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550 Tyrant’s Eye Of Truth!

 Title Translator's Note: This originated from an anime, "I Don't Care About My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Love!". The Tyrant's Eye of Truth is a magical power that belongs to Rikka Takanashi, the co-protagonist, who is able to see one's destiny through her magical right eye

Eventually, the field was blanketed by smoke, white as the early morning mist during autumn, and it was hard to see past it.

'I think of going far, far away,

'Through misty waves of a thousand miles,

'Where the evening clouds hang low in the boundless skies in the south...'[1]


Suddenly, a booming gunshot shattered the seemingly peaceful scene.


Furthermore, the striking red of blood shone through the smoke, followed by a player collapsing.

"SKK-Satan knocked out 4AM-Cpt by headshot with M24!"

A moving target in the smoke!


The crowd in the arena erupted!

Even the two western commentators were struck dumb, and were shrieking with excitement and disbelief!

"Oh no! Cpt's knocked out!"

On Hua Xia's commentary platform, Lord Rong was anxious. "This is terrible, no one can save him now! Speaking of which, how did Satan manage to hit him at all? He didn't even have a vision!"

"It was a prediction shot!"

Su Changming's eyes sparkled when he answered, displaying his knowledge as a former professional player.

"A prediction shot?" Ruo Feng gasped, then asked, "When did he have to start the prediction?"

Upon hearing Ruo Feng's question, the spectators in all official live streaming channels finally realized what had happened.

Even so, they still could barely believe their eyes.

It was worth noting that Cpt ran for at least three seconds in the smoke, which meant that Satan predicted at least three seconds prior. The unknown factors affecting his accuracy must have been many.

However, in the end, he took his target out with one shot!

'Is this...a joke?'

Su Changming said seriously, "Actually, Zeyan is also able to pull off a prediction shot like this, but it'll depend on his luck; whereas Satan's shot, I can only say that it was very accurate!"

"I just remembered!"

Ruo Feng slapped his thigh and sounded agitated as he said, "This Satan...after the Clash of the Titans half a year ago, he was dubbed 'Tyrant's Eye of Truth' for having the best aim in the world, right?"

"Mmm." Su Changming nodded.

Back in the game, Cpt would not allow his teammates any hesitation. Almost the instant he collapsed, he yelled at them, "Quick, go! Leave me!"

The others had been slowing down a few steps, but when they heard him, they quickly picked up their pace again and dashed toward Gatka.

'It's him!'

On the other hand, Liu Zilang narrowed his eyes as he noticed the ID of the player who knocked out Cpt.

A strange look appeared in his eyes.

"F*ck! That guy's too wicked, he could even get a headshot through the smoke!"

Aluka cursed and began running zig-zag through the smoke, not daring to run in a straight line anymore.

"The smoke's clearing out ahead, anyone still has smoke grenades?" Looking at the clear path in front of them, GodV immediately shouted in their voice chat.

"I don't!" Aluka replied.

"I don't have any either." Liu Zilang shook his head.

"I do, I do!" A voice called out.

GodV was elated by the response, but his face darkened quickly!

The voice came from Cpt, who was now on all fours and was quite a distance away from them...

His teammates had no words to say.

Earlier, Cpt had merely replied to GodV's question out of habit. When he remembered the situation he was in, he fell silent, embarrassed.

"We can't delay any longer. If the smoke disperses later, we'll be in an even worse spot." GodV pondered, then gritted his teeth. "Let's just go, I'll go first! Vic and Aluka, cover me."

As GodV gave instructions, he crouched to consume an energy drink.

As soon as he finished, he dashed as fast as he could, like a wild dog that was let loose!

"Peng, peng, peng-!"

A motorcycle stopped a distance away, and rapid SKS gunshots were heard!

Theoretically, given the distance between both players, if one were to move in a zig-zag pattern, the hit rate of an SKS should be very low and most bullets would miss.

Especially with the shooter firing many shots in a short amount of time, it would be reasonable to expect only two to three shots finding the target.

However, it was not the case this time.

Even with a full energy bar, as hard as GodV tried to move in a zig-zag pattern, the bullets struck him one after the other as if they had eyes to follow him.

After just five consecutive hits, blood gushed out of GodV's body.

In a short moment, even though GodV wore a Level Three Military Vest, he had lost half of his health.

'What a terrifying hit rate!'

At one point, GodV felt that it was not an SKS that his opponent was using, but an AIM-9 Sidewinder!


While the action seemed hectic, it had all happened in the blink of an eye.

Seeing that GodV had been wounded, Liu Zilang and Aluka did not simply stay still.

Liu Zilang immediately located the shooter based on the gunshot, took a large step forward and held his 98K up.


A sniper bullet was blasted out!

Needless to say, Liu Zilang's shot was fast.

He scoped in and adjusted the crosshair of his scope!

It seemed as if he did not aim at all; rather he was fully relying on the insane coordination between his visual capture and muscle memory.

Despite that, he had met his match!

The instant he fired the shot, Vivian knocked out GodV by firing more shots at him after the first five shots.

Although the shots fired sounded continuous, she had broken the rhythm with an unexpected crouch at one point, which allowed her to dodge Liu Zilang's shot!


The crowd in the arena was stirred!

Liu Zilang paused for a short moment but immediately recovered.

He understood that rather than a remarkable reaction speed, it was more of his opponent's sharp instinct to sense danger!

She knew that GodV's teammates were not going to let her shoot freely, hence she had already formed a reflex arc in her head to crouch!

Her reflex arc was incredibly short and fast!

So short that it could happen at any moment!

So fast that it could change in an instant!

Nonetheless, Liu Zilang's expression changed right away.

He suddenly recalled his fight against SKK and knew that their attacks would not stop there, but would continue like waves.

Now that one of them was about to stop, someone else was going to make a move!

In a trice, Liu Zilang quickly warned, "GodV, watch out!"

Liu Zilang reacted very quickly.

Even so, he was still slightly slower than his opponents who had great tacit understanding!

The second Vivian stopped shooting with her SKS, gunshots even more rapid were fired from a rifle on the other side!

On the big screen, the caster suddenly switched the view.

Billy, who was driving a buggy, was seen switching to the passenger seat to draw another line of fire and began shooting at GodV with his 4x-scoped M4!

"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!"


In a flash, GodV suffered two more hits, and the Level Three Military Vest on his body split due to the attack.

On top of that, he was on the verge of death.

The situation was critical!


[1] Lines from a poem called "Ringing Bells In The Rain"