just lie there doing nothing!"

"Come on, go get a few more!"

"Satan said: \u0026%@$(%! Who dares steal my kill? F*ck, it's that b*tch Vic again!"

"Bwahaha! I'm in tears. I doubt they would guess that Vic is right on top of them!"

"That's Vic for you, who else would have the balls to pull off this kind of move? Definitely not SKK!"


In the match, the three players of SKK sensed that something was amiss.

Satan and Karl exchanged glances at each other. The former then looked at his surroundings. "Where's this guy taking potshots?" he asked curiously.

"Who knows?" Karl shrugged.

Then, he sharpened his vision.

His opponent had stolen his kill right in front of him with an M16, and he was also wielding the same weapon.

To Karl, this was an indirect insult.

Little did he know that Liu Zilang would not have dared to open fire had they not wielded the same weapons.

Ignorant of that fact, Karl again took aim with the M16 in his hands.

"You go ahead; I'll follow up. I don't believe he'll manage to steal another kill," he said, narrowing his eyes.

Satan nodded, though he started to pay more attention to his surroundings, on the lookout for Liu Zilang.

Only Vivian, who was wielding the MK14, furrowed her brows, a hint of suspicion appearing in her deep blue eyes.

'Something's not right...'

Subsequently, SKK tried to pinpoint Liu Zilang's location by engaging in another gunfight.

However, after the "flawless coordination" between Liu Zilang and SKK, no other teams dared to approach the trio. Many players felt that this team emanated some sort of wicked aura!

A short while later, the fourth blue circle began to shrink.

Liu Zilang and SKK were located at the inner edge of the white circle, so as long as they took care of those coming in from the outside, their positions were not compromised.

Liu Zilang was concerned. 'What about the next circle?'

The seconds ticked by as the blue circle shrank, and right after the circles coincided, at the instant of the circle refreshing...

The live audience and the rest of Asia who tuned in had all their spirits joined at this very moment!

In the tournament, Liu Zilang's pupils shrank as the moment approached and immediately after... sparkled with a glimmer of hope!

In the spectators' area, GodV and the others smiled shamelessly like children.

"F*ckin' A, that's the destiny circle!"

"Great news! No need to escape!"

"Don't mess this up! I just hope that he'd lie there and behave. I don't care if he goes AFK and plays on his phone."

"Um... are you sure that's possible for him?"

At the same time, SKK was as relieved as Liu Zilang.

"We don't have to run from the blue circle. Who would've thought that luck is on our side," Karl said happily and sighed contentedly.

"Frankly, I prefer the thrill of rushing into the safe zone from outside," Satan said, tilting his head.

"Yeah.. sure."

Vivian glanced outside the circle and blew at her fringe. "Here's the car. We'll just watch you leave and come back in."

Satan made no reply.

"Right," Satan asked as he lifted a finger to his chin, "Do you think that guy... is still outside the white circle?"

"Very possible!" Satan's eyes flashed, and he nodded. "We'll have to keep a close eye on who's coming in."

Vivian made no comment. Deep in a corner of her mind, she had a vague feeling that they might have overlooked something...

In any case, they were already in the third last play area, which was good news.

For the teams that had exchanged gunfire but were not outside the play area after the refresh, it was bad news.

As expected, as these teams shifted their positions toward the next play area, they found themselves in the crosshairs of SKK.

Previously, these players had the cover of terrain and vegetation to level the playing field against SKK, but now there was an inevitable frontal confrontation. Without cover, these players became lambs for slaughter.

At present, Vivian wielded her MK14 and was engaged with Shroud, who was at the entrance of the Three Warehouses, while Satan and Karl teamed up to snipe at teams running in from outside the play area.

Under these circumstances, those who are escaping the blue circle would detonate their smoke grenades and move under the cover of smoke. However, every time Satan's silenced M24 fired a shot, a faint red mist would appear amidst the smoke.

Even if he did not score a headshot, a direct hit from the M24 still dealt a lot of damage.

With Karl's follow-up M16 shots, as well as assistance from the "comrade" in the dark, Satan felt that this killing spree was fantastically brisk. He could feel every pore on his skin open up whenever he saw an opponent fall.

He looked at Karl beside him.

A hint of doubt crept into his mind.

'That's strange... have things ever gone this smoothly?"

Another opponent went down, and a follow-up shot was made. On the screen, a kill notification appeared.

"4AM-Vic killed Luminosity-Wsoe with M16A4!"

Satan's eye twitched.

He finally realized that something was definitely not right!


That guy was still kill-stealing!

At the same time, Karl, who had been boasting earlier, was simmering with rage.


How was that possible?

Why couldn't I hear his shots?

Thinking of this, the still oblivious Satan and Karl stopped their shooting at the same time, hoping to secretly observe this wave.

Naturally, once they stopped shooting, the battlefield became silent, save for Vivian and Shroud exchange fire not too far away.

There was no one else around them, much less shooting at the escaping players. Seeing this, Karl and Satan's faces darkened!

This guy was indulging in easy pickings and had not even made an effort to find his own prey.

While the duo from SKK ceased shooting in an attempt to catch Liu Zilang, the teams outside the safe zone felt like they had weathered a harsh blizzard and spring had arrived.

Taking the opportunity, they dashed into the play area with nothing else on their minds.

At the end of the third wave countdown, there were only 6 teams and 16 players left on the battlefield.

Without warning, the battle had entered its final stages!


[1] NaughtyPig is a popular Chinese PUBG streamer.