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560 Flying As Light As A Startled Swan, And As Graceful As A Swimming Dragon! Part 2

 More often than not, the act of probing was equivalent to seeking death.

Currently, Austin was bouncing like a ground squirrel and ridiculing Liu Zilang, which was really infuriating!

The only thing missing was a "funny" look on his face.

At one point, the spectators in the live streaming channel thought to themselves, 'How about you stop putting up with their crap? Even if you do, just kill that idiot first.'

Just as the spectators thought so, Liu Zilang indeed stopped holding back.

Perhaps he never thought about staying passive at all and had been secretly waiting for an opportunity with his 98K.

On the big screen, without warning, Liu Zilang was seen dashing out from behind the rock and raised his 98K in a flash!

On the mountainside, Pr0phie was ecstatic when he saw him!

However, at the next second, his face contorted with fear!

He looked as if...a grim reaper had appeared right in front of him holding a reaping scythe.

At the moment, a grim reaper had indeed raised a "reaping scythe" at him, which was actually an 8x-scoped 98K!


A thundering gunshot echoed throughout the hill!

In a trice, a sniper bullet zoomed like a bolt of lightning breaking through the vault of heaven, headed for Pr0phie!


Pr0phie's Level Two Military Helmet shattered into pieces, followed by the splattering of blood out of his head.


Instantly, the western spectators gasped in astonishment.

'What...the f*ck?'

'He pretended to go right, but attacked the left?'

Pr0phie who was completely disoriented when he was shot in the head.


'What happened? What's going on?

'Dude...did you hit the wrong person?

'The annoying ground squirrel was my teammate, not me!

'Your marksmanship is unreal!

'Wait... Did he do it on purpose?


In a compressed moment, various thoughts crossed Pr0phie's mind.

Nonetheless, he could not understand why Liu Zilang shot him instead of his teammate who was behaving like an annoying brat.

On top of that, Liu Zilang's shot was so accurate that it made him crumble!


After taking out the sniper, Liu Zilang put his 98K away and raised his brows. "Motherf*cker! I hate it when people point their gun at my head."

That phrase would not sound out of place in a TV drama.

It could be said to both good and bad characters and was suitable for all ages.

Nevertheless, once Liu Zilang said that he realized that GodV and the others were no longer there with him.

Looking around, clearly, nobody was there.

Embarrassed, he rubbed his nose and felt rather lonely!

Of course, he was not going to stop after knocking out one player.

It was important to kill him.

Liu Zilang squinted his eyes, then retrieved a frag grenade.

"Is Vic going to take one of them out? It's quite tough, isn't it?"

"He'll be pushing it if he uses a frag grenade from that distance. The Ghost players wouldn't have probed so unscrupulously earlier to just get bombed."

"Exactly, but he's left with no other choices now so there's no harm trying. Of course, I would suggest he escape now since he has already exposed his identity."

Meanwhile, in Ghost's voice chat.

"Oh my god! That snipe was too fast!"

"I think it's expected; didn't you see his ID?"

"Vic? Oh my god! It's that guy!"

"Oh right, I remembered, he's from 4AM."

"4AM? What about it?"

"Are you a fool? Three of 4AM's players were already killed by SKK earlier in the game!"

"Oh! You're saying that...he's a lone wolf?"

"F*ck! We were played."

Soon enough, Ghost realized through the kill notifications that their opponent was alone.

They were furious that they were bitten savagely by one lone wolf!

'F*ck, we can't allow this!'

Before long, they made their move.

Among three of the remaining Ghost players, one of them kept watch, one of them moved their vehicle and the other revived Pr0phie.

Everything was carried out systematically as they prepared to counterattack.

At least until a frag grenade appeared above them...

It happened around 4 seconds ago.

Through the caster's view, Liu Zilang, a frag grenade in his hand, was seen taking a few steps back before he ran forward, leaped into the air, and threw it up high!

Liu Zilang did not cook the grenade because its traveling time was long enough.

The instant the frag grenade was hurled, the caster followed its path as it fell downward. All along, the spectators watched attentively.

On the screen, the frag grenade was seen forming a long parabola in the air and arrived above the Ghost players.


Accompanied by the deafening sound and the burst of flames, the grenade exploded in the air.

The two Ghost players at the bottom of the hill did not hear the landing of the frag grenade because they did not have a good perspective of the grenade due to the FPP mode. Thus, they were startled when the explosion occurred!

'What the f*ck???'

As a result of the huge impact, the two of them were sent flying away.

"4AM-Vic killed Ghost-Pr0phie with Frag Grenade!"

"4AM-Vic knocked out Ghost-Austin with Frag Grenade!"

On Hua Xia's commentary platform.

The three commentators had been focusing on the screen eagerly; when the "explosive" scene happened, they screamed at the top of their lungs!!

"Nice! He got them! The grenade flew as light as a startled swan, and as graceful as a swimming dragon. Vic bombed two players!"

"Unbelievable! Truly unbelievable! The world-class long-ranged throw caused destructive impact from the air all the way to the ground!"

"Exactly! The Ghost players are baffled! Vic is the reincarnation of Thor!"

At that moment, not only the commentators but countless Chinese and even other Asian spectators in Colt Arena clamored!

Since all the other Asian teams were eliminated by the third circle, the Asian crowd could do nothing mope pitifully as they heard the western commentators subtly mocking them.

This was because the truth was right in front of their eyes.

However, even with all the other Asian teams gone, Liu Zilang was able to take out two out of the four Ghost players of North America.

It greatly lifted the morale of the Asian players and spectators!

'Aren't you guys strong? Aren't you guys awesome?

'What do you say about this?'