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525 Prison’s Meat Grinder!

 Upon hearing the vehicles that were approaching them, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong were shocked!

Before long, a group of people formed a circle on the cliff of the horseshoe mountain, giving off a sense of pressure. In addition. Players even yelled through the public voice chat, "The ones who are inside, listen up, you've been surrounded!"

"That's right! Put your weapons down now, surrender with Xiaotong-Chan, and we'll consider giving you preferential treatment!"

"If we kill you, we'll hold an elaborate funeral for you!"

"F*ck! Are you dumb? Don't say that out loud!"

"Oh, oh! Yes, yes, yes!"

Liu Zilang had entered the office building in Prison when he heard the comments from those players, and he was speechless.

'These fans are crossing the line!'

In actual fact, if Liu Zilang were to recollect his memories, he would realize that the same trick had been used by Li Muqiu and himself in the past. Now, his fans were using it against him.

It was perfect proof that "Heaven never spared anyone"!

Seeing as there were 68 players alive, Liu Zilang wondered, 'Don't f*cking tell me that they're all here, are they?'

Right then, Zhang Xiaotong who was crouching beside Liu Zilang whispered to him, "Do they mean that... they won't kill me?"

"Maybe." Liu Zilang nodded his head casually.

Soon enough, he realized what she truly meant and asked dubiously, "Are you... thinking of betraying me?"

"I'm not! Nonsense! Why would I!"

Zhang Xiaotong panicked as she denied his suspicion, to which Liu Zilang became even more doubtful.

He shifted backward soundlessly while keeping an eye on Zhang Xiaotong.

'I must protect myself in case this girl suddenly betrays me at the crucial moment and presents me as a gift to my fans.'


All of a sudden, a loud explosion was heard outside!

Some of them were throwing frag grenades.

It was worth noting that when the players on the horseshoe mountain threw a substantial amount of frag grenades toward Prison, its effect was not at all inferior to a red zone!

Then, the rumbling sounds of vehicles was heard from the cliff once more!

Not long after, the vehicles drew closer to them and breached Prison.

It seemed like the squads had "issued an ultimatum" but realized that Liu Zilang was not going to respond to them. Hence, they gave up on having peace talks and began attacking!

In the office building in the middle of Prison, Liu Zilang hid by a window.

As he looked at the "zombies" that surrounded them, he felt hopeless.

If they were elsewhere, he could probably escape with Zhang Xiaotong.

Sadly, they were in Prison where the horseshoe mountain was. Hence, they were enveloped by mountains and cliffs!

Should those players attack them through the front door, killing them would be as simple as capturing a turtle in a jar.

When Liu Zilang thought about this, he regretted his choice.

He did not expect to be trapped in Prison just because he showed off his riding skills at the horseshoe mountain...

"Ahhh! Why are there so many people?" Zhang Xiaotong was horrified.

Although she had been once sniped by a fan, it was her first time in a fanbase skirmish match. Therefore, she was appalled when she saw the crowd of players approaching them...

"Don't panic, don't panic!" Liu Zilang quickly comforted her. "As the saying goes, everyone is born to be good at... Ah, pfft! When there's a will, there's a way."

As he said so, he kept looking around himself. Right away, he made a decision.

"Let's go! We'll go up the stairs and wait for them there."

"Mmm!" Zhang Xiaotong nodded in agreement.

Even though the fans expressed that they would not harm her, bullets and frag grenades were dead items.

For all she knew, she could be hit!

Initially, Liu Zilang intended to camp at the corner of the stairs to form the first line of defense whereby he could retreat backward in times of need.

However, once they were on the stairs, he considered the fact that their opponents might not attack them right away and might throw frag grenades up the stairs...

Should that happen, they would end up in a passive position.

At once, Liu Zilang instructed, "Let's go further up, we'll camp at the stairs of the second floor!"

Right after, the two of them made their way up.

Subsequently, they heard footsteps that came from below them.

It was just as expected.

When the group of players entered the building, they spread out to search every room on the first floor.

Then, instead of rushing upstairs, they began throwing frag grenades up the stairs.



Accompanied by thundering explosions, the first staircase was filled with smoke and flames. It resulted in a frightening death zone.

Liu Zilang was glad that he had made the right choice.

If he had stuck to his initial plan, both of them would have been dead by then.

"Thud, thud, thud!"

Quickly after, rapid footsteps were heard on the stairs. Evidently, their opponents decided to make their way up after checking the stairs.

"Get ready to throw your grenade!"

Liu Zilang reminded Zhang Xiaotong.

At the same time, he held his Tommy Gun up!

Before the echo of his voice could dissipate, two shirtless players appeared at the corner of the stairs one after the other.

Liu Zilang swiftly pulled the trigger of his gun and fired multiple shots at them!

"Da, da, da-!"

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

In a trice, an aura of death flooded the narrow stairway.

At a moment like that, the deadly shooting speed of the Tommy Gun was displayed.

Although the gun was generally disapproved by many because of its instability, since it was fully attached and since Liu Zilang was outstanding in controlling it, the two players who charged upstairs were taken out.


While that happened, the frag grenade thrown by Zhang Xiaotong exploded as well!

Flames ignited in the air!

Instantly, a few kill notifications appeared on the screen.

Clearly, there were quite a number of players on the stairs. It sent chills down their spines.

It also showed that their opponents were in an advantageous position as they were higher in numbers.

"They're upstairs!"

"What are we waiting for? Go, go, go!"

"Kill Vic, capture Xiaotong-chan alive!"

Not only did the death of the other players not scare them but they became even more dauntless.

It was a typical "human wave attack"!

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

Even with an extended magazine on Liu Zilang's Tommy Gun, 50 bullets were not sufficient.

In the blink of an eye, he was out of bullets.

With that being said, correspondingly, dead bodies and crates were scattered on the stairs.

At that instant, Liu Zilang missed having an M249!

"Stop throwing grenades, I'm going to reload my gun, cover me!"

Liu Zilang said to Zhang Xiaotong.

Upon hearing him, Zhang Xiaotong was rather afraid. "Ah? I... I can't kill them!"

"It's alright, it's alright! Just hold your S12K, close your eyes and shoot at them!"