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532 Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow?


On all fours, when Zhang Xiaotong saw that her screen had suddenly turned dark, she was absolutely stupefied!

Like a fool, she looked up at Liu Zilang who was holding a pan in his hand.

Instantly, her face reddened as she was mad. She shouted, "You, you... how could you do this!"

"Nothing is too deceitful in war!"

Liu Zilang giggled as he crouched on the ground to use a few bandages.

When Zhang Xiaotong heard him, she yelled at him furiously, "Shameless! You're terrible! Despicable! Die, die a hundred times!"

"Uh... look at your attitude, do you not want me to revive you?" After using a medkit, Liu Zilang felt much more energized.

Upon hearing Liu Zilang, Zhang Xiaotong immediately stopped but she was frustrated.

Nonetheless, there were only around twenty seconds left before the second last blue circle began shrinking.

Although they were in the safe zone, the final circle would be much smaller and the blue circle would shrink even faster.

Should the two of them remain in their position, there was no doubt that they would suffer damages from the blue circle.

At that time, Liu Zilang could run if he wanted to but that was not the case for Zhang Xiaotong.

Even if her crawling speed allowed her to enter the safe zone eventually, she had insufficient health to go through the process.

The little girl quickly realized that. Right away, she moved closer to Liu Zilang like a puppy but was still angry at what had happened. "Save me!"

"Am I supposed to save you just because you've asked me to? It'll look so bad on me. Besides, the spectators in my live streaming channel won't let me." Though Liu Zilang looked as if it was a tough decision to make, he was actually holding in his laughter.

In fact, his last sentence had been shamelessly made up by himself.

If his spectators had witnessed the scene, they would certainly rush over to revive Zhang Xiaotong and would hold Liu Zilang on the ground to beat him up...

Looking at the time left before the blue circle began shrinking, Zhang Xiaotong became anxious. She pouted her lips as she asked, "Then... what do I need to do for you to save me?"

"Uh..." Liu Zilang pondered for a while ad then replied with a smile, "How about this, sing for me, and I'll revive you."

"You... no way! I didn't make you sing just now!" Zhang Xiaotong was not satisfied.

"Oh, that's true." Liu Zilang said, "I'll sing for you now?"

Zhang Xiaotong was speechless.

After a brief moment of silence, Zhang Xiaotong finally felt that singing was not a big deal. After all, she often sang in her live streaming channel. Hence, she could simply treat it as a treat for his spectators.

She looked at her S12K and gritted her teeth as she thought to herself, 'Hmph!

'You'll get it from me later!'

At last, she asked softly, "Uhm... what song?"

When Liu Zilang heard her, he was instantly elated and he quickly replied, "It's your first time singing for onii-chan. Of course, it has to be a joyful one. Hmm... how about 'Learning To Meow'?"

"Learning To Meow?" Zhang Xiaotong was startled and blushed instantly. "I don't want to!"

"You have five more seconds to think about it," Liu Zilang reminded her unhurriedly.

"The next blue circle is very painful, if you think too long, you'll be knocked out again even if I revive you."

Once Zhang Xiaotong heard this, she panicked. In a pitiful tone, she said, "But... but I don't know the song."

"That's easy, I'll teach you." Liu Zilang cleared his throat and then began singing, "Let's learn to meow together.

"Let's go..."

"Meow, meow, meow, meow?" Zhang Xiaotong suddenly continued.

Liu Zilang snapped and commented with a smile, "Look, you know the song!"

In a trice, Zhang Xiaotong's face turned red again as she was both embarrassed and mad!

'You terrible, despicable b*stard!

'I'll beat you up later!'

At that moment, Liu Zilang crouched to revive Zhang Xiaotong but still "threatened" her, "Continue singing, or I'll stop."

When Zhang Xiaotong heard him, while she cursed him in her head, she continued singing softly.

After some time, at the same time when the countdown timer ended, Liu Zilang revived Zhang Xiaotong.



On the spur of the moment, the two of them took their guns out!


Zhang Xiaotong who was about to point her gun at Liu Zilang was taken aback.

"Freeze! My gun is pointed at your tiny head." Liu Zilang instructed her, "Quick, throw your gun away. If you move elsewhere, you'll be knocked out again."

Afterward, Zhang Xiaotong pouted her lips and tried her best to fight for herself. "What if you shoot me after I throw my gun away?"

"If I wanted to shoot you, you wouldn't be standing here now," Liu Zilang responded.

His reply was simple and straightforward as if he was telling an undeniable truth.

Upon hearing his response, Zhang Xiaotong was shushed!

This was because there was no way she could refute him on that.

Since the blue circle began shrinking, Zhang Xiaotong could only put her weapons away.

She muttered softly, "Hmph! You're always bullying me."


Not long after, the borders of the blue circle and the safe zone met again.

With that, the final safe zone spawned.

At that stage, Liu Zilang was quite certain that apart from Zhang Xiaotong and himself, nobody else was outside Shelter.

'Now that I think about it, I actually survived being hunted down by my fans from all over the map and even got back at them. That's quite unbelievable!

'In the end, I even subsided Xiaotong's 'rebellion' with my wisdom!'

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin as he thought to himself.

'Am I the chosen one?'


Right then, Zhang Xiaotong scoffed.

Liu Zilang could not help but ask with a smile, "I'm leading you to chicken dinner this round, are you happy?"


"Making that sound once means that you're happy?" Liu Zilang teased her on purpose.

"Hmph! Hmph!"

Immediately Zhang Xiaotong harrumphed twice to go against him!

However, Liu Zilang burst out laughing. "Haha, who let their piglet out?"

Once Zhang Xiaotong heard him, she quickly realized that she had been tricked again. She was so furious that she wanted to bite someone.

Nevertheless, knowing that "enduring humiliation was part of her important mission", she gritted her teeth and remained silent.

By then, there were only five players remaining on the battleground. Evidently, they included Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong.

This meant that there were three players left in Shelter.

It was unknown if it was a 1v2 or a 1v1v1.

Whatever it was, since Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were above Shelter, their probability of winning was much higher.

As time ticked away, the countdown timer ended.

The blue radiation network around them moved once again and began shrinking toward the center of the safe zone!

"Da, da, da-!"

All of a sudden, intense gunshots were heard coming from Shelter.

Evidently, the three players left inside were forced to fight to survive.

In the blink of an eye, there were only three players left alive.

Other than Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong, there was one last fan left in Shelter.