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557 Asia’s Last Hope! Part 3

 Presently, Shen Zeyan's 98K was equipped with a mere 2x scope.

Therefore, his instant snipe that resulted in a headshot caused the spectators to be visibly shocked!

Of course, the person who suffered the greatest shock was Alva, who was shot in the head.

As if struck by lightning, he knelt on the ground, blankly looking at his hand.

In his hand, a frag grenade laid silently.


Just as the caster zoomed in on him, a deafening "boom" was heard!

Consequently, the spectators watched as flames burst in the air, and Alva performed a full backflip due to the impact!

Afterward, there was a "thud" as he dropped to the ground, sprawled on his back.

The crowd was stupefied!

As for the China spectators on the live streaming channels, after experiencing a momentary shock, they dissolved in waves of laughter!

"666, that's a Spiraling Ascension for sure!"

"Pfft, haha! Did he do acrobatics in his previous life?"

"Even dying has to be done with dignity and character! I'm starting to understand why dead bodies spasm after they die."

"Speaking of which, Master Ze has made a real comeback. He crawled for such a long distance before making the shot, and it was a remarkable one."

"Master Ze: Sorry, I'm a heartless killer."


Currently, in the game, when the Underhood players saw their teammate being sniped in the head and then killed by his own grenade, they were nothing short of stupefied.

Evan, the player pulling the line of fire to the right, was about to launch a surprise attack, but quickly hid behind the tree after being alerted by Shen Zeyan's shot.

Behind the wall of the three-story building at the bridgehead.

Phineas, Underhood's sniper and leader, immediately lifted his 98K and barked at KAI, "Don't forget your position; kill the player on the slope."

Technically, Phineas was not considered a veteran in the FPS scene.

This was because the team Underhood was a rising dark horse; their players all new blood.

Nonetheless, the instant he noticed their opponent's ID, he recognized him as Wolves, the "Sniper God"!

At that moment, he knew they had encountered a powerful enemy.

He felt the blood in his body flowing faster than usual, and his heart was pounding!

This was because, in the western FPS scene, Shen Zeyan was acknowledged to be nearly on par with Satan, who had the "best aim in the world".

Any player that decided to play as a sniper professionally would look up to Shen Zeyan and view him as a monumental challenge.

Shen Zeyan was a popular eSports figure in China, but his fame was mostly due to his countless adoring "wife bases".

In comparison, Shen Zeyan commanded much more popularity and influence in western countries.

Nevertheless, the match was not a one-man fight.

Phineas, known by western players as "Guru Fei", was very rational as he suppressed his emotions and communicated with his teammates to defeat Shen Zeyan.

Currently, the smoke was still present and Underhood was a player down. If they did not seize the opportunity to take out one of the opposing team's players, they would surely end up at a disadvantage.

Phineas' analysis was spot on.

Despite that, just as they were about to open fire on Shen Zeyan, a UAZ appeared from the smoke.

The UAZ was moving rather slowly, its movements seemingly crippled without two of its tires.

Even so, right now, it was not a walking tractor, but an armored vehicle!

Cocoa was behind the wheels, while XiaoJue and CuoJue leaned out of the windows on each side, with an AK and M16 respectively.

As two fire dragons spat flames, they bravely charged out of the smoke!

Having set their eyes on Shen Zeyan, the Underhood players did not expect to see this "monster" emerging from the smoke!

Before they noticed it, one of the players behind the wall was struck by stray bullets and hastily retreated.

As a result, their firepower was slightly suppressed.

During a confrontation in FPS, life or death depended on the presence of cover, but if both parties had covers, it comes down to the exchange of fire.

After the Underhood players swiftly healed themselves, they searched for an opening to strike back.

On the other hand, even though CuoJue and the others riding the UAZ looked pretty cool, they were not properly covered at all.

Furthermore, the constant shaking and bumping of the vehicle made it harder for them to aim.

Theoretically, if their opponents counterattacked, their chances of winning were slim.

In spite of that, the three IG players were still steadily firing at their opponents as they headed straight toward the housing area!

This was because they had Shen Zeyan on the hill behind them.

When the caster zoomed in on him, Shen Zeyan, having just blasted a shot with his 98K, was seen retrieving his SKS, then he pulled the trigger right away and fired multiple shots through a red dot sight at Evan, who was on the right.

A red dot sight!

It was worth noting that even though the IG players were all well equipped with weapons and medical resources, they were lacking in scopes.

Besides, the current game version did not have 3x scopes.

As such, Shen Zeyan, who had a 2x scope and a red dot sight, was the "richest" among the IG players.

XiaoJue had been shooting from the vehicle with his AK through iron sight.

For all that, even though Shen Zeyan's SKS only had a red dot sight, its terrifying suppression was still fully displayed due to his remarkable visual capture ability.

"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!"

As bullets zoomed in his opponent's direction, pieces of bark were chipped off the tree!

Behind the tree on the right, Evan suffered a shot to the head and, on the verge of death, he dared not show himself anymore.

Soon enough, Evan realized that this was not even the worst part.

Initially, he had repositioned behind the tree with the intention of forming a crossfire with his teammates, but was now unfortunately sandwiched by the IG players as CuoJue and the others advanced with the vehicle.

"Pccht, pccht-!"

Inevitably, Evan was unable to dodge the attacks and was hit several more times before collapsing to the ground.

He cursed silently, 'Why the f*ck's this tree so thin!'


Following that, as Shen Zeyan was providing remote firepower by sniping from a distance, the Underhood players would not reveal themselves for long and were constantly hiding after each attempt to counterattack.

The situation was now fifty-fifty between them and the IG players.

Before long, both sides began fighting at close quarters near the low walls of the three-story building.

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

"Da, da, da-!"

"Peng, peng!"

Even though it was a 2v3 battle, the Underhood players still displayed their resilience as a western team!

On the big screen in the arena, Phineas and KAI were seen utilizing their advantageous position as they managed to knock out CuoJue and XiaoJue consecutively. However, it came at a cost as Phineas was killed, then KAI soon followed after being felled by Cocoa.

Knowing that he was going to die, he somehow retrieved his S686 right before he died, and with just two shots he killed off both XiaoJue and CuoJue...

At that moment, the spectators were utterly shocked by Underhood's fearlessness!

Meanwhile, having heard the gunshots, two other teams stationed nearby were making their way over by car.