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554 What Is A Strong Team?

 Colt Arena, California.

Between the stage and the audience, ten to twenty players stood on a round platform.

These were the players who had been eliminated from the match.

Currently, another four players were seen removing their headsets and were walking off the stage gloomily.

One of them was so ashamed that his head was hung so low that it was almost buried into the ground.

Of course, these four players were from Se7en that had just been eliminated.

Looking at GodV and the others, Li Muqiu, who was at the front, put on a bitter smile.

He was about to wave at them, but GodV and the others had their eyes fixed on the big screen and did not notice him at all.

Beside GodV, Aluka suddenly shouted, "Don't! Don't!"

Cpt crossed his arms in front of his chest as he said, "Brother! I beg you, stay within your boundary! Don't provoke those players!"

"F*ck...that fella's putting on a show again!"

GodV widened his eyes.

Hearing the three of them, Li Muqiu subconsciously turned to look. After initially being stunned, his eyes glimmered!

On the big screen on the stage, a buggy was seen charging up the hill into a rock, and flew into the air as a result!


Right then, the four Liquid players, either immersed in looting crates or reviving their teammates, looked up and were instantly baffled.

They were initially unbothered when they heard the buggy. After all, they had made quite the scene here earlier; even if someone wanted to try stealing their loot, they would not casually ride a buggy up to their position.

Despite that, when the Liquid players saw the incoming buggy, they were utterly speechless.

'What the...f*ck?'

At this moment, the caster had already shifted the camera to Liu Zilang who was on the buggy.

The second the spectators saw Liu Zilang, they were completely shocked.

On the big screen.

Liu Zilang was seen in the air on his buggy, but instead of trying to balance the vehicle for a safe landing, he switched to the passenger seat.

Next, he retrieved a frag grenade!

"A frag grenade?"

On the commentary platform, Lord Rong was stunned. "Is Vic going to create Heavenly Justice?"

Ruo Feng, who was commentating for the first time, was mind blown and asked in disbelief, "Can...a frag grenade even be thrown like this?"

"Hehe, perhaps not if the player was anyone else." Lord Rong chuckled and continued, "But it's Vic. With him, everything that seems impossible becomes possible."

Right after Lord Rong's comment, Liu Zilang threw the frag grenade before his opponents could shoot at him!


The frag grenade formed a parabola in the air and flew in a certain direction.

At the same time, Sambty, the only Liquid player knocked out by Li Muqiu during the battle earlier, was left mouth-opened!

While being on all fours, he was terrified as he watched the descending frag grenade and wondered, 'What the f*ck? Why me?"

Sambty turned around in that crucial moment, only to find that his teammate who had chosen to revive him instead of looting the crates...had run a few meters away like a monkey out of its leash.

On the spur of the moment, his hope that his teammate could stop the frag grenade with his pan vanished. Having no one to rely on, Sambty crawled as hard as he could to the side.

Nevertheless, there was only so much one could do against Heaven's will.

Even with his utmost effort, Sambty failed to escape his fate.


A deafening explosion filled the air!

Subsequently, the flaming heatwaves forced him off of the hill.

Through the screen, Sambty was seen falling off the hill in an arc, did a flip in the air, and finally crashed into a rock...

A crate appeared on the ground.

Evidently, Sambty did not die a peaceful death.

Nonetheless, his teammates were still standing strong.

At the moment, none of them looked at Sambty; they were all pointing their guns at the buggy in the air!

This made them look rather cold-blooded and harsh, but it was the kind of discipline possessed by a strong team!

"Clink, clink-!"

Due to the hail of bullets, a striking flame was bursting in the air.

That being said...there was no kill count?

The three Liquid players quickly located Liu Zilang, who had "ejected" in time.


Right then, the flames in the air suddenly grew fiercer!

It was not just glaring anymore, but blinding!

In the blink of an eye, the three Liquid players were lost in a world of white.

Annoying buzzing sounds were heard as well.

On Hua Xia's commentary platform.

"Yet another tactical victory! Vic's ability to utilize throwables like frag grenades and smoke grenades is simply phenomenal!"

"That's right, he successfully gained the upper hand with his display of skills. First, he took care of the player who was already knocked out with a frag grenade. Now, he stunned three players at once. It's very possible that Vic can outplay a blind 1v4 now!"

"It's hard to say, it depends on Liquid's response. The stun grenade is slowly wearing off, and there are only 5 seconds left on the clock. The margin of error for Vic is too small."

"Mmm, I agree with Boss Su. Vic's fall earlier caused his health to drop. If the three Liquid players lean on each other to survive the next few seconds, Vic will end up in a terrible situation!"



'A stun grenade!'

The three Liquid players finally realized what was going on.

Despite that, Liquid's commander, Scoom, was undisturbed. He quickly instructed through their voice chat, "Hey, fellas, don't panic! Don't shoot first, listen to his gunshots! We'll shoot together later!"

Scoom had quite a remarkable adaptability to changing situations.

Due to the buzzing sounds, footsteps were too soft to be heard, whereas gunshots were still loud enough to be identified.

As long as they did not panic, the moment Liu Zilang fired at them, professional players like them could easily locate him through sound.

They could find their target easily.

Being a strong European team, Liquid was very rational in handling sudden dilemmas!

Given a situation like this, another squad would have already been defeated.

Unfortunately, they were up against Liu Zilang, who always applied unconventional means.


Liu Zilang groaned as he landed.

Blood could be seen on his screen as he lost a substantial amount of health.

Instead of rushing to attack the players, Liu Zilang moved silently toward one of the players.

He stealthily snuck behind the player.

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

Next, loud and clear gunshots were heard!

At once, the three Liquid players identified where the sound came from!

"WE77!" Ibiza yelled.

"ES341!" Jeemzz announced.

"Eh? Why do I feel like he's beside me!" Scoom was extremely confused.

The moment he spoke, blood spurted out of his body.

With that, he collapsed to the ground...

"Liquid-Jeemzz knocked out Liquid-Scoom with SCAR-L!"

Concurrently, Liu Zilang avenged Scoom.

He peeked from behind him, and fired multiple shots with his M16 at Jeemzz!