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547 A Cowardly Move, Unacceptable!

 The moment the scene was switched, the first thing that came into view was an airdropped crate in the wilderness that was still releasing red smoke.

A UAZ was seen speeding past another squad that was beside the airdropped crate!

This was the replayed scene of the latest kill, which caused the audience to gasp in shock!

On the big screen, as the UAZ got near the crate, a black player with an afro peeked out from the seat no. 3's window, armed with a double-barreled shotgun!


Muzzle flashes appeared as a shot was fired out, causing blood to splatter out of a player's body!

With lightning speed, the shooter moved back into the UAZ.

The scene bore a resemblance to people hunting from an SUV in Africa, the way it was extremely wild and intense, giving the crowd a strong visual shock!

"Billy King! Billy King! Billy King!"

After witnessing the impressive shot, the western spectators raised their hands and chanted his nickname!

Right then, the caster zoomed into the face of Billy from SKK.

With his neat hair and sophisticated look, Billy was seen licking his lips after he knocked out the player, making him look like a bloodthirsty lion!

When the spectators saw this, they burst out in another wave of tremendous cheers!


Meanwhile, the AHQ players were anxious.

Initially, when they saw the airdropped crate landing exactly where they were, they decided to pursue it as they thought that it would not attract too much attention in the early phase of the game.

Besides, when they arrived, they happened to see two squads fighting.

Elated, they planned to take advantage of the situation. Hence, with two players covering from behind, another two players sped over with a motorcycle.

However, they were instantly left mouth-opened-as soon as the motorcycle approached the crate, the gunshots came to a halt, followed by kill notifications that filled the screen!

'The fight's over?'

'It's really over!'

Furthermore, the AHQ players by the crate were shocked when those players immediately headed toward them in a UAZ instead of looting the dead players' crates or healing themselves.

Therefore, this happened...

"Dongmen is down! Can you cover us? I'll throw smoke grenades to revive him," K3 uttered anxiously.

M4 from AHQ scoped in with his 4x-scoped M4 at the UAZ, and instantly alerted the others, "Watch out! The UAZ is coming back!

"It's SKK!"

Beside him, W1nner was getting worried. "If we really can't, let's just retreat..."

"Are we giving up on Dongmen then?" K3 was reluctant to leave.

"Of course I don't want to, but this is a tournament!" W1nner's voice suddenly became strict and firm, "We'll split up right now. If the UAZ returns, you won't be able to escape too."

"Go! Take the M24 in the crate and leave! I've dropped my medkits and bullets on the ground, take the 4x scope too." Dongmen said decisively, despite having been knocked out by the shotgun.

Afterward, he gritted his teeth as he saw the returning UAZ, and growled with a fierce look on his face, "Trying to toy with us? We'll see who's toying with who!"

Upon hearing Dongmen, K3 finally relented.

He quickly gathered everything from the airdropped crate and the items dropped by Dongmen.

Next, he got on the motorcycle, and as he left he said, "Brother, rest in peace. If we meet them in the final circle, we'll certainly avenge your death!"

"Vroom, vroom, vroom-!"

The motorcycle engine revved up, producing a deafening buzzing sound!

K3 sped away from the airdropped crate through the smoke around them.


"Didn't the Orientals say that they have a strong bond between brothers? Why are they abandoning their teammate so easily?"

Satan raised his brow as he watched the motorcycle leave, and smirked.

"Tss, tss, tss-!"

The tires of their UAZ screeched to a halt as they stopped by the sideway.

Following that, the four SKK players jumped off, their guns held up!

"I wonder who's the lucky one this time."

"I think it's me."

"Fellas, should we make a bet?"

"Coke, burgers, and fries?"

"Uh...forget it."

As the four SKK players casually aimed through their scopes, the fleeing K3 suddenly felt a chill down his back.

It felt as if he had become a target.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh-!"


Understanding what was happening, K3 quickly rode in a zig-zag pattern into the wilderness.

However, SKK's shots were not the same as random shots from players who were just trying their luck. Based on the bullets' landing points, they continuously adjusted the crosshair, which allowed them to form a "bullet net" behind K3.

Then, the "net" was pulled!



Blood splattered out of K3's body.

The next moment, his head suffered another hit and he fell sideways off the motorcycle!

Pressing on his abdomen, he crawled on the ground in pain and looked helplessly behind him.

'Are these people...devils?'

"SKK-Satan knocked out AHQ-K3 by headshot with Kar98k!"

K3 was right.

The one who struck him fatally was indeed a devil.

More than that, it was Satan!

A moment later, SKK approached him in their UAZ. They saw that nobody else was around their prey, though they could hear faint sounds of a car leaving.

Captain Karl rubbed his forehead and asked, "Are we that scary?"

Vivian puffed a breath into her blue fringe and commented, "Hmph! What a bunch of cowards."

On the other hand, Billy was already back on the UAZ and was looking at the soft top UAZ that was disappearing from their sight. "A cowardly move, unacceptable!"

"Go on ahead; I'll join you guys soon." Satan had begun looting his "spoils of war".

Being the sniper of SKK, he was naturally not going to give the M24 away.

Vivian swiftly jumped off the UAZ, and laid prone beside Satan to join his looting.

Captain Karl nodded from the passenger seat. "Alright partner, we'll chase after them first. They have two motorcycles; they'll catch up to us in no time."

Billy gave Captain Karl a meaningful look, as if recalling the good times the two of them shared.

Soon after, the two of them headed off in the direction where the AHQ disappeared.

Meanwhile, 4AM was also heading toward the safe zone, having just left the bridgehead.