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553 Universally Condemned!

 'He's coming!

'He's coming!'

Laying on the ground, Billy was starting to freak out!

He wanted to scream at him not to get any closer, but he could not make a sound.

'Perhaps it's fate that I'll die at the hands of this quick shooter...'

"Unbelievable! Vic somehow broke through SKK's barrier! Is he going to..."

"Kill Billy? Hmm...that seems like a great choice; he should prioritize the point gained from acquiring a kill."

"Wait! Vic just jumped onto the buggy; he didn't kill Billy. Is he pressured by the other SKK players?"

In the game, Liu Zilang hopped onto the buggy, and promptly sped off.

Accompanied by the rumbling sounds of the buggy's engine, he left without any hesitation.

'He didn't kill me?'

"Billy King", still on the ground, felt as if a miracle had happened as he watched Liu Zilang getting further and further away!

'If we meet again another day...'

However, at that moment, once Liu Zilang was already at quite a distance away, he suddenly shifted to the passenger seat, and retrieved his gun!

Billy was at a loss for words.


As Billy watched fearfully, all the emotions that he built up vanished into thin air!

His head was instantly smashed!

"4AM-Vic killed SKK-Billy by headshot with Kar98K!"

Elated for acquiring the kill count, Liu Zilang swiftly switched back to seat No.1, and honked continuously at the SKK players.

With that, he zoomed past the wheatfield and disappeared.

Billy and the three other SKK players were left rooted on the spot, stupefied.

Billy was killed, Satan was knocked out.

Hence, even though they knew that Liu Zilang was left with little health, they could not chase after him.

Upon seeing this, Vivian pouted her lips. "Hmph! How could he just abandon his teammates, what a ruthless guy."

Although Vivian knew that Liu Zilang chose the best decision for his team as a whole and anyone would have done the same, she still wanted to curse him.

"This guy... He has gone back to being the shameless person he used to be!" Karl shook his head as he listened to the echoes of the horn.

Satan, who had finally been revived and calmed down, smirked.

"Back to the shameless person he used to be? Hehe, that's interesting, I hope you survive until the end."

Therefore, with his opponents'"blessings", Liu Zilang, the last hope of 4AM, sped toward Downtown.

While 4AM suffered hardships before finally managing a one player breakthrough, Se7en from Hua Xia was also having a tough time.

They had the misfortune of encountering the top team in Europe--Liquid-- on Georgopol's South Hill.

By the time the two parties noticed each other, the frontmost players nearly bumped into each other...

What else could they do?


Se7en had just been established for little more than half a year and they lacked good reaction, coordination, et cetera. Due to the suddenness of the encounter, these were all clearly displayed in the world tournament.

Therefore, after one exchange of fire, two Se7en players were already knocked out.

Most worryingly, even though Li Muqiu, who was closest to their opponents, took out one player, he did so at the cost of his own life.

Once their core collapsed, Se7en encountered more problems.

Although Li Muqiu was only knocked out and was still in the player zone instructing the others as fast as he could, the two remaining Se7en players who went down the hill made a blunder that was almost "breathtaking"!

On the big screen.

Base, the rifler of Se7en was seen retrieving a frag grenade, which he threw up to the hill.

The team were ready to launch a quick attack with the help of the grenade's explosion.

However, none of them expected the frag grenade to roll down the hill after it was thrown up...

This perfectly interpreted the saying of "all encounters in life are reunions after a long separation".

When the two Se7en players were halfway up, they were blown up by their own frag grenade, causing a double kill!

"Se7en-Base knocked out Se7en-Xiaolu with frag grenade!"

"Se7en-Base killed himself with frag grenade!"


When the western spectators witnessed the surprising scene, first they were startled, then they collapsed in waves of laughter.

On the other hand, it was as if barrels of gunpowder were lit up in China's official live streaming channels; spectators were flooding all bullet screens.

"Mother f*cker! Are they joking around?"

"What the f*ck? Is this really a professional tournament?"

"If you can't play, go home. Don't f*cking embarrass yourselves in front of the foreigners!"

"Hey, you've gone too far. If you can play better, why don't you go?"

"I can't so I'm not there, but if they f*cking can't either, get out!"

"Honestly, Se7en was really out of form earlier. Liquid isn't a super strong squad, right?"

"I feel sorry for Guru Qiu, his team was eliminated just like that."

"Hehe, shouldn't Guru Qiu be blamed too? Being the commander of the squad, shouldn't he be prepared to face emergencies since he chose Georgopol Hills?"

"Exactly! Every time, he avoids the blame because female fans like you are always protecting him..."

"What the f*ck are you talking about? Come on, tell us your address! I'm going to squash you with my legs!"

"Please do!"


In a trice, the haters of Se7en who had been in hiding for a long time seized the opportunity to defame the Se7en players. The disputes could be seen on all official live streaming channels.

Meanwhile, in the arena at California, America.

Having just entered the safe zone, the SKK players saw the kill notifications on their screen and could not help but laugh.

Vivian was rather shocked.


"Only the ghosts will know."

Satan shrugged casually, but was grinning widely as if something good had happened.

"I can't believe that in just half a year, our former biggest enemy turned into a laughing stock..." Karl sighed as he commented, but after quickly taking a glance at the audience, he added sarcastically, "Alright, I must admit, the effect of their double kill with a frag grenade was pretty decent."

The caster's view was still on the hill, thus nobody noticed Liu Zilang, after escaping from Gatka, had actually passed by the foot of Georgopol's South Hill.

When Liu Zilang heard the nearby explosion, then noticed the kill notifications on the top right corner of his screen, he mumbled, "What are those fellas doing..."

While he wondered, he had already turned his buggy around to head toward the source of the explosion on Georgopol Hills.

In PUBG professional tournaments, due to the number of players and participating teams, the caster could not always capture every scene.

That being said, when Liu Zilang appeared out of nowhere on his buggy in Georgopol Hills, it coincidentally happened to be captured by the caster!