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555 This Is An FPS World Tournament! Part 1

 The unforeseen event clearly shocked everyone!

With the situation playing out like this, although Ibiza from Liquid had not regained his vision, he knew very well that his opponent was not going to let him live.

Therefore, Ibiza lifted his gun without hesitation, and fired blindly at Scoom's direction!

Even though he knew that he would likely kill his teammate with this, he could do nothing else.

"Liquid is truly the Black Whirlwind! (TN: Liquid is known to be Li Kui in Chinese, and shares the same Chinese name with a character from Water Margin, who's known to be the Black Whirlwind for his fearsome behavior in combat and his dark complexion) He doesn't even blink when he's shooting at his teammate."

"How vicious and merciless. Oh, society, society! Give him a Cola!"

"It looks like Vic's going to get four kills from this! Is he taking revenge for Se7en?"

When the spectators of China's live streaming channels witnessed the scene, though they were surprised at Liquid's ruthless playstyle, they began thinking that Liu Zilang might actually...eliminate the whole squad by himself.

In a trice, the spectators who were devastated by Se7en's needless elimination earlier were thrilled again!

Their spirits were instantly lifted high!

In the game, when Liu Zilang noticed the last Liquid player reacting quickly by shooting at his teammate without any hesitation, he was somewhat impressed.

Nevertheless, he was extremely experienced in using another's body as a human shield. Thus, Scoom, who was laying on the ground, became his best cover.

At the same time, he changed his M16 to his 98K.

Liquid's captain, Scoom, was already knocked out by one of his teammates, then killed by the other.

As a result, his body turned into a crate.

His eyes were still wide open when he died, as if he still did not understand what had happened...

Following his death, Liu Zilang exposed himself.

At the same moment, Ibiza regained his vision. Even when he noticed his teammate's dead body, he was unmoved, proving just how disciplined he was as a team player.

Nonetheless, at the next second, Ibiza froze on the spot!

This was because he saw a black muzzle pointing at him from behind his teammate's dead body.


"Da, da..."

Ibiza reacted quickly by crouching as he fired multiple shots.


The loud gunshot from a 98K pierced the air on the hill!

The next moment, it was deadly silent.

Only the wind could be heard, sounding like whimpers...

To be fair, Ibiza had reacted very quickly and had impressive body movements.

Despite that, Liu Zilang's reacted even quicker with his 98K!

As soon as Ibiza crouched, he did what Satan did previously and flicked a vertical shot downward!

Earlier, Satan had only hit Liu Zilang's shoulder with that move.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang struck dead on Ibiza's Level Two Military Helmet.

Subsequently, a kill notification appeared on the screen.

"4AM-Vic killed Liquid-Ibiza by headshot with Kar98K!"

"Liquid-Ibiza killed Liquid-Scoom with SCAR-L!"

"4AM-Vic killed Liquid-Jeemzz with M16!"


A 1v4 that ended up in a squad elimination!

Upon seeing the kill notifications, the western spectators were dumbstruck!

"Wow! This is insane!"

"Oh my god! Is he a devil?"

"No, no! He's Vic, and if you like, you can also call him CaptainDark!"

At the observer area between the stage and the spectator seats, GodV and the others were equally astounded as they watched Liu Zilang healing himself now. They released their bated breath, finally relieved.

Aluka was amazed when he noticed that Liu Zilang acquired three more kills. "F*ck! Is this fella high on drugs today?"

"A flying car and a flying kick. Why does it feel like he is in a movie?" Cpt rubbed his chin.

"Tsk, tsk, that stun grenade was really something." GodV praised, "That guy is truly bold and highly skilled. I'm floored."

When Li Muqiu heard their comments, he pouted. "Bold and highly skilled? That was sheer dumb luck."

Despite what he said, as he looked at the player through the big screen on the stage, his eyes were obviously shining.

However, soon enough, Li Muqiu looked gloomy again as he clenched his fists.

'I can't believe that even after you left the still had to protect Se7en's honor.

'I'm really...

'A piece of trash!'

He lowered his head to look at his Hawaiian shirt, then looked up at the lights above as he laughed at himself.

Nobody saw this.

At least the people around him and the caster did not see it.

In spite of that, at the luxurious VIP stand, Gao Yunyan smiled when he noticed him.


Back in the game, it was not long before the borders of the second blue circle and the safe zone met.

The next safe zone refreshed.

On Hua Xia's commentary platform.

"Eh? The circle refreshed to the south again. Hehe, I thought that it was going to be a Georgopol or a Downtown circle."

"Hmm...I think it's still possible. If the next safe zone refreshes to the north, it's possible that the circle will cover the southern side of Downtown."

"Mmm. Anyhow, I think that this is good news to Vic who's the only one left from 4AM. His position on the hill puts him at the edge of the safe zone."

"Yes. Normally, the third safe zone is the breaking point of battles. If Vic were to outrun the blue circle now, it's hard to say if he'll make it since he's surrounded by strong teams everywhere."

"That's right. Now, Hua Xia only has Vic and IG left. We hope that both squads continue doing their best in the match."

"Hehe, are you sure that it's Hua Xia?"

As soon as Su Changming finished speaking, the caster switched the camera to the player zone.

On the big screen, the spectators could clearly see that the Asia division that was split into six small sections had only Liu Zilang from 4AM and the IG players left.

Other squads like ACE from Korea, Gold from Southeast Asia, AHQ from Taiwan, and Se7en from China...were already eliminated!

When Ruo Feng saw this, he widened his eyes. It was his first time seeing this.

'How could they not enter Top 8 at all!


'What Top 8?'

Ruo Feng scratched his head, and a certain man drifted into his mind.

He sighed deeply.

Beside him, Lord Rong assumed that he was let down by Asia's performance and patted him on the shoulder.

"This is the world tournament of an FPS game, you'll get used to it."