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529 Deadly Thunderous Blade!

 In the beginning, Liu Zilang was quite reluctant to "collect welfare".

Despite that, Liu Zilang gave in to Zhang Xiaotong's urge. As such, he turned the motorcycle around and charged toward the four players.

Obviously, the players from the 4 Emperors Squad were not expecting Liu Zilang to confront them like that.

"What's going on? Did they notice us?"

"You don't say! Don't be afraid, he's by himself, Xiaotong-chan has no combat power!"

"That's right, kill him!"

All of a sudden, the few of them quickly held their guns up.

They began firing shots at the speeding motorcycle.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh-!"

Right away, Liu Zilang was taken aback. He gritted his teeth as he said, "F*k, it's a trap! These fans are full of schemes!"

"What do we do?"

Zhang Xiaotong who was in the back seat began to panic. "Then, then... let's escape!"

"Escape? That's not happening!"

Liu Zilang raised his brows. "Today, I'll let them have a real taste of cruelty!"

As soon as he said so, he turned the motorcycle around!

Accompanied by the deafening sound of screeching tires and a motor engine, their motorcycle formed a Z-shaped flash as it went at lightning speed toward the slope where the four players were at!

"Clink, clink-!"

Due to the bullets that hit the motorcycle, ear-piercing metal vibrations were heard!

Nonetheless, Liu Zilang was unbothered. His gaze was wholly fixed on the slope ahead of them.

Then, the motorcycle zoomed up the slope and flew into the air!

Looking at the four players, Liu Zilang smirked and then jumped off the motorcycle in mid-air!

"Da, da, da-!"

In a trice, he began shooting speedily, causing flames to burst out from the muzzle of his M16!

It looked as if someone had slashed the Moon in half with a gigantic blade of light which then crashed to the ground!

Deadly Thunderous Blade!

On the spur of the moment, blood splattered out of the two players who were directly below him. Subsequently, they collapsed to the ground.

Nevertheless, that was not the most terrifying part!

Instead, it was after those two players fell to the ground. Zhang Xiaotong who was on the motorcycle had steered it toward the other two players who were behind them!

Flying Dragon's Faceplant!

Being caught off guard, by the time the other two players wanted to dodge the motorcycle, the impact from the motorcycle sent them flying away!



When Huan Yu who had been knocked out by the motorcycle realized what had happened, he muttered, "He's not human, he's not human..."

Upon witnessing it, the other three players were speechless!

As a result of Liu Zilang's "Flying Kick + Flying Dragon's Faceplant" combo, the "4 Emperors Squad" who were feeling smug vanished into thin air...

A brief moment later, when the spectators from Liu Zilang's live streaming channel witnessed the intense play, they were dumbfounded as well!

"Ruthless Vic! How dare he do that to the emperors of the live streaming channel!"

"Four emperors, don't cry, get back up to fight!"

"Pfft, haha! The funniest one was Xiaotong-chan, she was thrown out by Vic just like that."

"Xiaotong-chan was thrown out helplessly!"

"2333, if Xiaotong-chan knows about this, she'll probably let Vic have a taste of her iron fist!"

Anyhow, in the game, Liu Zilang had led Zhang Xiaotong who was disgruntled into the Shelter.

Even though it was only the third circle, there were only around thirty players left on the battleground.

Based on the pace the game was going at, it was highly likely that there would only be a few players left in the final circle.


Once they were in Shelter, Zhang Xiaotong who was unhappy took a look at their surroundings and then commented, "Won't we get blocked if we stay here?"

Although Shelter that was next to Prison extended in all four directions, it was a place with only four exits.

A minute later, when their fans rushed over to the location, they could easily split into four teams to capture them.

It would be a much simpler process compared to when they were at Prison.

Upon hearing Zhang Xiaotong's question, Liu Zilang nodded and complimented her instead, "Not bad, you can now infer other things from one instance.


"But what?"

"Mmm, it's a secret, you'll find out later."


Liu Zilang was not keeping her on tenterhooks purposely.

He was merely taking precautions against the millions of "spies" in his live streaming channel.


'The millions of spies!'

Every time Liu Zilang thought about it, he wanted to weep!

'Why do the fans and spectators of other streamers want them to go on full-killing modes. Then, they'll flood their bullet screens with "666"...?

'Why are my fans so strange that they want to see me being hunted down and beaten up by other players?


'Is it because I turned on my camera and they're jealous that I'm handsome?

'It must be!'

The more Liu Zilang thought about it, the more convinced he became by his guess.

He began to put on an intellectual look.

Followed by that, he said with a sigh, "Indeed, jealousy can cause one to lose their nature."

When the spectators of his live streaming channel noticed him being gloomy out of the blue, they became confused...

'Since when was he so sentimental?'

Needless to say, should they have known about Liu Zilang's thoughts, they would spit at him right away!


A few moments after Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong had entered Shelter, the sound of vehicles was heard from outside.

Evidently, his persistent fans were there to try and kill him again!

In addition to that, it was just as Liu Zilang had predicted.

After a few failures, as compared to the previous encirclements, their "gang crime" appeared to be more professional and they had become more skilled.

As soon as the players outside left their vehicles, they split ways and blocked all four exits of Shelter.

"Everyone, be careful! Don't act recklessly!"

"That's right! Xiaotong-chan's S12K seems to be much more powerful than before!"

"If frag grenades are thrown, don't run away. There are plenty of people behind you, just charge!"

"Exactly, let's get Vic right here right now."

"For the pride of the two million fans in the live streaming channel! We must succeed this time!"

"Kill Vic! Capture Xiaotong-chan alive!"

As the players looked at the pitch-black entrances ahead of them, they began cheering for each other.

Then, in a spurt of energy, four groups of players entered Shelter one after another simultaneously from the four different entrances!

'Camping at the exits?'

'Throwing frag grenades at us?'


'Show us all your tricks!'

'Today, even if we have to give our lives up, we'll hold you down and beat you up!'

Just as countless players charged into the Shelter in high spirits, without warning, a familiar sound was heard!

"Vroom, vroom, vroom-!"

At once, everyone was stunned and then quickly realized what was going on!

'F*ck... it can't be!'

Quickly after, at one of the entrances of the Shelter, a yellow sedan car came into sight. It was speeding toward them!

'Oh my god!'

The second the first person saw the car, he was baffled!

Faced with the sudden situation, he somehow forgot what he was told earlier and naturally turned to run back to where he came from.

However, since everyone entered the place in a line, how could the people in front escape if the ones behind did not retreat along with him?

By the time the player decided to turn back around to fight, the yellow car was only inches away from him!