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544 A Real Man For Five Seconds?

 "Tu, tu, tu-!"

Shroud took a firm stance, and fired shots from shoulder height!

The next instant, the player who was exchanging blows with him was knocked out.

Not to mention, his teammates were also putting in their utmost effort.

As bullets swooshed out of the players' guns, gunshots filled the air in Mylta Power, and players were knocked out as a result of getting hit.

30 seconds passed in the blink of an eye.

With that, system notifications appeared one after another on the screen and it seemed like C9 was always ahead of ACE.

In such a battle, the position of the players determined if they were going to kill or get killed.

"What a nice quick battle! C9 was decisive throughout the fight."

"That's right, their attack route and the chemistry between them were on point. Now, three ACE players are down. Is their whole squad going to get eliminated just like that?"

"Oh! C9 is moving forward for their last attack! Can the last ACE player perform a miracle now that he's at a dead-end?"

Accompanied by the elevated tone of the commentators on the commentary platform, the spectators became excited too.

Almost everyone widened their eyes, and they were staring at the screen attentively.

Then, the crowd was so shocked that their eyeballs almost popped out!

On the screen, the last player from ACE, Optic, was seen holding onto his AK.

The instant he heard the approaching footsteps, instead of fighting bravely in such a critical moment since the hope of his team had been entrusted on him, he instantly laid prone behind a metal shelf near the wall of the warehouse.



It created such an awkward atmosphere in the arena!

On the spur of the moment, the western hosts who had been commenting on the situation in such an intense manner were unable to get a word out.

Even after attempting, they were still at a loss for words...

'Director, there's something wrong with the script!'

The western spectators were dumbfounded too.

Perhaps being people who advocated individualistic heroism, they expected the player to do his utmost to turn the tide since it was the perfect timing to do so.

Even if he were to fail, he deserved praise!

'How the f*ck are we supposed to react now that you suddenly lay prone?'

At that time, in the game, the four C9 players were cautious even though there was only one player left in the opposing team.

With Shroud, "South America's Number One Rifler" leading them, they began searching the area cautiously.

After two rounds...

'Nobody's here?'

Moody, the sniper of C9 was confused. "Did they split up earlier and did one of them disconnect from their squad?"

"I don't think they needed to do that."

Shroud shook his head. "Mylta Power is not a rural area, it can easily allow 4 players to loot the area. They didn't need to split."

"I think so too, the last player should still be here." Frolicer who looked like the oldest in C9 nodded.

"So..." Moody shrugged. "Do we continue to look for him?"

Chappie who had been quiet all along suddenly suggested, "Perhaps we can try to threaten him?"

Upon hearing Chappie, Shroud started thinking.

"I think we can try that."

Therefore, gunshots were heard in Mylta Power once again.

Two shots later...

"C9-Shroud killed Ace-Clan with P92!"

When the spectators in the live streaming channel witnessed the cruel scene, it really got their danders up.

"F*ck! Is this the final form of Shroud, the devil king?"

"That was too cruel! I can't watch anymore!"

"Shroud: I'm a heartless killer."

"Being helpless when your teammate's killed in front of you, 2333, I think the last player from ACE must be mentally crushed now..."

"Do you think he'll take the opportunity to sneak an attack now?"

"I don't think so! Tsk, tsk, that player really has the heart to tolerate this. Is he even from Korea? He's probably from Japan, isn't he?"

While the spectators in the live streaming channels flooded the bullet screens, the three ACE players had been knocked out earlier were eventually killed by Shroud.

From the beginning till the end, the last player who laid prone remained still. He looked like... he was a bot.


The three Hua Xia commentators looked at each other too. Then, Lord Rong sighed. "Looks like the Korean supporters are very strict, the ACE player is still hiding even though he has to put his ego down."

"Hehe, that's true."

Ruo Feng added, "Back then in tournaments, usually when a Korean team lost, their supporters would ask them to swim back home."

"Now let's look if C9 is going to spare the Korean player's life." Su Changming crossed his arms in front of his chest as he stared at the screen.

In the game, after the C9 players settled the ACE players, they stayed in Mylta Power.

Shroud took a look at their surroundings and then said to his teammates softly, "I think... he probably needs a chance."


The other three C9 players could not understand what he meant.

Shroud shook his head without further explaining and instructed, "Stay here, I'll go in for a while."

Upon hearing him, the other C9 players were startled.

Then, Shroud changed his SCAR-L to a Vector and entered the dark power plant building.



'What a bully!'

When Optic heard the footsteps, he was instantly maddened!

At that moment, he quickly realized that something was off.

'The footsteps... there's only one person!

'They split up!'

Right away, Optic was delighted and his eyes sparkled as if he had seen hope!

'Do you want to be a coward forever or be a man for five seconds?'

As Optic heard the footsteps, he gritted his teeth.

'This time, I want to be a man!'

Then and there, he stood up from behind the metal shelf and then fired multiple shots with his AK!

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

Obviously, Shroud did not notice someone lying prone behind such a low metal shelf. Hence, he was facing sideways.

One thing to note was that the world tournament was in FPP mode, thus Shroud did not have vision of his general surroundings.

Before Shroud knew it, he lost a substantial amount of health!

Despite that, at the moment of life or death, Shroud reacted in time and held up his Vector at the speed of light.

"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!"

Instantly, it was as if 13 .45 bullets had formed a line in the air!

A deadly bullet line!

In just 0.7 seconds, his magazine was emptied!

Then, Optic who had become unrecognizable collapsed to the ground.

Throughout the process... he was unable to hold on for even two seconds, let alone five seconds!

Right then, the caster shifted the camera to the Asian division. In less than five minutes into the opening game, all four ACE players of Korea had been eliminated.

Just like that, a section if the Asian division became empty.

The supporters on the live streaming channel who were still immersed in Shroud's amazing reaction suddenly felt their sinking hearts as they began to feel worried.