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558 Asia’s Last Hope! Part 4

 Suddenly, the caster raised the view to mid-air.

This allowed the spectators to obtain a view of IG, who had just finished their battle, and the two squads that approached after hearing the fight.

At the moment, the two IG players were stranded in the middle.

On the opposite side of the river, south of the IG players, were the C9 players. Shroud was now taking aim with his SKS.

To the west, four Faze players had just arrived from Uptown.

When the spectators in the live streaming channel registered the names of the two squads, their hearts sank...

"This...ahem, this really isn't IG's day!"

On the commentary platform, Lord Rong simply shook his head; he had no words to describe IG's terrible luck...

'Forget about their encounter with Underhood just after they outran the blue circle; they've just won a hard-fought battle and now they don't even get to take a breather as two top western teams arrived together.

'They're not even getting to play the game!'

When Ruo Feng recalled IG taking the first blood and their smooth journey for two circles, he rubbed his nose as he commented, "Hehe, I guess IG must have used up their all their luck earlier."

"Now, it depends on what C9 and Faze decides on." Su Changming rubbed his chin, then added, "If those two squads attack each other, perhaps Zeyan and Cocoa have a slim chance of survival."

When the spectators heard him, their eyes glimmered!

'Is there still hope?'

Nonetheless, they soon noticed a problem.

The person who just spoke was Su Changming - the "jinx" of the eSports scene.

'No way?'

Immediately, the spectators became anxious and glued their eyes on the screen.

In the game, Cocoa was in the housing area and Shen Zeyan was still on the hill. Both had stopped moving.

They held their breaths and remained still, silently hoping that the two squads would not notice them.

Nevertheless, it was as if a mysterious power from the east pointed the players from C9 and Faze in the right direction.

On the big screen in the arena, once the four Faze players were near enough, they seemed to have made a decision through the kill notifications and was speeding straight into the housing area in a UAZ and a yellow car.

"Da, da, da-!"

Faced with the ruthless players, Cocoa was frightened quickly and opened fire from behind the low walls.

Meanwhile, at the side, Shen Zeyan also exposed himself to fire at their opponents with his SKS.

Being a top-tier team internationally, Faze's strength laid in not just one aspect, but all of them.

Naturally, this included their prowess in battle, and...their driving skills.

In just the blink of an eye, the Faze players reached the housing area.

Next, two of them charged forward, while two of them stayed in their vehicles to keep an eye on Shen Zeyan.

In fact, due to Shen Zeyan's position, he could not pose a threat to the players at the walls, or else he would have prevented KAI from killing two of his teammates earlier.

Nonetheless, the Faze players were not on the lookout for that.

They were mainly wary that Shen Zeyan might puncture their tires once he realized that he could not hit them...

From this, one could tell that Faze was a team that paid close attention to details.

Subsequently, the battle commenced quickly, and ended even quicker.

Being pushed to a dead-end by the two riflers from Faze, Cocoa retreated from the walls deeper into the housing area.


"Tu, tu, tu-!"

"Peng, peng!"

The two Faze players attacked together from both sides, Cocoa groaned as he was shot, then collapsed to the ground helplessly...

At the same time, C9 was on the opposite side of the river as they watched Faze acquire the kill.

How could they just stay put?

Apparently, they knew to bully the weak and fear the strong.

Therefore, instead of confronting Faze right away, the C9 players traveled in three cars to surround Shen Zeyan, who was on the hill...


'He's doomed!'

Upon seeing this, the spectators of the live stream felt their hearts sink.

"F*ck...those westerners are too shameless!"

"I feel so bad for Master Ze. It's a 4v1! And those players call themselves men?"

"Exactly, exactly! Bullies! Duel with my husband if you dare!"

"Oh god! Has Master Ze's wife base begun?"

"If you don't understand the game, shut up! Stop embarrassing Master Ze, okay!"

"This is a tournament, and the most important thing is to earn points by getting kills. Only a fool will fight a duel."


Of course, the C9 players were no fools.

Now that there was another full squad eyeing them covetously, they only wanted to take out the lone wolf as soon as possible.

Hence, the C9 players charged toward Shen Zeyan at the same time.

Even if Shen Zeyan could destroy one of the vehicles now, or two at most, the players in the third vehicle could simply crash into him without the need to shoot at him.

It was a guaranteed kill!

Despite that, everyone was surprised when Shen Zeyan chose not to shoot at all.

The second the three cars appeared, he suddenly put his gun away and stood there quietly.

Naturally, the C9 players were bewildered.

"Wt*? What's going on?"

"Oh! Is he out of bullets?"

"At least run then! Che, how anticlimactic."

"Hehe, perhaps he lost his confidence since his teammates are all dead."

As the vehicles approached, the C9 players made their wild guesses.

Shroud was the only one who noticed the meaningful look on Shen Zeyan's face.

However, before he could even react, the ground shook vigorously!

There was an explosion, followed by flames bursting in the air!

Moody, who was about to crash into Shen Zeyan with his buggy, was instantly enveloped by heatwaves and was sent flying away!

Shen Zeyan, standing in the core of the explosion, could certainly not escape the tragedy.

Soon after, the western spectators watched in shock as two kill notifications appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

"IG-Wolves killed C9-Moody with vehicle explosion!"

"IG-Wolves killed himself with Frag Grenade!"

"Tss, tss, tss-!"

The three remaining C9 players slammed the brakes and stared blankly at their teammate's dead body hanging on a tree, as well as the crate that laid in the center of the explosion.

'F*ck, he's not letting us get the kill no matter what!'

"Master Ze truly lifted 'Asia's backbone' all by himself!" On the commentary platform, Lord Rong was stirred as he shook his fist in the air and shouted, "Who says that Asia players are gutless and passive? Hmm? Master Ze showed them what honor over death means!"

"And that instant explosion!" Ruo Feng yelled.

They seem to have forgotten...

With Shen Zeyan's death, Liu Zilang was the only player left in the Asia division.