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527 It’s Getting Dark, Close Your Eyes!

 In such a crucial moment, Liu Zilang suddenly recalled the scene on the stairs!

'Oh right!'

All of a sudden, as if a bolt of lightning had flashed past his mind, he was struck with a bold idea!

He instructed Zhang Xiaotong, "Quick! Let's remove our clothes!"

"Ah?" Zhang Xiaotong was startled.

"What do you mean by 'ah'?" Liu Zilang continued, "Just remove your top!"

It was then when Zhang Xiaotong realized what he meant.

With a reddened face, she quickly removed the shirt of her character in the game.

By then, Liu Zilang was already shirtless.

The reason behind this was that Liu Zilang remembered that the players who had attacked them were all shirtless.

Earlier on, since they were being attacked continuously, he had no time to think about this.

However, since they had been pushed to a dead-end, Liu Zilang suddenly recalled it. He knew that their opponents did so to prevent injuring one another by accident.

Once he thought about it, he chuckled and then retrieved a smoke grenade.



Liu Zilang threw a total of three smoke grenades on the balcony, causing smoke to fill the area.

In the blink of an eye, it was as if clouds had enveloped the balcony.

When the players who were downstairs heard the hissing sound of smoke spreading into the air, they thought that Liu Zilang was trying to escape.

At once, their faces changed and they quickly dashed up the stairs.

"Where are they? Where are they?"

"F*ck! I can't see them!"

"Did Vic escape? This is infuriating!"

"Be careful! For all we know, he's hiding somewhere!"

On the spur of the moment, the players on the balcony became alert and began searching amidst the smoke.

In spite of that, even when the smoke dispersed, they could not find Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong.

One of them looked down from the perimeter wall on the balcony and noticed that one would not die from jumping down at such a height. Thus, he asked, "Do you think Vic and Xiaotong-chan jumped down?"

"It's possible." Another player nodded but was quickly disheartened. "But my teammate's down there, he told me that he didn't see anyone jump down."

At that moment, one observant player noticed two shirts on the floor.

In all honesty, under normal circumstances, nobody would have paid attention to the clothes on the floor. Even if someone did, one would likely think that they were merely spawned items.

However, being a fan of Liu Zilang's live streaming channel, they knew his playstyle too well. When they connected it to the inexplicable smoke that had appeared...

Soon enough, someone made a guess. "Hey... do you guys think that Vic and Xiaotong-chan removed their shirts and are mingling with us?"

"F*ck, that sounds possible!"

"That must be it! If they did jump off the building, it's impossible that our brothers down there didn't see them."

The more the fans thought that it was a reasonable guess, they confirmed it.

With that being said, when they looked at one another, they could not help but feel frustrated.

'What the h*ll do we do now? It's getting dark, close your eyes?[1]'

'The problem is, how are we going to find the two "werewolves" hiding among us?'

One thing to note was that the fanbase skirmish match was a duo game, hence not all of them were in the same squad. In fact, none of them knew each other such that they only gathered together because of the slogan, "Kill Vic, capture Xiaotong-chan alive".

All of them looked at one another.

As long as the other person was not their teammate, it was possible that the person was Liu Zilang.

Furthermore, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel and the fans in the game had a one-minute gap. Hence, nobody could help them.

This was because even if Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were in a certain spot a minute ago, they could be in another spot a minute later.

At the same time, Zhang Xiaotong was scared witless as she looked around her. She asked Liu Zilang softly, "They... didn't notice us, right?"

"You don't have to speak so softly, we're chatting in YY." Liu Zilang smiled and shook his head.

"Oh, oh!" Zhang Xiaotong blushed.

Hence, she became more relaxed and continued to ask, "What do we do now?"

Liu Zilang pondered for a while and then answered, "We have to make a move or they'll notice us sooner or later."

Though they were all shirtless, they had different guns. It was only temporary that his fans were flustered because nobody was taking the lead.

Once they had settled down and made adjustments, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong would be exposed.

Instantly, Liu Zilang retrieved a stun grenade and then said to Zhang Xiaotong, "Do you have anymore stun grenades?"

"Mmm, I have one more with me." Zhang Xiaotong responded.

"Get it." Liu Zilang smirked. "Wait for my count and we'll throw them together."

"Throw them where?" Zhang Xiaotong was confused.

"Toward the sky." Without any hesitation, Liu Zilang began counting, "Get ready, one, two, three...

"Throw it!"

Right after Liu Zilang shouted, both of them threw their stun grenades into the air.

It was also at that time when Liu Zilang yelled in the public voice chat in a high pitch, "Everyone, look! There's an airplane!"

As soon as the others heard him, they looked into the sky subconsciously.

It was not that they had really believed it, after all, they did not hear the rumbling sound of an airplane.

Most of them only felt that the voice sounded odd and even familiar, therefore they looked out of curiosity.

Then... the sky turned white!

Not only that but they also heard a buzzing sound...

Even until then, the other players on the balcony were puzzled.

"F*ck! That was Vic just now!"

"F*ck! We were tricked by that brute again!"

"Can anyone see? Quick, quick! Don't let him run away."

Of course, not everyone on the balcony was blinded.

At once, someone spotted Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong who were running toward the stairs.

"Da, da, da-!"

A few of them began shooting at them.

Nonetheless, since Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were near the stairs, they only need to reveal themselves a bit before they disappeared from the corner of the stairs.

"Chase, chase, chase!"

"Brothers, do any of you have teammates downstairs? Quickly notify them to block them!"


Without warning, the sound of a frag grenade thrown to the ground was heard.

As a result, the players on the balcony who were about to run down immediately halted.

Since they did not see where the frag grenade had been thrown to, they dared not rush downstairs. They feared that they would be bombed.

Hence, they could only place their hopes on the players who were on guard downstairs. They could only wait for the frag grenade to explode before they could chase after them again.

As for Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong, they began looting the crates on the floor while they ran along the stairs.

After all, if they were fated to die, they did not want to be hungry ghosts.


[1] A killing game, also known as Mafia or Werewolf