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524 Speed Like A Youngster!

 Unknowingly, the distance between the three motorcycles became shorter.

At the same time, the cliff of the horseshoe mountain was almost within Liu Zilang's reach!

Nonetheless, the spectators were on edge because despite the circumstances, Liu Zilang sped up and bolted straight toward the cliff.

Terrified, Zhang Xiaotong who was behind him quickly yelled, "It's a cliff! We're going to fall!"

Upon hearing Zhang Xiaotong, Liu Zilang did not flinch at all. Then, he suddenly taunted the other players in the public voice chat. "If you're a man, follow me!"

Initially, the players on the motorcycle behind him were worried if they would accidentally fall off the cliff. However, Liu Zilang had ridiculed them through the voice chat!

How could they have let him be!

However, at the next instant, the players on the two motorcycles were left open-mouthed!

This was because they witnessed Liu Zilang charge toward the cliff of the mountain!

"F*ck... aren't they going to fall?"

"How about we just let him go?"

"Let go your *ss! Many people are watching, we can't let him be cocky anymore and we can't embarrass the other fans!"

"Okay! Let's follow him then!"

Without any delay, the players who had been chasing Liu Zilang made their decision.



As the players on the two motorcycles followed Liu Zilang's footsteps, they zoomed up the cliff one after another!

Concurrently, Liu Zilang drew support from a rocky slope by the cliff to boost his motorcycle up into the sky. He and Zhang Xiaotong flew out of the cliff!

The two of them flew so high that they were thirty to forty meters away from the ground.

With this, Zhang Xiaotong felt that her heart had been lifted up to her throat as they rose into the air. She asked as she trembled, "We... we're not going to fall, right?"

"We will!" Liu Zilang answered without hesitation.

"Ah?" Zhang Xiaotong was in a daze.

"But unfortunately, I'm here."

Liu Zilang raised his brows and then uttered without rhyme or reason, "Remember, I'm the one who has given you life. In the future, you must stand on the same side with me at home, okay?"

"Stand on the same side?" Zhang Xiaotong was startled.

Since her heart was hanging, she was clueless about what Liu Zilang meant.

Soon enough, the sky was spinning around her...

It turned out that when Liu Zilang reached the highest point, he flipped their motorcycle 360 degrees forward!

When the players on the two motorcycles behind them saw this, they were taken aback!

"F*ck, he's actually showing off now?"

"Wait! It might be a life-saving skill!"

"Let's flip too! Quick!"

Subsequently, the players behind began flipping their motorcycles as well.

If there was a God perspective to capture the scene, it would certainly look like a high altitude extreme performance arranged by a motorcycle acrobatic troupe!

Then, Liu Zilang made a slight adjustment to their motorcycle that was falling fast and regained balance.

Eventually, he landed with his motorcycle on the top of Prison's office building and then bounced down to its perimeter wall.

As if on a tightrope, he sped along the perimeter wall and hurdled off the building abruptly. They ended on the rooftop of the closest warehouse on their left.


Liu Zilang steered the motorcycle sideways, causing its tires to screech against the rooftop.

Unbelievably, they stopped.


Liu Zilang snapped his fingers and then said smilingly, "What do you think about my riding skills?"

He was greeted with silence...

"Hey, hey! I put in a lot of effort, can't you praise me?"

Liu Zilang pouted his lips as he got off the motorcycle. As he looked at Zhang Xiaotong who was still sitting in the backseat of the motorcycle with an overwhelmed look on her face, he asked, "Were you... frightened?"

It was then when Zhang Xiaotong regained consciousness.

After realizing that she had been lost for a moment, she was both embarrassed and furious. "You... you lied to me again!"

"I didn't lie to you." Liu Zilang shrugged.


Without warning, Zhang Xiaotong who was about to speak stopped when an intense explosion was heard behind the office building!

In the blink of an eye, two kill notifications appeared.

"HitTheCryingThePig accidentally killed himself with vehicle explosion!"

"FlirtingMaster accidentally killed himself with vehicle explosion!"

Zhang Xiaotong was struck dumb when she saw the kill notifications.

'What's going on?'

Then, another crashing sound was heard, followed by two kill notifications.

"LetTheCatGo was ran over by vehicle!"

"MonsterFighter was ran over by vehicle!"

With this, Zhang Xiaotong was absolutely baffled!

On the other hand, Liu Zilang only shrugged as he commented, "See? I didn't lie to you, one will die from falling off the cliff."

If the unfortunate players knew that Liu Zilang actually used them as "proof of death", they would be so furious that they would have vomited blood!

A brief moment later...

When the spectators in his live streaming channel saw it, they were also astounded by Liu Zilang's absurd riding skills!

"Wuuu! I feel so sorry for those fans! They were tricked by Vic again."

"I don't think there's a need to feel sorry for them. Knowing that they were incompetent, they still insisted on following Vic. Were they hoping to die faster?"

"It's alright if they died but Vic can loot their stuff now! It'll be trouble for the other players who are hunting them down."

"I suspect that there's a traitor among us! Do you guys think that those players did it on purpose?"

"I agree! I'm not ruling out that possibility!"

"Of course, it's very likely that they were simply just tricked by Vic. Didn't you guys see his front flip earlier? It was obviously a trap..."

On the spur of the moment, there was a wide spectrum of opinions on the bullet screen, such that some of them even suspected that there was a traitor among them.

Anyhow, in the game, Liu Zilang began looting the four crates together with Zhang Xiaotong.

With that being said, even after looting the four crates, the two of them were stunned!

This was because they realized that those four players were more poorly equipped than they were.

One of them did not even have a helmet on whereby that player only had a P92 on him.

'Are they idiots?

'How dare they chase after us!'

Liu Zilang was irritated.

Earlier on, he saw a lot of players behind them but only two motorcycles had chased after them.

Since he was unable to get a good look at those players, he thought that it was two squads full of strong players. Hence, he went through the trouble to put on a show.

Now that he realized that those players were totally insignificant... he regretted not stopping to beat them up!

While the two of them were feeling dispirited, the thunderous sound of vehicles filled the air.

It sounded as if... fans from all over the map had gathered.