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539 Slipper Gods Of War, The Benefits Gained By Feet Lovers!

 For Wang Qianqian and Misaka Mikoto, the former had contacted a classmate of hers from her high school days in America, Emily. Emily helped them sort out their accommodation by getting a place near the hotel where 4AM was staying at.

For the next two days, players from other places spent their time getting used to the time zone as well as familiarizing themselves with the area.

On the third day which was the last day before the tournament, there was an official "media meeting" scheduled for the players.

When the five players from 4AM wore slippers to the tournament venue, Colt Arena for the media meeting, all the media interviewers were dumbfounded!

Nonetheless, the westerners were into individuality, thus they were able to accept it.

Thus, after a short moment of shock, a number of photographers below the stage began aiming their cameras at the players' feet.

Among them, were a few front line staff members from Douyu, PandaTV, Huya and so on who were streaming live.

"Click, click, click-!!"

Due to the flashes, Liu Zilang felt uneasy. As he flinched his toes, he muttered softly, "Those people don't have a thing for feet, do they?"

Upon hearing him, Long Shenjue and the others beside him twitched their eyes and subconsciously shivered.

However, they neglected an important point.

How heavy did one's taste have to be for one to be into feet...

A brief moment later, when the interview was shown on the live streaming platforms in China, the fans and spectators were stupefied!

"F*ck... Are they sure that they're not going on a holiday in Hawaii?"

"Mmm? Really not going to Hawaii? Then, can anyone explain why Vic is wearing a pair of beach shorts?"

"Emmmm, forgive me this life of uninhibited love and indulgence of freedom. (TN: Lyrics from a Hong Kong rock band, Beyond's 'The Boundless Sea and Sky')"

"GG! This is the appearance of the 'Slipper Gods of War'! 4AM, all the best!"

"Slipper Gods of War, that sounds okay. Check out the benefits gained by feet lovers."


Never did Liu Zilang and the others expect GodV's suggestion of wearing slippers to relax their feet for the tournament to attract such a massive amount of attention.

At that time, with the help of a translating team, they were interviewed by a young lady called Britney who had blonde hair and blue eyes. Around them, there were also quite a number of fans and spectators who were present looking for their favorite team.

As soon as Britney started, she said, "Oh! Quick, look at these handsome lads from the East! This is my first time seeing players attend a tournament in slippers. I'd like to congratulate all of you for emerging as champions of the Asia Qualifier and have made your way to the grand stage in California."

"Thank you." Naturally, the players from 4AM responded politely.

Britney continued, "As seen in the Asia Qualifier, I believe PUBG players are aware that 4AM is a strong team. However, apart from Vic, the spectators in the west aren't very familiar with the other players. Can you introduce your team and the other players?"

When the translator relayed Britney's question to the players of 4AM, they looked at each other.

"Uh... Vic, you do it," GodV instructed out of the blue and then passed him the microphone.

"Alright, no problem." Liu Zilang cleared his throat and then started the introduction unhurriedly, "Honestly, our final roster was only decided in October. The Asia Qualifier was both a challenge and an improvement for us. It shaped us into the best team in Hua Xia and even in Asia. At the same time, it equipped us with the ability to challenge the strongest teams of different regions in the world."

While Liu Zilang spoke, concurrently, the translating team translated his words into English and Britney was seen nodding her head as she listened.

Then, Liu Zilang paused for a while before he continued by introducing his teammates, "The fat guy with glasses is our captain and our rifler, GodV. He's an organized person who sets plans ahead and has unbelievable fast decision-making skills. Besides, he's also..."

Right then, GodV coughed.

When GodV who was looking at his feet heard Liu Zilang boasting about him, he immediately cut him off. "Vic, Vic... that's enough..."

Upon hearing him, Liu Zilang chuckled and shrugged. "As you can see, he's also a rather shy and introverted person."

GodV was totally speechless.

Subsequently, Liu Zilang continued by introducing Long Shenjue, Cpt, and Aluka.

When it was time for him to introduce himself, Liu Zilang said with a smile, "As for me... I believe there's no need for me to say much. Is there anyone in the audience who knows me?"

Upon hearing his question, the spectators who were near them placed their hands beside their mouth and yelled excitedly, "Victor! Captain Dark!"

As the other players from 4AM experienced a sudden rise in the atmosphere, they were envious of him!

Apart from GodV who was quite famous in the western countries, the others were strange faces to the spectators.

Nevertheless, when they thought about the invitational tournament, they picked themselves up and raised their spirits.

'Gaining notoriety hinges on this one tournament!'

When the cheers in the arena finally died down, Britney said with a smile, "Looks like even after a year, Vic's popularity still remains in the western countries. Well, I have one last question.

"I'm sure you have sufficient understanding of your opponents in the tournament. May I ask, which team do you think you'll need to pay extra attention to?"

The moment Britney popped the question, the audience fell silent.

The western fans watched the guy from the East who had reappeared after a year in silence.

Every single person who followed him closely back then knew what he lost in the "Clash of the Titans" half a year ago as well as the kind of opponent he lost to.

On the spur of the moment, everyone thought that Liu Zilang would take the opportunity to make a declaration to that squad.

However, a moment of silence later, Liu Zilang put on a smile instead.

"I think...

"We have no equal."

As soon as the spectators heard him, they were stunned for a while but they quickly filled the arena with their wild cheers!

"That's right, buddy! You're the best!"

"All the best! Crush those b*tches from SKK!"

"Vic! Vic! Vic!"

Should the scene be shown in China, many people would think that Liu Zilang was presumptuous and shameless. After all, Hua Xia teams had always been quite reserved and there were also many keyboard warriors online.

Who would brag about themselves and set such a resolution in a world tournament as such?

It would be okay if they actually won in the end. However, if they lost, his actions might actually make him into a "meme"!

Liu Zilang was the only one who would do such a thing!

With that being said, the people in western countries looked at it differently.

This was because the spectators in western countries liked Liu Zilang's unconstrained attitude such that even their interviewer, Britney, clapped as she laughed.

Anyhow, when GodV and the others heard Liu Zilang set such a high resolution, their heart turned cold as if they had fallen into an ice hole!

Right then, GodV felt like he was Mistress Xianglin (TN: The most unfortunate woman character in Lu Xun's stories that render women vulnerable groups) as he repeated the same thing in his mind, 'I'm such a fool!


'Why the f*ck did I pass the mic to this idiot!'