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561 I Came, I Saw, I Conquered! Part 1

 'What do you say about this?'

Currently, the two remaining players from Ghost, the team known as "the ghost of North America", were startled.

They gauged the distance between the hilltop to where they were and wondered, 'How did the frag grenade travel so far...and hit them so accurately?

'Those with a Xinyue Membership can't be able to do that too, can they?'

Nevertheless, it was not the time for stray thoughts.

One of the Ghost players quickly instructed his knocked out teammate to crawl closer to him so that he could revive him.

At the same time, Miccoy, who was in charge of moving their vehicle, had arrived with their three-wheeled motorcycle.

Once the three Ghost players thought about how they were humiliated by the tricks of a single opponent, they healed themselves and hopped onto the three-wheeled motorcycle without hesitation.

Afterward, they went around the hill and charged toward the hilltop!

'Our humiliation will be washed away with your blood!'


On the hilltop, Liu Zilang was somewhat surprised when he heard the sound of the motorcycle!

Evidently, Ghost intended to close the distance to better utilize their advantage in numbers.

'Didn't I just kill one of your teammates?

'Now you're becoming violent?

'You're not going to consider parting ways peacefully?

'Can we live in harmony?'

While he thought all this nonsense, he had changed his 98K to his M16.

On the commentary platform of Asia division.

"This... It looks like Ghost has finally reacted to the situation, and decided to attack head-on to get rid of Vic the lone wolf!"

"What about Vic? Does he have a chance to snipe them?"

"He can't! He can't even hit them! Ghost didn't charge up right away, instead, they went around the hill because Vic was hiding behind the rock."

"That's terrible! If Vic has a car, he should consider escaping."

"Bad news. Vic's buggy exploded; he can't flee at all."

"He INT-ed, he INT-ed. He would've been safe if he left earlier!"

"Oh! Ghost is driving their three-wheeled motorcycle up the hill. Now that he's faced head-to-head with three opponents, can Vic still pull off a miracle?"

Lord Rong and the other commentators started raising their voice causing the spectators to watch with increasing anxiety.

Through the caster's perspective, the Ghost players were seen speeding around the hill like a horse.

The distance between them drew closer as they were only a slope away.

Nonetheless, the Ghost players did not stop on the slope but continued riding upward.

Without warning, they charged up the slope with their three-wheeled motorcycle.

On the hilltop, the instant Liu Zilang heard the sound coming from the slope behind him, he turned around swiftly and pulled the trigger of his gun at the same time.

However, right then, his eyes twitched.

The moment he turned around, he saw a three-wheeled motorcycle flying into the air, but the players on the vehicle jumped out at the same time!

Subsequently, the three players shot at him together!

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

"Da, da, da-!"

"Da, da, da-!"


The western spectators were exhilarated when they saw this scene!

Unquestionably, the Ghost players' appearance was extraordinary, which left everyone mouth-opened at all the excitement!

At the moment, the western spectators were proud of them!

'This is what a western team looks like!'

'This is our style!'


In a flash, Liu Zilang, who got to experience everything first-hand, was equally stunned.

'What the f*ck is this?

'Three Flying Kicks?

'Three Flying Dragons' Faceplant?'

Even while he thought these names, he did not simply stay still.

The second Liu Zilang held his M16 up, without even scoping in, he crouched and fired from waist height!

As a result, rapid M16 gunshots filled the air!

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

As muzzle flashes were seen coming out of his gun, countless bullets blasted out at high-speed from the barrel of his gun!

While he fired as fast as he could, he formed an arc with his gun in the air.

If the entire incident could be watched in slow motion, everyone would be shocked as the bullets fired formed a vague shape of a fan in the air.

It looked as if someone wielded a sword and cut a radiant wave in the air!

Everything happened in the blink of an eye!

Consequently, at the speed of "Asia's Fastest M16", he emptied all 40 bullets of his M16!

"Pccht, pccht!"

Due to the hail of bullets, the three players in the air suffered quite a number of hits!

Among them, two were already clutching their abdomen in the air and curled up like shrimps.

The spectators were incredibly impressed!

Despite that, correspondingly, the "Three Flying Dragons' Kick" caused Liu Zilang to lose a substantial amount of health even though he had a Level Three Military Vest.

His health hit rock bottom!

At this moment, the last surviving Ghost player, Define, landed and supported himself with both hands on the ground.

In that moment of life or death, Liu Zilang neither looked for a cover nor dodged.

He casually switched his gun to his 98K.

At the same time, Define raised his gun too!

Though in imminent danger, Liu Zilang did not scope in!

As if carrying a "burning firestick", he pulled the trigger and blasted a shot!

"Tu, tu...!"


The powerful gunshots from Define that sounded like a large river flowing into the ocean were suddenly cut off!

The gunshots were brought to a halt!

A sword had chopped off the river!

Due to the damage from Liu Zilang's M16 and the fall, Define was already left with little health. Now, blood could be seen flowing out from the crotch of his trousers!

A shot to the crotch!


Following that, as if he had no more strength, he collapsed forward.

His dead body rolled down the slope and stopped neatly beside the crates of his teammates who were killed earlier.

The three of them were reunited.

Upon seeing the outcome, the western spectators who were pumped up just a second ago were now stupefied!

They stared at Liu Zilang in disbelief.


He won the battle!

In addition, it was a 1v3 where both parties went head-on and head no covers!

Instantly, the arena fell dead silent.

Soon enough though, many Chinese spectators began cheering!

"Vic, you're awesome!"

"Haha, you put on a real show!"

"666! Nice one! Kill those b*stards!"

The cheers were little sparks that grew into mighty flames!

The crowd roared so loud that Colt Arena could be overturned!

He conquered!

This was what it meant to conquer one's opponents with skills!

Just like how the young player with a black facemask did back then.