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522 Sibling Love At Sosnovka Military Base!

 Initially, the crowd hoped that Liu Zilang could be imprisoned on Duga, such that capturing him would be as easy as catching a turtle in a jar.

However, he employed an unusual measure by jumping down from the top of it.

Upon seeing his motion of "a horse riding a swallow" where he stepped on Zhang Xiaotong's head, the players who had been eyeing Duga were extremely stupefied!

"F*ck me... he actually did that?"

"How dare he use Xiaotong-chan as a springboard? He's worse than a beast!"

Right then, someone was seen hurrying over toward a UAZ located outside of Sosnovka Military Base.

The other players were startled when they noticed this.

Next, smoke was seen spreading around the UAZ!

"Sh*t, that brute is running away!"

"No way? Didn't he say that he was going to beat us up? Is he afraid now?"

"B*stard, don't you run away!"

"It's okay if you run away but leave us Xiaotong-chan!"

Seeing how Liu Zilang was about to slip away, the players surrounding Duga could not wait any longer, thus they began chasing after him.

"Ah! They're coming!" Zhang Xiaotong turned to look and was rather worried.

Liu Zilang comforted her. "Don't panic! Don't look back, just get to the car."

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh-!"

A hail of bullets poured down on them!

As Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong ran side by side under the downpour of bullets, the scene was similar to when Leon from The Professional escaped together with Matilda from being killed!

Previously, Liu Zilang passed his M4 to Zhang Xiaotong after he jumped down from Duga. Nevertheless, he had healed himself with the remaining bandages he had since he had been hit when he sniped at the other players.

Therefore, while Zhang Xiaotong was left with half of her original health, Liu Zilang's was higher than hers.

For that reason, when the two of them dashed toward the UAZ, he made sure that he was always behind Zhang Xiaotong to protect her.

In the beginning, Zhang Xiaotong was scared when she heard gunshots coming from behind her as she was aware that she was only left with half of her original health.

Nonetheless, halfway through, she realized that she was not being hit at all.

Feeling that it was odd, she turned to look and noticed Liu Zilang's health who was suddenly lower than hers.

After being stunned for a while, she quickly realized what happened.

Although they were only characters in a game, she somehow felt that she was being protected.

Just as she thought so, without warning, Liu Zilang shouted, "Quick, quick! It's your turn now! Shield me!"

As he uttered those words, he began running past Zhang Xiaotong as fast as he could.


The instant Zhang Xiaotong heard Liu Zilang, her face turned dark!

Through the corner of her eyes, when she saw that Liu Zilang was about to overtake her, she quickened her pace and bolted forward!

In the blink of an eye, the warmth that initially filled the air vanished!

The two of them began overtaking each other and they appeared to be dogs without their leashes...

"Pfft, haha! Take a look at this plastic sibling love."

"6666, this is the depiction of their relationship!"

"F*ck! I was almost touched by their relationship! Return me my money!"

Fortunately, it was not a long run for them so they managed to get into the smoke after a while.

Everything went just as planned, by which Zhang Xiaotong hopped on the driver's seat and stepped on the accelerator at once.

"Vroom, vroom, vroom-!"

The UAZ's engine began to rumble!

Then, they stormed out of the smoke and headed toward the East Bridge of Sosnovka Military Base.

"Clink, clank-!"

Evidently, the players in Sosnovka Military Base were not going to let them leave that easily.

Upon seeing them, Liu Zilang was frustrated because he was not going to survive for long.

Should their vehicle get hit, their time in the match would end just like that.

After he thought about it, he decided to peek out the window of the UAZ with his 98K.

The instant Liu Zilang scoped in, the crosshair of his 8x scope wavered crazily since they were driving across a bumpy hill!

He held his breath for a moment and then shifted the crosshair!


A gunshot was heard as he shot a sniper bullet!

The instant the players in Sosnovka Military Base heard the gunshot, they were so appalled that they jerked back.

'What a joke!

'It's Liu Zilang, one of 'Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods' that we're dealing with.

'Who dares look down on him?

'Besides, we've seen all sorts of the outrageous tactics that he has used against his opponent's. We know how terrifying he is when he uses the 98K!'

Once the gunshot was heard, a player on the roof of C Building No. 2 who was engrossed in shooting at Liu Zilang lost a substantial amount of health. Before that, a "pccht" sound was heard coming from his body.

When that player looked down, he realized that his crotch was soaked red!

Instantly, he quivered as he subconsciously imagined if it were to happen in real life... he became awfully scared!

'F*ck me...

'That guy's a total brute!'

Soon, the UAZ went past the hill.

After missing the shot, Liu Zilang shook his head as he had aimed for that player's head but he hit his crotch...

Anyhow, Liu Zilang intended to put on a pompous but empty show. Since they were past the hill and out of their opponents' sight, he was quite satisfied with his shot.

"Where are we going next?" Zhang Xiaotong asked while paying full attention to the road as if she was worried that she would crash into a tree.

Subsequently, Liu Zilang looked at the safe zone which had refreshed.

That time, the circle was in favor of most of the players on the battleground whereby it refreshed to where Prison and Shelter were at. As such, it was within the flight route of the match.

Apart from players who planned to play passively by going toward Georgopol or other locations on the left side of the map, most of them basically went searching for Liu Zilang with their "watermelon knives" as soon as they landed.

Given the situation, the safe zone was truly in favor of most of the players.

One only needed to run for a short distance before one entered the circle.

Since it had refreshed to the mainland in the north, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong needed to cross the bridge.

Liu Zilang pondered for a while and then suggested to Zhang Xiaotong, "Let's loot some stuff at the housing area near the bridgehead and then wait for the other players."

Although Zhang Xiaotong did not express it to Liu Zilang, she was quite convinced of his choice.

Furthermore, she had been shot by the players in Sosnovka Military Base as if she was a bird and had been holding a grudge toward them!

Since there was a chance for her to take revenge, she was not going to let it go.

However, the two of them never expected that Liu Zilang's fans would be literally everywhere on the island!

After knowing that the two of them had landed in Sosnovka Military Base, players who had landed in the mainland in the north quickly drove toward them.

Some of them even picked up players from other squads instead of knocking them out. It was such a "warm" scene.

Once Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong arrived at the East Bridge, they decided not to wait at the bridgehead. They crossed the bridge immediately and stopped at the housing area at the crossroad.

On the UAZ, Liu Zilang knew that something was off.

Soon enough, he noticed a green helmet behind a short wall at the balcony of a three-story building.

In a trice, Liu Zilang's face changed and he quickly alerted Zhang Xiaotong, "We... we can't go there, there's..."