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526 The Best Pig-like Ally!

 It was a well-known fact that an S12K attached with an extended magazine could be fired 8 times continuously.

Hence, if one were to face the gun, it would be a nightmare.

When the players who were at the stairs heard Liu Zilang reloading his gun, they became extremely thrilled!

"Vic is out of bullets! Let's go!"

All of a sudden, the players on the stairs rushed up with their guns.

However, once the first person turned around the corner, he was stunned!

He saw a player pointing a big black gun at his head.

'Is this... Xiaotong-chan?'

"Bam, bam, bam-!"

Before they could react to the situation, intense muzzle flashes were seen from her gun!

In the blink of an eye, gunshots showered them like rain!

However, even though the S12K was a powerful gun, it was not easy to maneuver it as it was too shaky.

Nonetheless, both parties were on the stairway.

Zhang Xiaotong followed Liu Zilang's instruction whereby she spammed her left mouse button with her eyes closed.

At last, by the time she finished emptying her gun's magazine, the player who had dashed upstairs had collapsed and rolled down the stairs...

Evidently, the S12K was a terrifying gun!

In all honesty, Zhang Xiaotong was surprised by what she had achieved. Thus, she muttered softly, "Am I actually good at this game?"

Liu Zilang's mouth twitched when he heard her!

Right then, he finished reloading his Tommy Gun and killed another player who had charged in trying to kill them.

He then shouted at Zhang Xiaotong, "Stop dreaming, quickly reload your gun!"

"Oh, oh!" Zhang Xiaotong responded.

Subsequently, the two of them took turns to kill the players.

One was fast, accurate and ruthless, while the other one was simple yet violent?

After tagging with each other for a few times, the two of them managed to guard the staircase so well that nobody was able to breakthrough.

With that, Liu Zilang's kill count reached a fearsome 21 kills and Zhang Xiaotong had 10 kills herself.

The little girl was exhilarated!

It was as if she had unleashed the little demon inside of her.

In the past, she was unable to acquire the same amount of kills in a week.

Soon enough, before Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were going to run out of bullets, the fans who were attacking the building were unable to hold their ground any longer.

Initially, they thought that since they outnumbered Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong, they could finish them off by employing a "human wave attack".

In the end, they overlooked the fact that Liu Zilang had a Tommy Gun which was a "magical defense weapon" and that Zhang Xiaotong had an S12K. They could not deal any damage to the two of them!

'That's it!'

'The problem lies in Zhang Xiaotong's S12K!'

In an instant, the other fans who were downstairs realized the problem.

It turned out that everyone had neglected her effective fighting capability and had been thrown off guard.

Once they realized this, they came up with a plan.

'That's right, it's time to use the stratagem of sowing discord between them!'

They stopped attacking them and tried their luck through the public voice chat. "Xiaotong-chan, are you there? Xiaotong-chan, are you there? Calling for Xiaotong-chan!"

"What is it?"

After a while, Zhang Xiaotong's voice was heard.

"We'll only kill Vic, we won't shoot you!"

"Really?" Zhang Xiaotong could not help but ask.

Liu Zilang's heart sank and cursed his fans for being so shameless!

Right then, one of them shouted their slogan, "Yes, yes! Kill Vic, capture Xiaotong-chan alive!"

As soon as Zhang Xiaotong heard him, her face turned dark. Then, she lifted her S12K up to her chin and uttered proudly, "Hmph! I won't let you capture me alive!"

The crowd downstairs was speechless.

At first, Liu Zilang pointed his gun at Zhang Xiaotong's head just in case, but when he heard her reply to them, he lowered his gun soundlessly.

Liu Zilang was extremely glad that their opponents had a pig-like ally!

Concurrently, the person who was in charge of persuading Zhang Xiaotong turned to ask, "Who shouted the slogan just now?"

"It was me?" A black player with an afro and a shotgun was confused. "What's wrong?"

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

He was greeted with the intense gunshots of an AK!

Almost in the blink of an eye, that player was knocked out.

Nevertheless, he did not turn into a crate. Instead, he crawled on all fours with a baffled look on his face.

When he finally realized what had happened to him, he was furious!

He questioned the player who shot him, "F*ck! Why did you shoot me?"

Following that, he instructed his teammate, "DollNo2! Quick, kill him!"

Upon hearing him, the player DollNo2 walked up to him expressionlessly and then fired multiple shots at him...

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

As gunshots were heard, the black player who was knocked out turned into a crate!

"Hahaha! The fact that it came from his teammate is cracking me up!"

"2333, this is too damn realistic! He's a great Hua Xia teammate!"

The moment Liu Zilang heard their conversation and the gunshots, he was at a loss for words...

'They're too damn ruthless!

'I wonder who they learned that from."


Since their plan had failed, the fans could only attack them again.

With that being said, this time, they did not charge up like they had earlier. This was mainly because most of them had been killed.

Hence, since they were unable to carry out another "human wave attack", they needed to outsmart Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong!


A frag grenade was thrown upstairs. It hit the wall of the stairway and then rebounded upward.

Despite that, it did not get up to the second floor, such that it exploded on the stairs.

"A frag grenade? That's all?"

Liu Zilang sneered and then ridiculed them. "This is the worst batch of fans I've had."

Right after he expressed his thoughts, there was an endless chain of "clinks" at the stairs!

It turned out that the previous frag grenade was just a test and this time it was the real deal.

'F*ck me!'

Liu Zilang's face changed right away and he quickly called out, "Quick, run! Let's retreat upstairs!"

"Mmm!" Zhang Xiaotong noticed the danger that they were facing as well.

Thus, the two of them quickly ran upstairs.

After running a few steps away, explosions were seen behind them!


When Liu Zilang turned to take a look, he gasped.

Evidently, if Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong had stayed where they were, they would have died.

On the other hand, when the fans downstairs found the method effective, they found an entry point.

By repeating the trick, they successfully pushed Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong from the second floor to the third floor, and from the third floor to the fourth floor... At last, they were on the balcony.

However, the players eventually ran out of frag grenades. Hence, they began throwing stun grenades and Molotov cocktails.

According to the pace they were going at, it was only a matter of time before they made their way up to where Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were.

Due to the battle before this, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong had very little ammo left.

'Are we really going to be killed by those evil, cunning fans?'