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562 It’s Him! Part 2

 11 Kills!

A kill count in red was shown on the screen!

Currently, as Liu Zilang held his 98K in his arms, he looked as if he radiated red light.

It was the shade of red of one showered in blood!

From the player zone on the stage, the Ghost players walked off the stage blankly, becoming the second North America team after TSM to be eliminated.

Since TSM was wiped out by SKK, the top team in the world, they were not overly upset when they left their seats.

On the other hand, the Ghost players felt...terrible.

When the reached the edge of the stage, the Ghost players turned to look at the big screen.

As they looked at the imposing figure of the lonely player through the caster's view, they felt a familiar aura.

'Is this the solidarity of an expert?

'Perhaps it's not too bad to be killed by a player like that, is it?'

When they thought about this, they felt slightly better.

However, at the next second, they were flooded by a tide of sorrow.

'How the f*ck can we feel better!

'We won't try to act cool anymore...'

On Hua Xia's commentary platform.

Lord Rong and the others did not expect things to turn out so dramatically. Earlier when they looked at the Ghost players, they displayed unbreakable confidence!

On top of that, their appearance by jumping out from the motorcycle gave quite the stunning visual!

Nobody knew that the "shock" was going to be such a frightening one.

It was simply unbelievable!

Previously, when Lord Rong and the others saw the "western ghosts" charging up to Liu Zilang, they were already preparing a "eulogy" to help preserve his dignity...

Clearly, the "eulogy" was no longer needed.

"This is, should I put it? I can only say that Vic reacted so quickly that it was completely beyond our expectations."

"It's also because the Ghost players gave him a chance. Had they encircled him from the start, he probably wouldn't have survived."

"Hehe, that's true. Nevertheless, since he was being shot by three players at the same time, I honestly didn't think that he could avoid his destiny and pull off a counterattack."

"Oh. If I saw it correctly, Vic shot from waist-height twice? Do you have any comments on that?"

"Hmm... As compared to scoping in, shooting from waist-height is definitely faster, but the accuracy of one's shots depends on the player's ability in controlling the gun."

"Hehe, Vic looked like he was making big strokes on a landscape painting with splashes of ink. He just wanted to be fast! Whatever it was, he was going to blast all the bullets on his opponents, and was utilizing the difference in magazine size to drive a different outcome."

"Indeed. At that crucial moment, there was no time for him to aim. Although it looked like a sloppy attack, Vic made the best decision."

"Sloppy? Lord Rong, I beg to differ. Did you forget Vic's final shot with his 98K?"

Upon hearing him, the other commentators were startled.

Thinking about it, this was not the first time Liu Zilang hit someone in the crotch. It was an aimed shot!

'Wait a minute...

'Did he do it on purpose?'

When the others finally recalled the last Ghost player being hit in the crotch, they were unable to make a word out.

On the other hand, the spectators from all other official live streaming channels were equally exhilarated. The gloomy aura that filled the channels earlier due to the loss of Asian teams rapidly vanished and was replaced with a cheerful atmosphere!


Once the borders of the third blue circle and the safe zone met again, the new safe zone spawned.

It was once again proven that Liu Zilang was not blessed by Heaven.

The safe zone refreshed to Hospital and the three warehouses which were beside Georgopol's South Hill. Therefore, Liu Zilang was no longer in the safe zone.

He needed to leave the hill if he wanted to enter the safe zone.

Presently, there were 44 players left on the battleground, with 14 squads eliminated and a death rate of over 50%. This was rarely seen in a professional tournament; the pace was usually slower.

On the hilltop, Liu Zilang looked at the three-wheeled motorcycle that was slowly sliding down the slope, then looked at the blue circle.

At the moment, the caster was still focusing on him.

In the live streaming channels that were now filled with euphoria, the spectators' hearts skipped a beat when they noticed Liu Zilang chasing after the three-wheeled motorcycle!

"Oh, f*ck! No way?"

"It's over, it's over! Vic is being arrogant now, he's going to ride a three-wheeled motorcycle?"

"Vic: Sorry, I have no idea at all! I'm just extremely arrogant!"

"Three-wheeled motorcycle, quickly run away! Don't let Vic catch you!"

"Come on! Run! Come on!"

In a flash, the spectators actually began cheering for the three-wheeled motorcycle.

Despite that, the three-wheeled motorcycle was not able to escape from Liu Zilang's "devil claws".

After sliding for a certain distance, the three-wheeled motorcycle stopped beside a rock. Without further ado, Liu Zilang hopped on.

At once, the spectators felt their heart sink.

Between the stage and the audience, GodV, who was chatting with players from other Asia teams, was stunned when he saw Liu Zilang on the motorcycle!

Aluka, Cpt, and the players from Se7en and IG reacted similarly as they knew very well that Liu Zilang's driving skill was god-like if it was a motorcycle, but sh*tty if it was a three-wheeled one.

The players from Taiwan, Korea, and Southeast Asia were puzzled.

'Why did they suddenly stop talking?'

Currently, GodV watched blankly as Liu Zilang rode down the hill in the three-wheeled motorcycle and recalled the fear he felt when he experienced his first reversed chicken dinner with him.

Anyhow, the caster was not aware of this story.

When he saw Liu Zilang outrunning the blue circle, he shifted the camera to C9 and Faze who were near the north of Georgopol.

Though both teams were popular champion teams, their fight had dragged on for a long time.

Their battle extended from the three-story building at the bridgehead all the way to Georgopol, and since they needed to outrun the blue circle, both parties were unable to revive their fallen teammates.

Hence, now only two players were left on each squad.

Nevertheless, C9 had the upper hand.

After Shen Zeyan took out one of their players, the three remaining C9 players managed to take out two Faze players. In other words, they gained more than they lost.

With that, both squads fought while escaping the blue circle and finally arrived at the bottom of Georgopol's South Hill.

Without warning, the two Faze players who were closer to the hill heard a "clink" above their head!

It sounded like something dropped on them...