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534 Blow Away, Blow Away, My Pride And Indulgence!

 Jianghai was a city by the sea.

At the end of every summer and the beginning of every autumn, typhoons would form once or twice. At the present time, a night breeze blew past the balcony outside the window.

Liu Zilang's eyes widened suddenly!

This was because he saw a few unidentified items with blue and white stripes along with a bear icon on the reverse side being blown away by the wind. He thought to himself, 'Blow away, blow away, my pride and indulgence...'


All of a sudden, Liu Zilang almost vomited blood. He quickly sipped a can of "Jojo Star" that was half empty from the coffee table.

With that, he finally regained his senses.

"You still like to drink that?" Upon seeing him, Wang Qianqian who was beside the fridge asked as she was surprised.

Then, she said with a smile, "You should've told me earlier, I drank half of it. Next time, I'll buy some for you too."

Liu Zilang was speechless.

'Why the heck would I want to drink your 'Jojo Star', are you going to return me my Mengniu milk!'

Just as he was about to ask Wang Qianqian, she turned toward the balcony. When she connected it to Liu Zilang who had taken a big sip of "Jojo Star" earlier, she grinned.

Afterward, she purposely asked, "Your health can't keep up?"

"Hmm... hmm?" Liu Zilang was startled. "What health..."

"Nothing, nothing."

Wang Qianqian waved her hand as if telling him that there was no need for him to explain. "You're a guy after all... many perverted otakus like these original flavored punches too..."


Upon hearing her, Liu Zilang's face turned dark!

'I'm not perverted!

'Like your *ss!'

Subsequently, Wang Qianqian snapped her fingers and chuckled. "But don't say that I didn't remind you, your Mikoto-chan bought them from the supermarket and rinsed them. Perhaps... it hasn't absorbed any flavor yet. How about you... wait for a while?"

"Wait your *ss!"

Finally, Liu ZIlang exploded.


Wang Qianqian simply enjoyed looking at Liu Zilang's dark face, hence she laughed like an old hen. Once she was done, she ran back into her room.

Evidently, she was still smart like how she used to be when she was younger whereby she knew that she could not trigger Liu Zilang repeatedly when he was in a terrible mood.

Or else, she would be hit by him. However... there could be more to it than that.


Before dawn the next day.

By the time Liu Zilang woke up, it was brightly lit outside.

Fortunately, his morning class only started in the second period.

Therefore, after he woke up, he had enough time to "reflect on his life" on his bed.

However, soon enough, he decided to wash up.

When he left his room, he heard the sound of pots and pans in the kitchen.

'Didn't the housekeeping aunty come earlier in the morning just now?'

After Liu Zilang was done washing up, he rubbed his sleepy eyes as he walked toward the kitchen.

What came into view was a person who had silky legs and was in a maid outfit. On top of that, that person had a furry white tail behind her butt and a pair of white cat ears.

'This... who's the Coser that has come to my house?

'And prepared a meal?'

Just as Liu Zilang was about to ask, that person turned around.

When he looked at her, he was so taken aback that he almost vomited blood.

Misaka Mikoto was seen wearing a low-cut maid outfit that had a pink apron and was embarrassed as she looked at him.

"You... you are." Liu Zilang stammered as he tried to talk and forced himself to look away.

Misaka Mikoto bit her lips and twisted her hands in front of her. "Shifu, you asked me to do the laundry, prepare meals, and mop the floor..."

"I didn't mean that..."

Liu Zilang pointed at Misaka Mikoto. "Why are you... dressed like that?"

"Ah! This... Sister Qianqian asked me to wear this."

Misaka Mikoto seemed to be quite uncomfortable as well and was blushing. "She said...she said that you like this, Shifu... that's why I went to buy it. Oh, right!"

Out of the blue, Misaka Mikoto stood straight and then slightly bent forward before putting her hands out like a cat. She blinked as she looked at Liu Zilang.

"Ohaiyo! Meow, meow, meow!"


'Cute, cute, cute!

'Too f*cking cute!'

Liu Zilang whose mouth was not hanging almost had a heart attack. He said to himself, 'No wonder this little girl is such a popular eSports figure among the Japanese otakus!

'But this is odd, Wang Qianqian and I haven't met for such a long time.

'How did that crazy lady find my weak spot so easily.

'Do other people like cat ladies like this too?'

At that moment, when Misaka Mikoto saw Liu Zilang's stunned look, she thought that she had scared him. Dispirited, she uttered, "Shifu, do you not like this? Sister Qianqian tricked me again, I'll go change."

"Uh..." Liu Zilang quickly stopped her. "No, no, prepare the meal first, it won't be too late for you to change later."

"Mmm, alright." Misaka Mikoto nodded.

Liu Zilang took a look at her again from the kitchen door and his health declined instantly!

'No way, no way!

'The visual impact is too huge, she's too f*cking cute that it's against the rules!

'Is Wang Qianqian a devil?

'How did she even come up with this!'

Liu Zilang quickly looked away and decided to return to his room...


In the morning by the time everyone had gathered at the dining table to eat, Misaka Mikoto had changed into a black hoodie.

On the dining table, Liu Zilang could not help but steal glances at her and even doubted that the earlier incident was an illusion. As such, he suddenly felt that everything was dull...

'No water is enough after you've crossed the sea.

'Perhaps this is sage mode!'

Right then, Wang Qianqian who was seated beside him whispered, "Hehe, I can't believe that you're really into it!"

Instantly, Liu Zilang's face turned dark and he did not respond to her.

Nonetheless, Wang Qianqian kept going and tempted Liu Zilang like a little devil. "So, who do you like more in a maid outfit? Mikoto, or Xiaotong?"

"Ah, who called me?"

Zhang Xiaotong was puzzled.

At her age, she was always sleep-deprived. Hence, she would always feel tired on Monday after every weekend.

"Nobody called you, quickly finish your food and go to school!" Liu Zilang smiled.

Zhang Xiaotong stared at Liu Zilang snappily and then lowered her head to finish her food. Afterward, she picked up her backpack before walking toward the door to wear her shoes.

When Liu Zilang saw Zhang Xiaotong's backpack, he shook his head and sighed. "Hua Xia should really lessen the burden of children. Look at Xiaotong, she hasn't been growing taller because of her heavy backpack!"

Upon hearing him, Zhang Xiaotong who was bending over to change her shoes froze on the spot. She turned around and yelled at him, "You're the one who hasn't been growing taller! I... I've grown much taller!"

Looking at Zhang Xiaotong who was petite for a student who was going to be in upper secondary, the others dissolved into laughter.

At once, Zhang Xiaotong felt both ashamed and mad!

It was then when Wang Qianqian looked at her phone and said, "Oh right, since Xiaotong is still here, I have something to discuss with you."