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556 Eyes Ahead, No Turning Back Part 2

 Some things were better left unsaid.

As the three Hua Xia commentators gave their "blessings" to the remaining players, the caster switched the camera back to the game where an intense fight was being displayed.

The two squads involved were IG and Underhood from South America.

"F*ck! Is Boss Su's mouth holy or something?"

"Please, Boss Su, I'm begging you, stop jinxing things!"

"Wait! Wasn't it Captain Feng who said that?"

"It was Ruo Feng! He even rubbed his nose when he said that just now."

"Oh, f*ck! Is Captain Feng's nose holy then?"


As the spectators in the live streaming channel watched the sudden battle between IG and their opponents, they began to feel worried.

The caster immediately showed the fight through God's Perspective to have a clearer view of what was going on.

Currently, both parties were at the first bridgehead to the right of Georgopol; one team was camping at the border of the blue circle, while the other had just outrun it.

Like a flame meeting dry wood, a blazing battle began the moment they saw each other...

At the moment, the IG players who had just escaped the blue circle were undoubtedly in a worse position.

Earlier in the match, they had acquired first blood after jumping to Factory. Since the other Knights players decided to abandon their fallen teammate, the fight was not prolonged.

Following that, everything went smoothly for the IG players even when they were outrunning the blue circle; that did not receive any "farewell salvo" either.

Their situation was the polar opposite of the fate suffered by the other Asia teams!

That was, until they encountered Underhood.

"Master Ze, what do you think?" XiaoJue asked while throwing a smoke grenade.

CuoJue answered before Shen Zeyan replied, "There's nothing to think. If we don't beat these b*stards up, we won't be getting through."

"Mmm." Sheng Zeyan nodded seriously.

As they were healing themselves behind a UAZ, two of its tires were suddenly punctured by their opponents.

Technically it would still be possible for them to drive off with the UAZ, though it would probably be as fast as a walking tractor.

The Underhood players were currently positioned behind the low walls of a three-story building. It was difficult for the IG players to launch an attack, let alone defeat them.

Especially as Underhood was no underdog team.

Underhood was a highly experienced South American team even though they were not signed yet. In order to secure a spot in the world tournament, they participated in almost every offline competition in South America and finally qualified as a dark horse.

Their playstyle was aggressive and offensive.

Regardless of their ranks in the offline competitions, they often topped the kill lists, which clearly displayed their ferocity.

Needless to say, they exhibited the same playstyle in this tournament.

During the second blue circle shrinking, Gold from Southeast Asia became their first victim and was completely annihilated.

Right now, theoretically, as long as they remained in the advantageous location behind the walls of the three-story building, Underhood could easily avoid defeat.

However, Underwood was not aiming to survive.

They were setting their eyes on a complete victory!

After probing for a short while, two of their players began baiting to the side.

In the arena, the western commentators began commenting, "Oh my god...Underhood's playstyle is rather violent, isn't it?"

"I would assume they made that decision after seeing how passive the IG players were."

"As far as I know, they're the second last team out of the four South American teams that qualified, but they're actually a promising team that could've qualified as the first seeded team."

"Exactly. Indeed, their playstyle is quite aggressive, but teams like them make the tournament even more exciting, am I right?"

"Uh...I can't deny that, but I can only wish them good luck."

"Actually, their opponent, IG, is a team from Asia. Hehe, we all know that the stre...playstyle of Asia teams is, uh, quite conservative. That being the case, I think Underhood has a good chance of eliminating the whole team."

While the commentators expressed their opinions, Alva and Evan, the riflers of Underhood, began drawing lines of fire, one on each side.

Together with their sniper positioned at the housing area, Phineas, they instantly launched a three-point firepower on the IG players behind the UAZ!

On the other hand, KAI, their lurker, kept his distance and was not directly involved in the fight.

He had a more important task at hand.

He was in charge of observing their opponents' movements and reporting to his teammates.

From this, it was clear that even though Underhood had an extremely aggressive playstyle, they do not attack mindlessly.

Perhaps it was this that enabled them to emerge as black horses among the numerous South American teams and secure a spot in this tournament.


Given the situation, if the smoke at the circle's border dispersed later, the two Underhood riflers could easily attack the IG players from the side.

Speaking of which, though the UAZ was quite wide, it could not supply enough cover for four players.

In fact, if it were not for the smoke, the Underhood players would not even need to draw the lines of fire to take down the IG players.

Nonetheless, the Underhood players did not just passively wait for the smoke to disperse.

On the big screen, Alva and Evan, both hiding behind their respective covers, were seen throwing frag grenades at their opponents.

Of course, from that distance, it was unrealistic to expect the grenades to explode at a set time.

Obviously, they were just trying their luck...



After being enveloped by smoke, the UAZ ended up in a "red zone".

Seemingly unbothered, the two Underhood players threw a total of four to five frag grenades.

The closest explosion caused the UAZ to shake vigorously...

While the deafening explosions lingered, the spectators' attention was shifted away from the Underhood players, still immersed in throwing the frag grenades.

Through the caster's view, the audience could clearly see a single player cautiously crawling through the grass like a lone wolf.

When the caster switched to that player's first-person perspective, everyone saw that each time he moved forward, he looked to his sides.

One glance for every step, as if he had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Eventually, the spectators got used to his tempo.

Therefore, when he stopped looking sideways as he took another step forward, the spectators were startled and anxious.

Soon after, the player stood up abruptly on the hill.

In a flash, he retrieved his 98K.

Then, he scoped in and effortlessly blasted a shot!


On the screen, everyone saw a player hiding behind a tree suffer a hit to the head!

"IG-Wolves knocked out Underhood-Alva by headshot with Kar98K!"

Shockingly, the player who was crawling like an OCD patient was Shen Zeyan.