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540 None Of Them Can Fight!

 It was too late for GodV to regret, just like the arrow that was shot back then.

Fortunately, though, the interview was drawing to an end.

Liu Zilang finally placed the microphone down reluctantly and waved at the spectators.

When they left backstage, they saw that many other teams were also being interviewed in Colt Arena.

At that moment, Liu Zilang noticed both familiar and foreign faces among the western players.

Many of them were surprised when they recognized him but quickly greeted him with a smile.

Along the way, Liu Zilang acknowledged them as well, and felt just like how it was back then.

However, when they were approaching the exit, the light at the exit seemed to be consumed by shadows.

A team of players approached them.

When Liu Zilang raised his head, he saw five familiar faces.

In a trice, he froze up slightly but quickly recovered.

For the whole time, GodV and the others did not notice it.

Even so, when Long Shenjue glanced at those players, he vaguely recalled the familiar faces from the players' information on his notebook.

Then, when he noticed the girl who was wearing a spaghetti-strapped shirt with shorts, with a long blue fringe, and was chewing on bubblegum...he finally knew who they were.

"Oh! Aren't they..."


Before Long Shenjue could finish, the girl's bubblegum popped!

She turned to look, and was surprised when she saw Liu Zilang.

"Victor Liu?"

Hearing her, her teammates turned to look too.

They were all too familiar with the name "Victor Liu".

Naturally, the 4AM players stopped too.

They looked at Liu Zilang and then looked at those players. Beside him, Aluka whispered to his ear, "Are they...your friends?"

Long Shenjue's mouth twitched slightly when he heard Aluka, and responded softly, "These players are from SKK Squad."

His statement left the 4AM players stunned.

Before coming to the world tournament, as participants, they were naturally aware of SKK.

This was similar to whenever professional MOBA game players heard about SKT during S3S4S5.

At the same time, they were also well aware of Liu Zilang's past encounters against this team.

All of a sudden, all of their eyes turned to Liu Zilang.

However, to their surprise, Liu Zilang's expression barely changed. Instead, he smiled at Vivian as he looked at her, and did the same to the other players.

Then he turned and called for the other 4AM players to leave.

The SKK players were startled, not imagining that Liu Zilang would remain so calm.

'Is he still the same "hothead" as back then?'

Although it had been half a year, they still remembered the time he lost the competition in Denmark; he had looked utterly gloomy and dejected as if he became lifeless.

It was worth noting that an eSports player's professional career was usually short. A part of this was due to one's physical condition which declined with age; the other part was due to one's mental condition.

Second place did not exist in eSports!

Furthermore, not every professional player could reach the summit during their career, and many of them would remain in low spirits if they did not achieve any results...

This would go on until they finally retired from the scene.

This was why the career period of an eSports professional player was so short.

For instance, after Liu Zilang retired from his team last time, many fans thought that he would disappear after shining brightly, just like a shooting star.

Nobody expected to see him rise again in such a short period of time!

As the SKK players watched Liu Zilang leave, Satan, who appeared to be carefree, smirked suddenly.


If Se7en were to be reformed with the same players, perhaps the SKK players would pay more attention to them. After all, that was the team that was nearly on par with them back then.

Presently, although there was a familiar face in each of the three Hua Xia teams representing Asia, the SKK players only found this all the more interesting.


At night, the interview videos of every team were shown all over the media to advertise and boost support for the event.

In the hotel's restaurant, the 4AM players sat around a table as they watched the interviews from other teams.

GodV shook his head as he commented, "Tsk, tsk...these foreigners are getting my danders up, bragging about themselves so much."

Long Shenjue giggled. "It seems that...Vic is more low-profile than them?"

"No, no, no!" Misaka Mikoto put her chin on her hands and smiled maniacally. "I think Shifu is the most domineering one!"

"Of course your Shifu is domineering! Let's hope that we won't lose too badly." With lingering fears, GodV added, "Or else, I have a feeling that he'll definitely become the main character of memes in Hua Xia."

"We have no equal!"

Aluka imitated Liu Zilang's expression and tone earlier, and then clapped his hands together.

"F*ck, this meme sounds good. Vic, if you ever become famous for this, remember to authorize me for the official meme."

Hearing the teasing from his teammates, Liu Zilang's face darkened. He wondered, 'Do they like my meme that much?'

At that moment, he unintentionally noticed Wang Qianqian, who had been quietly on her phone and was smiling very sweetly.

'This isn't right!

'At times like this, isn't she the one who'd ridicule me the most?

'Something's off.'

When Liu Zilang thought about this, he quickly moved closer to her and casually glanced at her phone. His jaw dropped.

Wang Qianqian had already cropped his photo, and had edited it with a photo-editing application by adding captions like:

"Hmph! None of them can fight!"

"No offense, but I'm saying that everyone here is trash!"

"I, Cobrander, am going to smash your head today!"

The instant Liu Zilang saw the photos, he was dumbstruck. While the others were busy teasing him, Wang Qianqian had already taken action...

Right then, Wang Qianqian noticed Liu Zilang looking, and her hands could not help but tremble for a while. Before Liu Zilang could delete the memes, she quickly sent a copy through WeChat to GodV and the others who were present.

Liu Zilang was speechless.

"Beep, beep, beep!"

The second the 4AM players noticed the files sent by Wang Qianqian, they saw a flustered Liu Zilang holding Wang Qianqian down and tickling her.

When they finally opened the files to see the vivid cropped photos and the expressive captions on them, they laughed so hard that they almost snorted!

Just like that, the restaurant was filled with a lively atmosphere!