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545 Surprised?

 In all honesty, the spectators in the live streaming channels could not help but feel that way.

Although it looked like it was a sneak attack from C9, their fighting style was relatively "hardcore". It was as if they had stabbed a sharp knife right through their enemy's heart.

A fatal attack!

There was no room to turn the situation around at all.

The most horrifying part was that C9 displayed fearsome cooperation and execution. It was entirely different from the Asian teams' aggressive playstyle in TPP mode.

In other words, given the exact situation, other Asian teams would most likely wait outside instead of making a move like C9 to wipe out the enemy team right away.

This was the strength of western teams in FPS games!


After the two battles that had occurred, the caster did not switch screens as often.

The other squads on the battleground had found their own spots and were temporarily expanding their own territory.

Nonetheless, it was then when the first safe zone refreshed.

When the safe zone appeared, the audience in the arena was stunned!

This was because while the flight route of the match was at the bottom right corner of the map, the first safe zone was at the top left corner of the map.

Undoubtedly, it was an "orphan circle"!

"Uh... the safe zone isn't in favor of any of the teams at all. Especially for teams without vehicles, they'll be stuck in a terrible position."

"I think there's just something odd about the safe zone sometimes. For instance, in matches where the flight route is one-sided, the safe zone usually refreshes to a completely different spot. This increases the intensity of the game."

"Eh? Guru Qiu and SSR from Se7en are driving into the safe zone, they're quite fast."

"Yes. According to my observations earlier, Se7en split into two. Guru Qiu and SSR went over to Water Town as soon as they landed.

"This is a common playstyle when teams first land on the map but they'll have to regroup again as the game proceeds."

At that moment, the caster suddenly shifted the camera to Sosnovka Military Base.

'Are they fighting?'

As the western spectators watched, they became excited!

However, once they got a clear picture of what was truly going on, they were startled!

A few players were seen riding buggies and motorcycles as they sped along the coastline of Sosnovka Military Base.

When one of them noticed a speedboat in the sea, he stopped and then drove the boat up onto the beach.

Then, the caster zoomed in further to the players.

The player on the buggy noticed his target as well and steered another speedboat onto the beach. Needless to say, the two "busy" players belonged to 4AM that was scouring the rural areas.

"Oh my god! Are those players here to mess around?"

"4AM? It's Victor Liu's team, haha! No wonder they look so funny."

"Mmm, Victor is always so mischievous."

"I get it, they want to rob the players of Sosnovka Military Base!"

Just as the western spectators were discussing about the situation, two UAZs joined the picture and headed toward the beach unhurriedly.

One was a soft top, while the other was a hardtop.

'What are they doing?'

The spectators fell silent as they watched.

They were all bewildered by what was happening!


At the beach.

"Eh, eh! Wei-chan, you banged me!"

"Aluka, Aluka! Let's push this up."

"Cpt, you better not join us with your motorcycle, go look if the two squads from Sosnovka Military Base are here."

While Liu Zilang instructed everyone, he tried pushing the stranded speedboat toward the shore.

Although it did not go very well in the beginning, after getting help from the others, the three of them managed to shift the speedboat slowly toward the bridgehead.

"Seriously... why don't we just bomb the cars and block the bridge?" Aluka was feeling frustrated.

Upon hearing his question, GodV commented, "Are you dumb! The safe zone is so far away, how are we going to get there if we destroy the vehicles?"

Aluka was embarrassed. "But this is too slow."

"It's alright, the players from Sosnovka Military Base aren't here yet anyway, slow work yields fine products." Liu Zilang comforted him.

Some moments later, the three of them finally moved the boat onto the bridge.

After bombing another UAZ, the bridge was completely blocked. It looked as if construction was taking place and the path was closed.

The spectators in the arena were absolutely stupefied and the western commentators were just as stunned.

Never did they expect to see 4AM shifting a boat onto the bridge to block it!

"They're coming! They're coming!"

All of a sudden, Cpt notified the others excitedly.

It was normal for him to be thrilled because if nobody came after all their hard work, they would have felt extremely embarrassed...

Thus, fortunately, everything went according to plan.

However, Liu Zilang suddenly asked curiously, "Why do I still hear gunshots coming from the mountain?"

Right after he said that, the gunshots became louder and clearer.

Cpt who was riding the motorcycle quickly hid as he guessed, "I'm not sure, maybe those two teams are fighting?"

He was right.

After not crossing paths in Sosnovka Military Base for a long time, Avanger and Windfall played out "Fast and Furious" when they realized that they were both heading toward the West Bridge!

Once they were near the bridge, there was a hill ahead of them!

Nevertheless, both teams did not slow down at all. Amidst the bullets that were shot due to the exchange of fire between them, they sped up at the slope and flew into the sky!

"Da, da, da-!"

"Da, da, da-!"

While in the air, the players in the vehicles did not stay still.

They peeked out of their windows and continued shooting at each other.

"Oh! This is too cool!"

"Kills those b*tches!"

"Wooh! I can confirm that the spectators are surprised."

"Hahaha, this is the real Fast and Furious."

Evidently, the players from both vehicles were extremely satisfied with their intense "show".

That was right!

It was just a show.

If both teams were actually serious about it, they would not have been so dumb to shoot at one another from their shaky vehicles. Instead, they would have stopped to fight.

With that being said, they did not realize that instead of being surprised, the spectators were observing a moment of silence for them...