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564 Comrades-in-Arms? Part 4

 At this point, not many teams remained on the battlefield. Among them were Athletico from Oceania, Vega from the Commonwealth of Independent States, and seven other teams from Europe and the Americas.

As for teams from the Asian region... there was no need to mention them.

It could be because this was a professional tournament whereby the other teams were playing very tightly, or it could be because they had very strong synergy.

Together they stood, and together they fell.

Moreover, Liu Zilang was the only lone wolf, the other surviving teams had at least two members.

In the fourth circle, many teams would have had certain ideas regarding airdrops, though not many would be daring enough to make their move.

The rugged terrain of Georgopol Hills was packed with dense foliage and was suitable for hiding. Thus, the players in the area were holding themselves back and observing silently.

A jeep and an orange sedan soon came into view as it drove straight into the middle of the field.

The few teams that were hiding and sneaking about in the surrounding area were confused: Which hot-headed youth dared to pick up the airdrop?

Therefore, some teams made sure there were no opponents around before they took out their guns to deliver some welcoming shots.

A split second later...


A gunshot that sounded like a stapler rang out!

It looked like someone had gently massaged the ears of one of the members of the ambushing team.

In the next moment, liquid splashed from his head, as though juice had splashed out from a watermelon hit by a sledgehammer.

"SKK-Satan killed Vega-KeeN by headshot with M24!"

Lightning reflexes!

A precise headshot!

There was a momentary pause in the ringing gunfire as the headshot was delivered.

Everyone instantly realized that this team was not a group of hot-headed youths, but a team of boss-level characters!

Of course, not everyone was cowed by their appearance, such as Shroud of C9, who was currently located at the Three Warehouses.

Known as "North America's Number One Genius", Shroud was one of the "Twelve Titans" within western FPS circles.

Even when facing a "God-level" opponent like SKK, Shroud did not feel even an ounce of fear.

This was because reality often differs from fantasy.

Challenging someone in a higher tier was not impossible.

In the realm of competitive eSports, tiers were mostly just acknowledgments of past glories and were not indicative of an insurmountable skill gap.

No one was immortal. It all came down to delivering the killing blow at the right opportunity.

Shroud was now at one of the entrances of the Three Warehouses. He was in complete concentration as he raised his crosshair toward Satan and his teammates, who were now nearing the airdrop crate.

On each side were Western players with superhuman reflexes. Furthermore, both teams were more than three hundred meters apart. With the support of teammates, even if someone managed to strike down an opponent, it would not necessarily lead to a total wipeout.

It would be hard to determine a winner over a short time.

Even so, both sides were instant-sniping each other with high magnification scopes such that the audience was kept at the edge of their seats!

Liu Zilang, who was lying prone behind a boulder at the foot of the slope, was also at the edge of his seat.

The airdrop crate had, of all places, landed squarely in front of him. It was truly agonizing having to look at the crate and not being able to loot it.

It was even more agonizing that SKK, the team that eliminated his teammates, was right under him.

Liu Zilang was seven or eight meters above SKK, but with only three or four meters of horizontal distance apart.

What a moving scene!

Liu Zilang figured that it would be impossible that a three-player team like SKK would not notice if he were to swap weapons or pull a grenade pin.

Right now, he could only lie motionless on the boulder. It looked like he was even breathing as lightly as possible, as if he were practicing tortoise breathing...[1]

As the saying goes, patience is a virtue!

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Lord Rong smacked his lips and smiled. "Tsk tsk... It must be unbearable for Vic to be unable to do anything to his sworn enemies."

"Mmhm, but I think that it isn't necessarily a bad thing," Su Changming commentated as he looked at the tournament screen. "He might seem safe hiding behind the boulder, but with the airdrop crate nearby, he could have easily been spotted by other players scouting the area. With SKK defending the spot, it's exactly like having three threshold guardians at the door. You won't see random brats trying to poke around."

Lord Rong nodded but subsequently furrowed his eyebrows. "Hmm... you have a point, but what happens if the third last circle refresh happens away from the hills? How will Vic be able to run to safety?"

"Haha, that's a good question. We'll just have to see Vic's tail..." Ruo Feng stopped mid-sentence, faked a cough, and continued, "Ahem, we'll just have to see his... stalking abilities."

After experiencing a moment of confusion fromRuo Feng's comment, the audience in Chinese livestream channels gave a flurry of responses.

"Tail? Tail what? Don't leave us hanging!"

"That's Ruo Feng for you, still blessed with the gift of gab."

"Feng-chan, you've changed! Don't you remember Miss from many years ago by Daming Lake?"[2]

"So what will Vic do this wave? Is this the end of him?"

"F*ck! Why are you being so useless? If it were me, I'd f*ck them up!"

"Yup, that's why you're here in the comments section with the rest of us."


While the commentators and the audience worried about his predicament, Liu Zilang watched the people below him loot from the airdrop crate while feeling a little envious.

Stuck in a tight spot, there was nothing he could do.

In the next few moments, he saw Vivian facing him before tossing away the SKS on her back. Then, he watched as she reached into the airdrop crate which was oozing tantalizing red smoke and swapped into a sleek black MK14 EBR with a bipod!

When he saw the gun, Liu Zilang's right hand tightened slightly around his mouse, but he calmed down immediately after.

Patience is a virtue!

He needed to be patient right now! None of that airdrop nonsense!


SKK's motivation in this wave was to rack up their killcount, so they stayed put after looting the crate.

Seeing that they were on advantageous terrain, SKK set up camp right under Liu Zilang's nose and started to scout their surroundings.

"Tut tut tut!"

"Tat tat tat!"

Chaotic gunfire suddenly exploded before dying down just as fast as it started.

Some players were not intimidated by SKK. Since their team was located in a highly visible spot next to the airdrop crate, the players thought that they could pick some targets while approaching the loot.

Under attack from all sides by multiple strong teams, it was somewhat impossible for SKK to kill everyone they saw Nevertheless, they did not lose ground.

The exciting exchange made the western audience gasp in shock!

Eventually, someone in the live audience noticed something off.

The caster panned the camera upward at Liu Zilang, who was hiding behind the large boulder diagonally above SKK.

He was wielding an M16 whilst firing to the rhythm of Karl's M16 below. He was using the loud noise from Karl's gun to mask his own shots and firing discreetly into the distance.

He had emptied almost half a magazine and had not been discovered!

Upon seeing this scene, the viewers, both live and online, were stunned speechless!

What versatile technique!

[1] "Tortoise breathing" is a breathing exercise in qigong. It was believed that one could live as long as a tortoise by emulating its slow, deep breaths.

[2] "Miss" ought to be the name of this commenter. "From many years ago by the Daming Lake" is a Chinese snowclone, used to induce faux nostalgia.