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543 Who’s Number One In The World At Scouring Rural Areas!

 At the back of the stage, on the gigantic electronic screen.

Once 4AM jumped off the airplane, instead of heading straight toward Sosnovka Military Base, they landed in the rural area at the southwest corner of the map.

Due to the fact that 4AM used to be the ruler of Sosnovka Military Base, when the spectators saw that they landed in the rural area, they were stupefied.

"Meow, meow, meow? Is 4AM trying to be like Japan's BDG?"

"Oh my god! Rural King of Sosnovka Military Base? Has anyone heard of Square Jungle (TN: A tactic used in League of Legends where players scoured four spots in a direction that connected their path like a square)?"

"4AM: We'll prove to everyone who's number one in the world at scouring rural areas!"

"Hey, the one who was humiliating 4AM, I'm giving you a Muay Thai Warning. If you do it again, it's going to be a Depression Knife Skill! (TN: Both Muay Thai Warning and Depression Knife Skill are terms originated from fans of EDG, a professional LOL team from China. Muay Thai Warning was created when a fan was so angry at EDG anti-fans that he claimed that he beat up his housemate, an anti-fan, who kept defaming EDG; Depression Knife Skill was created when a fan said that she would stab EDG anti-fans with a knife because she claimed that she has depression and that it wouldn't be illegal for her to do so)"

"Pfft, haha! I think it's alright for them to scour the rural areas around Sosnovka Military Base. 4AM is somewhat mischievous but steady, I really hope that they can remain their steadiness all the way."

After being momentarily shocked, the spectators in the live streaming channels eventually felt glad.

After all, it was a world tournament and the Chinese spectators only knew about the strengths of the international teams based on what they had read online.

Since 4AM was the first-seeded team in the Asia Qualifier, their supporters generally hoped that they would play slightly passive at the start.

Furthermore, in professional matches, if Sosnovka Military Base was occupied by at least 3 squads, it was very likely that a fight would occur.

On the other hand, the probability of a fight would be low if there were only two squads. More often than not, the two teams would loot on their respective "sides".

At that time, when the players from Avanger and Windfall noticed 4AM steer away, they were also relieved.

Subsequently, as if they had made a tacit agreement, those two teams landed at K Building and the boiler room respectively. The two places were quite far apart.

Naturally, the caster displayed the scene at Sosnovka Military Base since a fight was more likely to happen there.

However, seeing as a fight was not going to occur any time soon, the caster quickly shifted the camera away.

Liu Zilang's team was one of the few teams that jumped off the airplane at the end of the flight route. Hence, by the time they landed, the other teams that had jumped off earlier had either driven off to other locations or had finished searching a building.

Right then, the caster showed a player who was holding a "firestick".

To put it in a more accurate way, it was a Kar98K without a scope.

On the screen, Shen Zeyan was seen holding a 98K. He was standing beside a gap between the fences around Mylta Power.

"Oh! It's Master Ze. All the IG players have jumped to Factory, what's Master Ze doing?"

"The rural area opposite the road to the left of Factory, the two two-story red building on the maple leaves ground below Woodcutter Camp... I think someone's there."

At that moment, the caster changed the camera view to a God Perspective on Shen Zeyan.

In a trice, everything was clearly displayed to the spectators.

"Oh! It's Draedon, the lurker of Knights Squad from the western division. He seems to be riding a motorcycle around Woodcutter Camp to report the situation of his surroundings to his teammates."

"Mmm, Draedon probably knows that someone landed in Factory but is unaware that Master Ze is watching him."

"That's right. According to what I heard, Knights is a champion from Pittsburgh." Ruo Feng was excited as he continued, "The players of his squad truly have the spirit of a knight. They're tough, modest, and they have the hunger to win... their goal is simple, it's to acquire the holy grail..."


Without any warning... a loud, abrupt gunshot pierced the air!

It was the first gunshot of the world tournament!

On the commentary platform, Ruo Feng stopped in his tracks!

The instant the gunshot was heard, the western spectators widened their eyes. They were in disbelief!

"IG-Wolves knocked out Knights-Draedon by headshot with Kar98k!"

It turned out that Shen Zeyan who was holding a 98K had been watching Draedon as he went up the second floor.

When he bent over to pick up an item, from the fence's gap across the road, and through the window, Shen Zeyan shot his head with an iron-sight!

First blood!

All of a sudden, Su Changming who had been sitting calmly wielded his fist in the air!

"Nice! What a beautiful shot!"

"The timing of the shot was perfect! An iron-sight 98K, that was an awesome shot from Master Ze!" Lord Rong praised.

On the other hand, Ruo Feng felt rather awkward. He only managed to say, "That was a nice snipe from Master Ze, I'm floored."

"Mmm, with that, Master Ze has acquired the first kill in the world tournament. He's also successfully taken the opening shot for Hua Xia and all the players from the Asian division!"

Upon hearing the commentators, the spectators were thrilled too.

As compared to the spectators from other countries, the spectators from China were more superstitious.

Unquestionably, Shen Zeyan's "great beginning" gave hope to them.

In the game, seeing as Shen Zeyan had fired a deadly shot, the other IG players were elated.

Soon enough, they began moving over to that player as a squad.

At that time, Draedon was baffled.

He knew that someone was at Factory. Hence, he kept his distance even though he was keeping an eye on them.

With that being said, someone managed to sneak an attack on him.

Through the system notification, Draedon was frustrated as he thought to himself, 'Was that player "possessed by the European emperor"? How did he find a 98K and an 8x scope in such a short amount of time?


'That's not right!

'Who the f*ck is the real European here!'

If Draedon had known that Shen Zeyan knocked him out with an iron-sight, one could only imagine how he would have reacted...

Nevertheless, Draedon basically lost any means of hope of staying alive. This was because he had ridden a motorcycle out to inspect the area.

In other words, he was very far from his teammates.

Since he had been suddenly shot in the head, he was surely dead.

It was just as he had expected.

Before long, he heard footsteps, and his teammates were only going past the mountain.

"Da, da, da-!"

With just a few shots, Shen Zeyan managed to secure the kill and gained 10 points.

This also meant that Draedon became the first player to leave the stage.

Through the caster's camera, the spectators watched as he left his seat and walked off the stage.

Nonetheless, due to the optimistic nature of western players, he did not look too upset. After all, it was a squad match and his squad still had hope as long as his teammates were still alive.

When he was near the spectator seats, he waved his hands. He was replied with a round of applause from the crowd.


Anyhow, that was only the beginning.

The match was still ongoing.

The conflict at Factory was only a small battle. In fact, it was not even a real battle.

In spite of that, a brief moment later, when the caster shifted the camera over to Mylta Power, the atmosphere in the arena quickly became intense!

It turned out that ACE Squad from Korea which had occupied Mylta Power earlier was exchanging fire with C9 that was led by Shroud!