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530 Liu Zilang The Killing God!

 'In this game, many people have running over players with vehicles.

'But have you ever experienced the feeling of having a row of players in front of you that are there just to be run over and crushed by your vehicle?'

"Bam, bam, bam-!"

As the yellow car bulldozed its way out of the tunnel, it looked like a harvester in a wheat field. However, in this case, it sent players flying away.

'There's only one way to describe this feeling...

'F*cking amazing!'

Liu Zilang was certainly feeling awesome.

Earlier on, after talking to Zhang Xiaotong, he sneaked outside to drive the yellow car left by the 4 Emperors Squad into the Shelter.

Once the "extras" or rather his fans were in position, he started the yellow car.

Right away, both Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong put on a show of a crazy counterattack from inside out!

In actual fact, if their opponents had shot at them together, they could have possibly shot Liu Zilang down or blown up his car. However, since they were positioned one in front of another, the players who were at the back could not shoot at all.

On top of that, Liu Zilang's "anaconda strike" out of the Shelter happened very quickly and abruptly!

Before the players in front of the line were able to react, they were razed to the ground. In addition to that, some of them became stuck to the car's windows. They were perfect "human shields".

Under such circumstances, bullets that were forcefully shot out by a few fans were naturally blocked.

After Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong zoomed out of the Shelter in their yellow car, the long tunnel behind them became exceptionally quiet. With that being said, they vaguely heard rallying cries from the countless aggrieved souls!

At that moment, as Liu Zilang the culprit drove away, two dead bodies were seen stuck to the hood and window of the car.

The dead bodies were almost turning into sieves after being hit by players on "their side"...

Ten kills!

With that, Liu Zilang acquired ten more kills!

As a result, the number of players alive reduced from around thirty to twenty.

Seeing the kill notifications that kept appearing on the top right corner of their screens, the other players who were positioned at the other exits were left open-mouthed!

"Was that...Vic who was driving?"

"Are you f*cking kidding me?"

"That scene... I can't bear imagining it, that must've been so cruel!"

"Vic is indeed a cunning and evil player, he's a psychopath!"

"F*ck! Quick, chase after him, we must not let that brute escape!"

In a trice, the players who entered Shelter flooded out of the tunnel that Liu ZIlang had escaped from.

Right then, the rumbling sound of a vehicle was heard again.

Initially, the players thought that Liu Zilang was carrying out a "hit-and-run".

However, quickly after, everyone was struck dumb.

With flickering taillights, the yellow car was seen moving back into the tunnel at a high speed.

'F*ck... is he going to do it again!'

'He's a brute!'

All of a sudden, the players in the tunnel were furious!

This time, they did not back off.

As such, the players in front immediately crouched while the players behind held their guns up!

'I don't believe that we won't be able to kill you, ba*stard!'

"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!"

As a result of the intense firepower, a hail of bullets was seen raining in Liu Zilang's direction!

Nevertheless, Liu Zilang did not go head-on into them.

He moved the car diagonally backward and then parked it diagonally in Shelter before pulling the handbrake. Then, he switched to seat number 2 and jumped out of the car.


Upon seeing this, his fans were puzzled.

'What's he doing?'

Then, Liu Zilang walked a few steps up the stairs and laid prone on the ground before firing multiple shots with his M16!

Accompanied by a deafening explosion, he blew up the yellow car!

In the game, once a vehicle exploded, it would not budge anymore even if one were to bomb it with a frag grenade. Not to mention, a vehicle that was stuck in Shelter...

"Is he... trying to block us?"

"Hehe, that's interesting, doesn't he know that all four exits of the Shelter are connected?"

"Eh, wait! Do you guys think that he..."

"F*ck me... no way?"

All at once, the players wondered if Liu Zilang had blocked all the other exits too.

Sure enough, they guessed it right!

Just as Liu Zilang blocked that exit, Zhang Xiaotong split ways with him and went to block another exit.

It was worth noting that his fans were able to arrive so quickly to encircle him because they drove vehicles.

Consequently, the vehicles that were parked outside the exits became perfect "crime tools" for Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong.

Once Liu Zilang went out of the tunnel, he quickly drove a UAZ to the nearest exit on his left.

By using the same trick with a frag grenade and a bullet, he exploded the vehicle and blocked the exit successfully.

Then, he hopped onto a motorcycle, picked up Zhang Xiaotong along the way and then rushed to the last exit of the Shelter.

At that time, the players were almost going crazy from running around Shelter like headless chickens!

This was because once they arrived at the second exit, they saw Zhang Xiaotong leaving.

Following that, another explosion was heard from Liu Zilang's side.

Needless to say, they were only left with one way out!

"Quick, quick, quick! Stop Vic the brute!"

By putting in all of their effort, the players ran as hard as they could toward the last exit!

Soon enough, when the fastest player arrived at the exit and was greeted with light, he sighed a long breath of relief.

Feeling glad, he said to the others, "Phew! This... this one's not blocked yet!"

Right after he notified the others, his pupils shrunk and his eyes widened!

On the spur of the moment, dark shadows that appeared to be grey clouds covered the light that shone through the exit...

When the player ran to take a closer look, he saw Liu Zilang reversing a UAZ into the tunnel. Liu Zilang steered the vehicle with his left hand while placing his right hand on the back of the other chair to take a look behind. He seemed to be smiling at that player!

Instantly, that player felt chills from his ankle all the way up to the top of his skull!

'B*stard, I'm going all out!'

Immediately, that player took his gun out and fired crazily at Liu Zilang!

Even while being attacked, Liu Zilang simply repeated the steps earlier. He threw two frag grenades and then emptied half of his M16's magazine on the vehicle.

Afterward, he walked out without turning back...




Before long, three consecutive explosions filled the air!

Along with scorching heat waves, flames burst out from Shelter!

Evidently, the soft top UAZ exploded.

With that, all four exits of Shelter were sealed!

Unquestionably, almost all of the fans were in Shelter when everything happened.

Should the next safe zone refresh to another spot after this, the outcome would be clear...

This also meant that Liu Zilang had killed around thirty players in one go!

He was literally "PUBG's Bai Qi[1]"!


[1] Bai Qi is a tank hero in King of Glory)