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546 That Guy!

 Just as the saying goes, everything would eventually turn out fine.

In time, the two vehicles went past the hill. Since there were usually designated drivers in professional teams, the small hill was not a threat at all to both teams.

Nonetheless, when they sped toward the bridgehead and saw what was ahead of them, they were left open-mouthed!

"What the f*ck! Is that... a boat?"

"Oh, sh*t! D*mn it, quick, stop the car!"

"Which b*tch put a boat on the bridge? Are they devils?"

"Tss, tss, tss-!"

As the tires of their vehicles screeched against the road, they stopped in front of the bridgehead one after another.

This time, it was no longer a drill!

Without further ado, since both squads had been put in such a situation, they had to fight.

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

Gunshots filled the air as blood splattered everywhere!

Before long, some players were knocked out while some retreated to the ruined cars near the bridge to use them as cover.

Behind the speedboat that was burning on the bridge, the three 4AM players secretly observed...

"When are we making a move?"

"Wait! Let them fight each other first."

"Cpt, can you backstab them from your position?"

"Wait, let me shift to the right."

Just as the 4AM players were communicating between themselves, a "clink" was heard!

Fire in the hole!

Both parties who were hiding behind the ruined vehicles threw frag grenades at each other's direction.

This time, they would not stop until someone died!


Accompanied by the deafening sound of explosions, black smoke and flames were seen at the bridgehead!

One player from Avanger who was behind a truck was unable to dodge the grenade. Hence, he was bombed into the air.

When the players of 4AM who were watching from a distance witnessed this, they were actually shocked.

While they expected to see the two teams fight their way out, they did not think that it would turn out like that!

'Society, society!'

On the contrary, Asian teams would probe longer and avoid a fight if they could.

Nevertheless, Liu Zilang was not paying attention to that.

Seeing how both teams were fighting seriously, Liu Zilang retrieved his VSS and shot at the player who had been bombed into the air!

"Da, da, da-!"

With that, bullets zoomed out of the full auto-firing VSS!

In the end, Liu Zilang managed to kill that player before he landed on the ground.

As a result, he acquired a kill.

Had he not killed him, that player would have either died from the fall or gotten killed by someone else.

Therefore, Liu Zilang benefited from it.

In a trice, the two teams who were almost at the end of their fight came to a sudden realization!

'Oh, right!

'The squad that blocked the bridge is still here!'

Thus, they quickly hid behind the ruined vehicles and began healing themselves.

At that time, the players from both teams were mad at 4AM who had blocked the bridge.

It was not because Liu Zilang had killed the player earlier, even though that itself was also quite maddening.

It was mainly because 4AM were psychopaths to have pushed a boat onto the bridge. Not to mention, they had forced them to fight when they were only putting on a "show" previously.

'We must maintain the safety of our team by resisting foreign invasion!'

Since both squads were not dumb, they came to a tacit agreement by stopping the fight.

At that moment, Cpt had sneaked his way behind them and set up a "1-3 sandwich" formation with Liu Zilang and the others.

The two teams who were hiding behind the ruined cars would not have expected them to split ways such that someone had made his way behind them.

"Da, da, da-!"

Without any warning... deadly shots were fired from behind them!

With a 2x scope, Cpt immediately took out one player.

This was when the difference between players from the western division and other divisions was perfectly displayed.

When western players were attacked in such a situation, above 80% of the time, they would counterattack right away!

On the contrary, the players who were engaged in a battle with 4AM were from CIS and Oceania. Hence, they lacked that kind of playstyle.

Their first reaction when Cpt sneaked an attack on them was to look for cover.

However, as soon as they peeked, they were struck dumb when they saw another player on the other side. By the time they wanted to counterattack, it was too late!

At the speed of light, the two other Windfall players were killed by Cpt whereby the whole squad was eliminated!

On the other hand, the two Avanger players quickly counterattacked and managed to knock Cpt out.

In spite of that, it was only the beginning.

This was because when Cpt launched the sneak attack, Liu Zilang, GodV, and Aluka were pushing toward those players.

One of them attacked in the dark, while the others attacked in the open!

While Cpt's attack was an ambush in the dark, Liu Zilang and the others made a bold move by striking at their enemies head-on!

Fire in the hole!



The three of them suppressed those players with frag grenades and stun grenades before approaching them right after.

Not long after, both parties met!

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

"Da, da, da-!"

In such a confined space, bullets formed countless deadly lines of fire!

4 v 2!

Given the situation, if 4AM were to lose Avanger from CIS, they would be better off quitting the game!

In the blink of an eye, the two remaining Avanger players were killed.

The whole team was eliminated!

With that, 4AM successfully took out two squads and became the only squad that survived Sosnovka Military Base!

Unquestionably, it was as if they had given a cardiac stimulant to Hua Xia and the entire Asian division!

Upon seeing this, the Hua Xia international students cheered for them!

Misaka Mikoto who was also a part of the audience stomped her feet and applauded too.

"That fella... he's really full of schemes." Wang Qianqian crossed her legs as she smirked.

At the same time, on the commentary platform.

"Though 4AM was quite smart in that situation, it was truly because of Master Ze's great start of the game that the morale of Hua Xia and the Asian division was lifted."

"That's right. Hehe, Vic is probably the only one who can think about blocking a bridge with a speedboat. The CIS and Oceania teams have suffered a huge loss."

"Speaking of which, CIS teams are generally strong, it's just that the one 4AM encountered was slightly weaker. If they were to go against Navi the Russian cult, they wouldn't have been able to win so easily."

"Mmm, nonetheless, 4AM has acquired 5 kills in total. This is most likely more than C9's kill count. They're in the lead now."

At that moment, the caster displayed the rankings of the tournament in terms of total accumulated points.

Since it was still in the early phase of the match, 4AM was indeed leading with 5 kills.

C9 was ranked second with 4 kills.

Followed by that were Windfall and Avanger but they had been eliminated. Then, IG followed with 1 kill.

Below them were the teams which had 0 kills...

However, all of a sudden, there was a change in the ranking!

In the blink of an eye, one squad rose to the top section of the board from the bottom!

At the same time, a row of notifications appeared on the screen!

"SKK-Satan knocked out TSM-AimPR by headshot with Kar98K!"

"SKK-Vivian knocked out TSM-Break with SKS!"


"SKK-Karl killed TSM-Viss with M16!"

When the last kill notification appeared, a notification that read "Final Kill" appeared on the screen as well.

Consequently, SKK had made their way up, and was on par with C9!

Based on the gap between their kills, it was obvious that the fight was one-sided from the start!

It was worth noting that TSM was not an insignificant squad at all but a famous strong recreational club in South America!

Then, another kill notification popped up on the screen!

"SKK-Billy knocked out AHQ-Dongmen with S686!"

'It's that guy!'

'It's "Billy King" from SKK that's known to be the best in the world!

'What actually... happened?'

On the spur of the moment, the spectators were bewildered by the latest system notification!

Concurrently, the caster switched the screen.