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536 You’re A Fish, A Mermaid!

 At first, Liu Zilang thought that it was Wang Qianqian and the others.

However, when he turned to look, he was taken aback!

He saw Li Muqiu wearing a pair of beach shorts, a floral-themed shirt, and sunglasses that hung around his collar. At that moment, he looked at him with a sneaky smile.

Liu Zilang subconsciously took a few steps back and then blurted, "F*ck! You stalked me!"

Upon hearing him, Li Muqiu's face turned dark as he replied snappily, "Who the f*ck would want to stalk you!"

"Then why are you here?" Liu Zilang was not happy with his answer.

"Does your family own this beach!" Li Muqiu sneered and then pointed somewhere. "Look who's that!"

Liu Zilang looked toward where Li Muqiu was pointing at and saw a guy in black swimming trunks lying on a beach chair. He had sunglasses on and was half-naked. He was revealing his long and muscular build.

Beside him, a chap with a chief was serving him. That person looked like he was Li Mufan.

"Master... Master Ze?" Liu Zilang was instantly shocked.

"There's also Young Yang." Li Muqiu pouted his lips as a signal to direct Liu Zilang to look at a guy who was in the sea with a float.

'Gao Yunyang?'

Right away, Liu Zilang was surprised again. He quickly said in an angry tone, "Is Boss Su here too?! F*ck, you didn't ask me!"

"Don't you have a family burden?" Li Muqiu shrugged.

Liu Zilang was speechless.

At that moment, Wang Qianqian and the girls walked out of their hotel.

The three of them were dressed in swimsuits which nicely displayed their beautiful figures.

Of course, it was only Wang Qianqian and Misaka Mikoto.

As for Zhang Xiaotong who had a float around her waist, she ran toward the beach while yelling, "Oh, dear sea, I'm here!"

Then, she jumped into the sea and moved her arms and legs like a paddling duck...

When Li Muqiu saw Liu Zilang standing still, he pushed him with his elbow. "Aren't you going to introduce them?"

Liu Zilang cleared his throat. "Oh, introduce."

He quickly recovered from his surprise and introduced him to them, "This is Li Muqiu who's known to be a 'beach pervert', just stay away from him. Mmm, that's all..."

i Muqiu was speechless.

'What kind of introduction was that!'

Just as Li Muqiu was about to introduce himself again, Wang Qianqian reached her hand out kindly.

Instantly, he glanced at Liu Zilang proudly and reached his hand out like a gentleman.

"Hello, I'm Wang Qianqian," Wang Qianqian said with a smile.

"Hello! You can just call me Qiuqiu." Li Muqiu engaged in the conversation naturally.

"Hehe, I know, you're a streamer on Panda TV."

Wang Qianqian withdrew her hand and then popped an unforeseen question, "Mr. Lee, have you ever considered... developing your career on my platform?"

"Your... platform?" Li Muqiu was puzzled.

Liu Zilang tried not to laugh as he said, "Let me officially introduce you to Douyu's super admin, SharkChilli."

"Uh... hehe." Li Muqiu looked up to the sky awkwardly and responded with a fake laugh. "Today's weather is great! Hahaha...!"

In all honesty, he was crying on the inside!

As PandaTV's super front line streamer, of course, he was not a stranger to people trying to seduce him to transfer to their platforms.

Nevertheless, it was his first time meeting someone like Wang Qianqian who went straight into it as soon as they greeted each other...

'This girl will definitely go far!'

Li Muqiu took a deep breath, put a smile on his face again and then turned to look at Misaka Mikoto who was wearing a white swimsuit.

Panicked by his sudden smile, Misaka Mikoto took two steps back and blurted, "Shi... Shifu says that you're not a good person... I'm leaving!"

Right after that, she scurried away to where Zhang Xiaotong was.

On the other hand, Wang Qianqian waved at Li Muqiu and left for the sea after saying, "Hope we'll have an opportunity to work together next time."

Upon seeing this, Li Muqiu's eyes twitched. He clenched his fist as he said to Liu Zilang furiously, "B*stard, you ruined my name again."

Liu Zilang cast a look at him. "Everyone knows about it already, do I even need to ruin it?"

Then, he asked, "Oh right, didn't Young Yang go back? Why's he here in Jianghai? Don't tell me that he's treating all of you to a beach trip?"

"Who knows? I can't tell what Young Yang the rich kid is thinking."

Li Muqiu spread his hands out and then continued, "But he didn't arrive today, he was here two days ago when we had our competition. Not to mention, he's been staying at Master Ze's place. It looks like he'll be going to California with us next month."

"Hehe, is he going to be your cheerleader?" Liu Zilang teased. "He's always so reluctant to admit things. The last time I asked if he was returning to the scene, he looked as if he was half-dead.

"I think he wants to, but it seems like he doesn't have a good opportunity now."

Li Muqiu shrugged. "With his mischievous character, there aren't many local recreational clubs that will take him in. Furthermore, even if there are, he won't be satisfied with ones that aren't performing well..."

"Aren't you the team leader? Can't you talk to Boss Su?" Liu Zilang squinted at him.

"Of course I did invite him." Li Muqiu showed him a bitter smile. "But he said that Se7en is no longer the Se7en back then and it's meaningless to return..."

All of a sudden, Li Muqiu paused.

As the sea breeze whistled past the two of them on the beach, they fell silent.

Zhang Xiaotong who was in the sea waved at them.

"I'll talk to you next time, I'm sure he'll fit in somewhere." Liu Zilang patted Li Muqiu on his shoulder.

"Wait!" Li Muqiu shouted.

Hence, Liu Zilang stopped and turned around.

"Are you... considering to invite me?"

"Get lost!"


In the sea, Zhang Xiaotong and Wang Qianqian were enjoying a good time such that Misaka Mikoto was the only one left with a float.

Only when Liu Zilang asked. did he find out that she did not know how to swim!

'No way...

'You're a Japanese girl, does it make sense that you don't know how to swim?

'You're such a geek!'

Therefore, Liu Zilang went over to Misaka Mikoto and pointed at the water. "Don't panic, swimming is actually very simple. As long as you overcome your fear, relax, and imagine that you're a fish."

When Misaka Mikoto heard Liu Zilang's words of encouragement, she attempted kicking the water for a while. However, she soon became dispirited again. "But I'm not a fish!"

iu Zilang was at a loss for words.

He took a deep breath and stared at her. "You're a fish, a mermaid, alright?"

Upon hearing him, Misaka Mikoto blushed. Then, she looked up at Liu Zilang with glimmering eyes before asking shyly, "Shifu... do you really think so?"

"Nonsense! Of course it was a lie!" Liu Zilang burst out laughing.

Misaka Mikoto could not get a word out.

Liu Zilang then shook his head. "Forget it, forget it! I'll personally teach you."

Followed by that, Liu Zilang supported Misaka Mikoto's stomach so that she could paddle in the water like a puppy.

However, as she paddled... Liu Zilang suddenly felt that something was off!

By the time he turned to look, Misaka Mikoto's face was flushed red.