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563 You Cannot Stop the Force of Nature! Part 3

 The two remaining players of Faze, Max and Jembty, would never forget that fateful incident.

They had been moving about the foot of the hill, minding their own business when a spinning three-wheeled motorcycle somehow came sailing across the clear blue sky.


The two players from Faze were startled for a microsecond before they dove to the side for cover.

However, the three-wheeled motorcycle was too fast and had appeared out of nowhere!

They had only turned around when the spinning, flying three-wheeled motorcycle hit them on their butts like an Angry Crow Taking Flight! (TN: "Angry Crow Takes Flight" is a martial arts technique by Hak Foo, an antagonist of the cartoon Jackie Chan Adventures. Hak Foo's techniques, which also include "Mouse Runs Through Maze" and "Tornado Decimates Trailer Park", are a meme in China because of their ridiculousness.)

"Pu tong!"

"Pu tong!"

Both of them stumbled as their legs became weak.

Then, their bodies lurched forward uncontrollably.

Subsequently, both of them died!

Not too far away, around the three warehouses near the southern end of Georgopol, the two remaining players of C9, Shroud and Chappie, had been keeping a safe distance as they were in a confrontation with Faze.

They had been engaged with them for so long it was as if they were romantic lovers who had been shuffled off the mortal coil without warning!

Shroud and Chappie were stunned.

They scoped in to inspect the two crates and then the overturned motorcycle nearby.

They went deep into thought.

'So pies don't drop from the sky now... but rather motorcycles?"

At the same time, the audience members and live stream viewers opened their mouths in shock. Incredulity was written all over their faces.

In the spectators' area between the stage and the audience, GodV and the others felt like their hearts had stopped in that split second.

Then, in just a short moment they returned to normal.

This was because just a few seconds before the two Faze players died...

GodV and the others witnessed with their own eyes how Liu Zilang rode his little scooter. He had dashed forward along the slope of the hill like a Bronze III (TN: Refers to the lowest rank in the Arena of Valor Ranking System) Yasuo (TN: a character from League of Legends) player amidst the question marks of his teammates.

He then whizzed straight downhill...

As he reached the foot of the hill, his vehicle abruptly tilted forward before it flew into the air...

As they watched Liu Zilang, GodV and the others, as well as the livestream viewers felt their hearts leap into their throats.

Fortunately, Liu Zilang was somewhat an experienced soldier and as his motorcycle was about to tip over, he jumped off the vehicle just in time.

Thus, we come to the moment earlier when the three-wheeler had fallen from the sky...

Seeing the system notifications pop up at the top right corner of his screen, Liu Zilang became cross-eyed!

'You've got to be kidding me... right?'

The reality was laid bare in front of his eyes.

In that moment, he could only spare a moment of silence for the two players of Faze, and soliloquize, "It must be the force of nature."

In all the main Chinese live stream channels, messages flooded their bullet screens.

"Big oof! Isn't Faze like one of the Tier 1 teams of the west? I wasn't expecting them to die in such a way."

"Faze: Yes, I know this game is hard. However, I didn't expect it to be this f*cking hard!"

"Hey, did you notice that the teams that messed with Hua Xia Teams like Se7en and Invictus Gaming have all suffered bad ends?"

"Now that you mention it, it seems like it! That flashbang caused Liquid to kill their own teammates and Faze was crushed to death... Don't tell me that Vic is the legendary Avenger?"


After zooming down the hill, Liu Zilang, now deprived of his vehicle, successfully reached the edge of the safe zone.

He carefully moved past the slope. Seeing the two crates below him, Liu Zilang hesitated for a bit.

To loot or not to loot? That was the question.

It was evident that he had barely escaped death when he whizzed down the hill. However, his ears had always been sensitive and he had heard sporadic gunfire from beyond the foot of the hill.

It was obvious that the two unlucky b*st*rds were engaged in a firefight with someone else before they died.

So where were the people they fought with?

Liu Zilang was lying prone at the foot of the hill as he surveyed his surroundings and thought about this question.

At the same time, near the three warehouses, Shroud and Chappie of C9 Squad were contemplating over the same question.

'Even if you have pies drop from the sky...

'It is impossible for a three-wheeler to fall from the sky.

'Where was the offending driver of that three-wheeled motorcycle?'

If they could not find Liu Zilang's location, even if those crates had been personally handed to them in front of their faces, they would not even have thought of looting them.

For a while, Liu Zilang and the two players from C9 were in a stalemate.

However, they were lucky and were all in the safe zone. Hence, there was no danger of them bumping into each other while outrunning the blue circle.

Of course, there are no certainties in life.

For example, airdrops.

Just as they were waiting for the blue circle to shrink toward the fourth safe area.


An airplane appeared above them amidst the rumbling sound of an engine.

However, if one thought about it, it was not a coincidence.

This was because both teams were in the safe zone, and the fourth circle was about a thousand meters in diameter.

Under those circumstances, an airplane appearing right above their heads was considered normal.

However, when a little black smudge appeared under the airplane and an airdrop crate lazily made its way down to the ground, things did not seem so normal anymore.

Looking upward, it seemed like the airdrop crate that was slowly falling was going to smack Liu Zilang right in the face...

"Eh? Airdrop in the face? Since when did Vic have such good luck?"

"Heh heh, I'm afraid that getting an airdrop to the face at this time isn't considered a good thing."

"I agree with Boss Su. Vic is a lone wolf now and he should keep as low a profile he can until the final moments of the match even if he has to get everyone else to treat him like a little brother. If the airdrop gets too close to him, I'm afraid that the other teams will be attracted to his location."

"Hmm... that does make sense. So what do you think Vic will do this time? Should he change his location before the crate hits the ground?"

On the Hua Xia commentary platform, Su Changming and the other two people watched Liu Zilang lying prone behind the foothill boulder at the edge of the blue circle with a hint of concern in their eyes.

At the same time, SKK who had just eliminated another team at the hospital heard the sound of the airplane. They turned to look toward the sky to ascertain the location of the airdrop. Their faces were lit with eagerness.

In actual fact, they had eliminated two or three teams along the way and they were not lacking in equipment.

Except for one thing.

Their kill count!

At that time, the top fragger in SKK was Satan who had 9 kills!

On the other hand, after single-handedly eliminating two squads, Liu Zilang had a kill count of 11. Including the two players he had killed with the three-wheeled motorcycle, he now had 13 kills in total.

He was perched at the top of the individual leaderboard!

For a top-tier team like SKK, there was no meaning in playing PUBG if not for the kill count.

Furthermore, airdrop locations had always been hot areas of skirmishes.

The three members of SKK quickly hopped into their jeep and sped their way toward the airdrop, all in the pursuit of a higher kill count.