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551 I Have A Gun That Can Shoot Through Mountains!

 Seeing as GodV's life was on the line, someone had to exchange fire with their opponents immediately to give GodV any chance to survive.

However, as Liu Zilang had just fired a shot with his 98K, he could not shoot again or change his gun in time.

Fortunately, Aluka was also covering him.

Previously, Aluka was just behind Liu Zilang. When he saw Billy preparing to attack GodV again from the right side, he poked his head out from the smoke and fired multiple shots at Billy!

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh-!"

The 7.62mm bullets of his SKS zoomed toward Billy.


Billy was unable to dodge in time and was struck in the head.

Since he wore a Level Two Military Helmet, blood splattered out of his head right away!

Not only did his vision start shaking violently, he also lost three quarters of his health!


"Nice shot, Aluka!"

"Shoot again, shoot again and you'll take one of them out!"

Seeing Aluka's headshot, the commentators of Hua Xia division shrieked with excitement!


Nevertheless, a second later, a tremendously loud gunshot pierced the air above the wheatfield.

Unprepared, Aluka's Level Two Military Helmet was instantly shattered by a sniper bullet at high speed!

There was a loud "thud"!

Aluka was knocked out.

"SKK-Satan knocked out 4AM-Aluka by headshot with M24!"

It turned out that Satan, who was covering the SKK players from behind, had improvised to the changing circumstances and shifted their UAZ around the smoke, then blasted a fatal shot at Aluka!


Like a chain reaction, GodV then lost what little health he had left and was also knocked out.

"SKK-Vivian knocked out 4AM-GodV with SKS!"

A click was heard!

In the smoke, Liu Zilang had just shoved another sniper bullet into the barrel of his gun.

Everything happened in a flash.

Seeing GodV and Aluka being taken out one after another, Liu Zilang's heart sank!

"Oh no! 4AM lost three players at once, Vic is on his own now!"

"Mmm. As expected, SKK is like a huge mountain squashing all the other squads in this tournament. Whether it's the individual strength of their players or their chemistry, they're practically perfect!"

"That's right. In contrast, aside from the fact that 4AM was already put in the unfavorable spot of facing a strong team like SKK, the flaw in their teamwork was obvious."

"Currently, there are still many squads on the battleground, but 4AM only has Vic as their final hope, who's currently being surrounded as well. If their squad were to be eliminated now, they'll end up at rank 20 or lower for this first match. Should that happen, I'm afraid that it may seriously affect their overall results as well as their mentality."

"Exactly. I have heard that 4AM rely on Cpt when things are smooth, Aluka when they're against the wall, GodV during deadlocks, and Vic during moments of desperation! I'm curious to see if Vic can pull off another miracle when they're up against a top team like SKK."


In the game, Liu Zilang noted the thinning smoke around him.

He took a deep breath!

He knew that he needed to make a decision now.

At this moment, he knew very well that his biggest threat was not the other players, but the player with an M24 who was watching him from behind like a devil!

He was a nightmare for him, the one who defeated him through reverse psychology.

When Liu Zilang considered this, he quickly moved sideways out of the smoke.

The instant the player came into view, he pulled the trigger intending to shoot.

However, at the next second, Liu Zilang was taken aback!

When he was adjusting his crosshair, he suddenly noticed a shining M24 pointing back at him!

Unquestionably, being a sniper gun which can only be acquired from an airdropped crate, the M24 was superior to the 98K in all aspects.

Liu Zilang was certain.

If he were to still go through with the shot, even if his opponent fired a few milliseconds later, he would still be shot in the head first!

In that crucial moment, Liu Zilang had a sudden stroke of inspiration!

Subsequently, he laid prone the instant he fired a shot, but his cursor was pointed upwards!

A vertical flick!

At the same time, Satan reacted to the situation quickly.

Through the perfect coordination of his muscle memory and his arm movement, he instantly adjusted his crosshair, and flicked vertically downward!


One of them shot upward, while the other shot downward!



In that short moment, sniper bullets from two opposite directions crossed paths above the wheatfield!


Liu Zilang suffered a hit on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, striking red blood was shooting out of Satan's Level Three Spetsnaz helmet, and his health hit rock bottom instantly!

Even though neither player died from the attack, one of them suffered a hit on the body, while the other was hit in the head!

The difference in their capabilities was clearly displayed!

At once, the spectators who witnessed the epic sniping showdown exploded in cheers!

"Oh my god! Victor Liu just shot Satan in the head!"

"Am I...seeing things right?"

"Dude, what's there to be surprised about? Even though Victor Liu lost to them last time, I've never doubted his strength."

"Oh, yeah! That's awesome! I knew it! Victor Liu can surely take down that b*stard Satan!"



In the game, Liu Zilang had lost half his health, but when he saw that he hit his opponent's head, he felt indescribably great.

Before his opponent's teammates were able to react, he sneaked his way back into the smoke.

Right then, he suddenly made a huge realization!

Liu Zilang had become famous at a young age and his journey had always been smooth.

Before meeting Satan, he had never encountered a tall mountain.

Even when he joined Se7en, his conceited self never considered Shen Zeyan as one.

That only changed when he met Satan and experienced horrific defeat half a year ago!

From then on, he subconsciously viewed Satan as a tall mountain.

An insurmountably gigantic mountain!

Even so, just a moment ago, he suddenly realized that the hardest mountain to surpass in his professional career was not Satan, but...himself.

As he finally comprehended this, Liu Zilang was now brimming with confidence.

Extremely powerful confidence!

As soon as he pulled the bolt of his 98K, he swiftly switched to an M16!

Following that, he emerged from the smoke and fired three burst-shots at Vivian, who was on his left!

The second Vivian peeked out from behind her cover, she was forced to retreat.

"F*ck! This guy is mad!"

Furious, Vivian yelled at her teammates, "Billy! Are you watching a show here?"

Billy, who was shot in the head by Aluka earlier, naturally had not been idle.

Without hesitation, Billy immediately stopped healing himself and seized the opportunity to shoot at Liu Zilang.

Little did he know that Liu Zilang had been waiting for this moment.

Right then, the same thing that happened to Vivian took place again!

Liu Zilang promptly stopped suppressing Vivian and retreated into the smoke just before Billy was able to hit him.

When he reappeared again, he exited the smoke from the right side.

In addition, he had changed his M16 to his 98K!


It was a clean and neat shot!

Even when he heard the gunshot, Billy was unable to dodge and was struck in the chest, then collapsed to the ground!

Consequently, his shot at Liu Zilang was ineffective. Liu Zilang had the upper hand as he was able to suppress his opponent with his quick reaction and the fact that the bullet of his gun traveled faster than his opponent's.

Right now, the four SKK players were startled as they looked at the figure who could now be vaguely seen as the smoke slowly faded away. They were bewildered.

'Since when did this guy...become this vicious?'

'Is he doping?'