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559 The Real 1v4 Battle! Part 1

 Now, Shroud finally understood the uncertainty he felt earlier.

It was simple.

'He's that guy's teammate, which means he wasn't going to die so easily...'

Realizing that, Shroud put on a bitter smile and mourned for his teammate.

Next, the three remaining C9 players quickly looted the two crates.

Once they were done, they found themselves in a deadlock with the four Faze players in the housing area.

Nevertheless, the caster did not focus on them for long. Once again, the camera view was shifted to the player zone.

On the big screen on the stage, the Asia division was displayed.

In that huge space, the back of Liu Zilang's computer screen was the only one left shining in red light, which made him look exceptionally lonely.

"Oh, f*ck! Those western players are monsters!"

"No... They're done! They're so done!"

"Cry! All of you, cry!"

"Vic is the only one left, please remain steady!"

"Hehe, the whole of Asia is watching him now, they'll break his leg if he dares to INT!"

Subsequently, the screen display changed. What came into view was a huge rock on the top of a hill, and the player who was crouching behind it.

That player was currently hiding behind the rock and was cautious as he confronted a player under the hill.

"Vic...Vic encountered Ghost Squad from North America!" On Hua Xia's commentary platform, Lord Rong was stunned as he watched the screen, already feeling worried. "They're all out of luck."

"I initially thought that Vic was fortunate that he didn't have to outrun the blue circle this time since he's all by himself."

Ruo Feng shook his head, sighing.

"I did not expect him to meet Ghost Squad of North America. As far as I know, this squad was the champion of PGL that was held in North America not long ago. Even though SKK wasn't in that tournament, they're still quite a strong team!"

When Su Changming heard them, he furrowed his brows and commented, "But did you notice? The Ghost players are quite scattered now; there's only one player at the hillside below Vic, Pr0phie the sniper. He probably noticed Vic and is being extremely cautious; he might not know that Vic is the only player left from 4AM."

"No, it would only make sense that he already knew 4AM is down to one player."

Lord Rong shook his head and explained, "The fight between SKK and 4AM in Gatka happened quite early, so the kill notifications were relatively obvious."

"Mmm, that's true." Su Changming nodded then added as he looked at the screen, "But he might not know that the person on the hill is Vic; look at how he's moving.

"Pr0phie is probably panicked because he's unsure of how many players are on the hill, and his teammates aren't around too..."

Before Su Changming could finish, they heard the loud rumbling sounds of an engine.

Followed by that, three players arrived in a three-wheeled motorcycle and stopped beside Pr0phie.

"Oh! His teammates are here."

Lord Rong smiled bitterly. "Boss Su really jinxes everything; it's a true 4v1 now."

"That's right. Although Vic was also around here when he defeated the famous Liquid 1v4 earlier..."

Ruo Feng rubbed his nose again and continued, "If I remember correctly, Liquid was a player down, one player reviving that player, and two players looting crates, so that wasn't really considered a 1v4."

Su Changming and Lord Rong nodded in agreement.

It was the truth.

Previously, Liu Zilang had only cleaned up Se7en's mess and took over the 1v3 that was left by them.

To a certain extent, it was a sneak attack.

In comparison, in the current situation where he was faced with four players who were shifting positions to probe, it was an entirely different level of difficulty.

Even though he took out 4 players just now, it was very likely that he would be killed this time before even able to take out any of his opponents.

Just like Shen Zeyan...

At the same time, on the big screen.

Once the four Ghost players gathered, they kept advancing behind their cover at the bottom of the hill. They would jump on the spot from time to time, which looked rather amusing.

On the commentary platform of the western division.

"We can see that the players from Ghost are now looking everywhere...they're probably wondering: how many enemies are up there?"

"Haha, I think so too. This is actually good news for Vic because the Ghost players aren't aware of his identity, so they don't dare to act rashly."

"Mmm. I think Ghost lacks a commander who can lead them to victory! Anyhow, given that it's 4v1, there's no excuse for them to lose."

"Eh? But the Ghost players are being extremely cautious and are thinking fast. They're not going to force an attack, and we can see Austin peeking as if he's provoking Vic to attack."

"That's right, he's trying to discover their opponent's identity. Their sniper, Pr0phie, is covering him, and his teammates can save him even if he's knocked out. Austin is being very presumptuous; he's not worried at all."

Behind the rock on the hilltop.

When Liu Zilang saw the player who kept poking out like a ground squirrel, he was speechless.

'F*ck, they're simply provoking me!'

At the same time, on the other hand, the spectators from China did not find this funny at all.

They were cheering for Liu Zilang, "Be calm, be steady, hold on!"

As long as Liu Zilang could do those three things, perhaps he could survive.

Through the caster's view, everyone watched as Liu Zilang retrieved his Kar98K.

Due to the first-person perspective mode, he was unable to get a view of his opponent while hiding behind the rock. He had no way to get a grasp of his opponent's movement.

Therefore, Liu Zilang could only make use of his view from the hilltop to steal glances at the players below him.

"Eh, eh! He's out, he's out! Lure him again."

Pr0phie, who had been covering his teammates, was thrilled when he noticed Liu Zilang's slight movements.

He sounded like he saw a MAG female character removing her skirt.

Austin, who was in charge of luring Liu Zilang, was elated too!