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531 Evil Xiaotong-chan!

 Some people were dead but actually alive.

Some people were alive but actually dead...

At that time, when the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel witnessed what happened, they were utterly shocked!

"That trick... Did it cross any of your minds?"

"F*ck! That was really something!"

"He's being so brutal, isn't he afraid of losing followers?"

"Can anyone ask those fans how deeply traumatized they are?"

"Wait! I think I heard someone shouting for help!"

"Pfft, haha! I think many aggrieved souls will be knocking on Vic's door tonight!"

"That's hard to tell, what if the next circle refreshes to Shelter?"

"Eh? That actually sounds possible."

At that time, the blue radiation network was shrinking toward the middle!

Before long, the borders of the blue circle and the safe zone met.

The next safe zone had refreshed!

"No way?"

Liu Zilang was startled when he saw the new safe zone and was frustrated.

"Are those idiots really that lucky?"

"Eh, what do we do next?"

Zhang Xiaotong was rather bored as she crouched behind Liu Zilang. She was swaying her head left and right.

"Hehe." Liu Zilang giggled and then said meaningfully, "We don't have to do anything, those players will fight each other soon, do you believe me?"

"Ah? Why?"

Zhang Xiaotong tilted her head to one side as she was confused.

"That's because they need a spot!" Liu Zilang replied.

"A spot? Oh!"

Even though Zhang Xiaotong only understood half of what he meant, she nodded.

At the same time, in Shelter.

Nearly thirty players were staring at the map earlier. Once the safe zone refreshed, a roaring cheer broke the silence in Shelter!

"Hahaha! So much for trying to kill us, loser!"

"Guys, look, look. Didn't I say that guys who like to smile won't end up with terrible luck? Everyone, smile!"

"Yes, yes! From today onward, we must be more optimistic! Up, up!"

"Wait a second... Uhm, I remember that the safe zone will turn into one tiny spot in the end, right?"

Right after that comment was heard, it was as if someone had muted the feverish cheers in Shelter.

"Sha, sha, sha-!"

Amidst the silence, someone subconsciously shifted toward his teammate.

In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere turned somewhat awkward...

As time ticked away, the third last and second last circles refreshed.

Since Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were above the Shelter, they had plenty of room to move around so they had no unusual feelings about the situation at all.

On the contrary, it seemed quite crowded in Shelter.

"We have to decide on one person to occupy the spot to compete with Vic at the very end."

Right then, someone blurted out, "I'll do it! I'm damn good at healing myself, I can do five bandages in one second!"

"GG! You're starting now? Have you heard of Lingnan's medicine king?"

"Lingnan's medicine king? I'm NWChoppingKing! I'll be responsible for this task!"


Just like that, the players clamored in the public voice chat.



"Everyone, quiet Everyone, quiet!"

Out of the blue, someone blasted two shots with his S686. Initially, he wanted to imitate actors in movies who fired shots in the sky to silence everyone.

However, that player forgot the most important point.

The players around him were not like those unarmed commoners in movies.

"Da, da, da-!"

Hence, right after that player spoke, blood splattered out of his body!

In a trice, he was shot by two to three players who were around him!

'F*ck you for acting throughout the match!'

"F*ck! How dare you shoot my brother!" Once that player's teammate noticed what had happened, he pulled his AKM out to shoot at the players around him!

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

On the spur of the moment, as if a signal had been sent out, the fans began fighting among each other in Shelter!

Messed up... Messed up...

The whole place became chaotic.

Above Shelter, when Liu Zilang heard the ongoing gunshots below him, he shook his head.

"Tsk, tsk... They know nothing about modesty and friendship, this batch of fans really upsets me!"

Evidently, he was only blabbering.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaotong who was behind him suddenly asked, "That... that last spot... How many players can it fit?"

Liu Zilang shrugged. "Of course just one, or else why are they in such an intense fight now?"

As soon as he answered her, Zhang Xiaotong turned silent.

Just as Liu Zilang felt that she was being odd, he turned to look at her.

Next, he saw a black pan being wielded in his direction!


A loud and clear sound echoed.

Liu Zilang who was hit in the head collapsed to the ground right away.

"Xiaotong-chan knocked out Vic123 by headshot with Pan!"

While he was on the floor, he tried to look up at Zhang Xiaotong who was in front of him.

Instantly, Liu Zilang felt terrible! He wondered, 'Since when did the little girl learn how to do this?'

"F*ck! A sudden realization to kill her own brother, 666! Nice one, Xiaotong-chan!"

"Pfft, haha! I have a feeling that there's no turning back for Xiaotong-chan who's on a journey to become evil!"

"I'm not exaggerating at all! Xiaotong-chan's deadly hit with a pan is 80% of Vic's playstyle!"

"2333, I suddenly feel sorry for Vic, appeasement brings disaster!"

"He deserves it! He's the one who led Xiaotong-chan toward the evil path!"

In the game, Liu Zilang was at a loss for words as he looked at Zhang Xiaotong who was still holding her pan. Slowly, he crawled backward.

On the other hand, Zhang Xiaotong moved closer to him again.

Each time Liu Zilang moved backward, Zhang Xiaotong moved forward...

Seeing that the little girl was not going to let him go, Liu Zilang spoke as he trembled, "You... what are you trying to do? If you come closer to me again, I'm gonna shout! It's a crime to kill your own brother!"

Initially, Zhang Xiaotong only wanted to threaten Liu Zilang before reviving him but when she heard what he said, her face turned dark.

Upon seeing Zhang Xiaotong raise her pan up again, Liu Zilang finally gave in.

"I was wrong, I was wrong! Spare my life, hero! Oh, no! I meant, spare my life, heroine!"

Only when Zhang Xiaotong heard this did her mouth curl up into a smile.

All along, she had been suffering losses because of Liu Zilang such that she never gained anything from him.

This was the only time.

Since Liu Zilang had given in to her, she was satisfied, thus she said to him proudly, "Hmph! That's what you get for bullying me all the time. Quick, say it! Who will get the spot later?"

"You, you, you... it's all yours!" Liu Zilang answered without any hesitation.

"Mmm, that's more like it."

Even though Zhang Xiaotong kept a straight face, deep down, she was chuckling to herself.

Due to the fact that Liu Zilang admitted his mistakes seriously and stopped smiling mischievously, Zhang Xiaotong put her pan away and crouched to revive him.

A brief moment later, Liu Zilang was revived.

Just as Zhang Xiaotong was about to ask if he needed a medkit, Liu Zilang caught her off guard as he retrieved his pan.

With that, he raised it and swung down hard!


It was a familiar sound and a familiar feeling!

"Vic123 knocked out Xiaotong-chan by headshot with Pan!"