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535 A Trip For Four

 Upon hearing Wang Qianqian, the three of them were startled.

'What is it?'

Wang Qianqian noticed their confused looks and then explained happily, "How about we have team building to celebrate?"

"Team building?" Liu Zilang was still puzzled.

Wang Qianqian rolled her eyes at him as she scorned. "It's an activity for us to work together."

When Liu Zilang heard Wang Qianqian's heartless ridicule, he gave her a disdainful look. "Tsk! You should've just said so. Why did you use such an unnecessary term...?

"Oh right, what do you actually mean?"

The rest of them were speechless when they heard his question.

Wang Qianqian cleared her throat. "It's simply for us to inspire each other with our respective opinions so that we'll reach a consensus between us and gather our team spirit to build a team of quality. Not to mention, it's to promote harmony among us..."

"Wait... I understand all of that!"

Liu Zilang cut her off, and he looked rather impatient. "But what does building a team of quality and promoting harmony among us mean?"

"From now on, we're a team!" Wang Qianqian answered firmly. "Besides, we're living together, so our team is like our family!"

Misaka Mikoto raised her hand out of the blue and asked softly, "Uhm... Sister Qianqian... Does team building mean that we'll be going out to play together?"


Wang Qianqian snapped her fingers as she added, "To put it more accurately, we'll eat, drink, and have fun together!"

While putting on her shoes at the entrance, Zhang Xiaotong who was initially in low spirits became attentive. As if she had been suddenly revived, she asked excitedly, "Then, then... Where are we going to play!"

Clearly, Wang Qianqian was prepared. Unhurriedly, she replied, "I've done some research. Isn't there a beach in Jianghai? It happens to be dull season now and the weather's not too hot. We can spend time at the beach this weekend and have a barbeque..."

Right away, Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto looked extremely interested.

Although Liu Zilang was looking forward to seeing ladies in bikinis at the beach, he kept it to himself.

He coughed and was about to express his thought on the matter.

Right then, Wang Qianqian clapped her hands together. "Alright, let's raise our hands to vote!"

As soon as she finished, the three of them raised their hands and looked at Liu Zilang at the same time.

Liu Zilang was at a loss for words.

Though he looked unwilling as if forced to agree with them, he was secretly elated by the idea.

For the rest of the week, Liu Zilang transformed into a "popular figure" at the University of Jianghai.

Once known as Victor the black-masked captain, now known as Vic the Chicken King of Douyu's Attractive Section, and the new king of Asia's Qualifier...

All of the above became the subject of talk among young students.

In addition to that, the news club of Jianghai University even wanted an interview with him as they were curious about his mental journey throughout the past few years.

It was a tough journey for him!

Naturally, Liu Zilang avoided such thimgs.

Nonetheless, after his dormitory unit was revealed to the public, many people visited his place with the intention to revere the "Chicken King's bearing".

Each time, students would pass on words like "The Chicken King is really worthy of his name! He has beautiful eyes and a tough build!".

With that, more and more people were attracted.

Among those people, there were quite a number of ladies but they were all there to ask for Master Ze's contact number...

Under such circumstances, Chang Zhifei, Ran Maodong, and Pu Taizhuang were initially proud of Liu Zilang. However, soon enough, they began to feel like they were being mentally tortured...

At last, they "had to" kick Liu Zilang out of the dormitory such that he could avoid the fuss until it died down.

As a result, Liu Zilang who wanted to "relive old times" with his roommates was forced to return home every day...

In the blink of an eye, one week went by.

During the weekend the weather was great, hence Liu Zilang enjoyed peaceful sleep since he did not need to travel between places for the time being.

"Dong, dong, dong-!"

Suddenly, someone knocked on his door.

Just as Liu Zilang was about to pull the sheets over his head to continue sleeping, he vaguely remembered that he had plans that day.

'Oh, right!

'Team building!

'Damn it, Wang Qianqian!

'I don't want bikinis! I want to sleep!'

"Shifu, shifu~! Quick, get up, it'll be too late if the sky turns dark!" Misaka Mikoto yelled.

'Are you sure?'

When Liu Zilang opened his eyes to see the brightly lit sky through the window, he was speechless!

'Forget it. If she continues being noisy, it'll be impossible for me to sleep.'

Hence, Liu Zilang could only get up and head to the toilet.

When he arrived in the living room, he noticed that Misaka Mikoto was dressed in a black and white maid outfit.

In a trice, Liu Zilang was stunned and he immediately felt energetic!

'What's going on?

'A beautiful day starts with a beautiful maid?'

"Shifu, shifu! Eat up, the eggs will be done soon!" Misaka Mikoto said with a smile.

At that moment, Wang Qianqian and Zhang Xiaotong walked out of the kitchen.

Wang Qianqian glanced at Liu Zilang meaningfully as if she could see right through him.

When Zhang Xiaotong saw Liu Zilang, she turned her head and scoffed. "You really can sleep, hmph! Lazy pig!"

Liu Zilang was at a loss for words.

'Two days ago, you slept more than I did, okay?

'Why's it that this girl is suddenly so energetic during the weekend...

Once the four of them had breakfast, they noticed a black business car stop in front of their house.

Wang Qianqian realized that the others were confused, thus she explained, "I borrowed it from the company, it'll be easier to carry the ingredients for the barbeque."

Upon hearing her, Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong acclaimed and ran toward the car together.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang hesitated for a while and could not help but ask, "Do you... have a driving license?"

Evidently, his impression of Wang Qianqian's driving skills... was still in their childhood time when they played bumper cars together.

Wang Qianqian stared at him and was unwilling to answer his question. Knowing that he asked a silly question, Liu Zilang quickly followed the others.

Soon, he was proven that Wang Qianqian was well-trained in driving.

Since the beach was not far from where they stayed, after roughly an hour's journey on the highway, the four of them arrived at the beach.

It was worth noting that even though it was during dull season, the fact that Jianghai was a big city attracted big crowds of people.

Once they arrived, the four of them went to a hotel for accommodation.

Liu Zilang had a whole room to himself whereas the girls shared a room.

After changing into his swimming attire, Liu Zilang headed to the beach. Seeing as Zhang Xiaotong and the others were not out yet, he guessed that they were applying sunblock.

'Hah, girls!'

Liu Zilang shook his head.

As soon as he was at the beach, he placed his hands on his waist and took a deep breath. Instantly, he felt refreshed!


Without warning, someone tapped his shoulder.