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523 Slash Me If You’re A Man!

 When Liu Zilang who had been silent throughout the journey yelled frantically, Zhang Xiaotong was frightened. She immediately asked, "What? What do you mean?"

Liu Zilang answered quickly, "Someone set an ambush. Quick, change directions!"


Upon hearing him, Zhang Xiaotong was so frightened that she hit the brake and drove toward the seaside instead.

The players from a few squads who had waited in ambush for a long time were terribly mad when they saw that their prey was getting away!

"F*ck! Who did he see just now?"

"I don't know, Vic has such good eyesight."

"What do we do now?"

"Whatever! Let's just shoot him!"

Right after the instruction was given, gunshots were heard coming from the housing area!

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh-!"

In a trice, numerous bullets poured down on the UAZ that was heading to the seaside, causing sparks to ignite.

Thankfully, Liu Zilang was able to alert Zhang Xiaotong in time for her to turn the vehicle around.

Or else, should they have been attacked by those players there, their UAZ would have most probably exploded as a result of their shots even if they were not knocked out from their vehicle.


At the seaside, Zhang Xiaotong sighed a breath of long relief when the gunshots began to sound weaker than before.

Nonetheless, the East Bridge was probably blocked by a great number of players. Zhang Xiaotong glanced at the map and asked as she was worried, "Are we going to look for a boat or are we going over to the West Bridge?"

Liu Zilang thought about it seriously before he replied, "Let's just look for a boat, the other players are probably watching my live stream now. Hence, there'll be players waiting for us on the West Bridge."

At that moment, Zhang Xiaotong who had just escaped death trusted Liu Zilang without a doubt.

She immediately nodded in agreement and then began looking for a boat along the coastline.

In the end, they located a boat near Ferry Pier which seemed like a safe choice.

Followed by that, they set out to the ocean and made their way to the mainland that was northward from their location.

After witnessing Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong being hunted down and being forced to flee, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel hooted with laughter.

"666, the fans are finally putting more effort into this!"

"Haha, I never expected Vic to end up in such a sorry state!"

"I've confirmed it! This is the great escape of PUBG that I've played!"

"23333, those who watch Vic's live stream must be having illusions - Are we playing the same game?"

Evidently, as compared to Liu Zilang's ridiculous moves and playstyle in the past that made everyone question their lives, unquestionably, the match at hand was a "friendlier" one...

Once they crossed the ocean, Liu Zilang stopped at a building near the bridgehead of the East Bridge.

Clearly, the place had not been looted, thus the two of them decided to settle down.

After all, the two of them were only equipped with one weapon each, let alone other medical resources.

Under such circumstances, should they be encircled once again, they might not have the same luck as before.

After they disembarked, Liu Zilang kept reminding Zhang Xiaotong, "We'll need to loot faster and we can't stay there for long. Those players will catch up to us soon."

"Mmm." Zhang Xiaotong nodded seriously and then began searching the area.

Every cloud had a silver lining and Heaven never disappointed those who tried.

A quick loot later, the two of them ended up with quite a number of medical resources which allowed them to restore their health.

With that being said, it was quite a pity that there were no weapons in the area. Zhang Xiaotong only found an S12K while Liu Zilang only picked up a Tommy Gun.

Nevertheless, Zhang Xiaotong did pick up quite a lot of "scrap" along the way.

After putting together what they had, Liu Zilang's Tommy Gun was fully attached such that it even had a suppressor.

Hence, he just went with the gun.

After they were done looting, they continued running toward the north. Even though they were at the border of the safe zone, the place was not safe at all for them.

Perhaps, in other words, none of the spots in that match were safe for them.

This was because as long as they stayed for more than a minute in one location, fans would flood from all directions. For all they knew, those players would set up a "man-made red zone" for them.

Soon enough, Liu Zilang's guess was proven right.

The moment they ran toward the north, they saw a motorcycle on the road. Then, before long, they heard the sound of another vehicle.

Evidently, the persistent players had caught up to them!

"Get in!"

"Oh, oh!"

Zhang Xiaotong hopped onto the motorcycle right away but sat on the rider's seat. Liu Zilang's eyes twitched when he saw this and said to her, "Switch seats, I'll ride it!"

After all, motorcycles were different from UAZs.

As bad as one could get, one would either crash a UAZ into a tree or overturn it.

On the other hand, one would die from the inability to maneuver a motorcycle.

When Liu Zilang recalled the incident where Zhang Xiaotong laughed about flying over his head with a motorcycle and yet ended up killing him with its tires, he panicked.

Luckily, Zhang Xiaotong knew her limits. The second she heard Liu Zilang, though she scoffed out of dissatisfaction, she shifted to the passenger seat.

Once Liu Zilang got on the motorcycle, she put her arms around his waist.

At that time, the players in the game were dumbfounded when they saw Liu Zilang riding the motorcycle!

It was worth noting that the two-wheeled motorcycle and the three-wheeled motorcycle were two vehicles on extreme ends for Liu Zilang.

If the three-wheeled motorcycle was a "fatal hit" for Liu Zilang, the two-wheeled motorcycle was a qualitative leap for him!

The moment he got on the motorcycle, he sped up!

Accompanied by a deafening screech, he zoomed off toward the north.

Although his fans who had just arrived were quite fearful of his monstrous riding skill, they still chased after him as he had "kidnapped" Zhang Xiaotong.

Right then, the first blue circle had shrunk completely.

With that, the second safe zone refreshed to the horseshoe mountain at Prison.

"F*ck! Vic smirked just now, didn't he? He definitely smirked, right?"

"Meow, meow, meow? Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

Based on Liu Zilang's riding skill, as long as he looked for bizarre terrain, it was expected that he would get further away from his opponents.

Instead, the distance between him and his opponents eventually became closer.

In the blink of an eye, three motorcycles went past Woodcutter Camp in a row and arrived at the horseshoe mountain at Prison.

Looking at the cliff ahead of them, the smile on Liu Zilang's face became clearer...

'It's time to show my real skills!'