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521 Gently Touched By A God, Like A Horse Riding A Swallow!

 "My roommate is watching Vic's live stream! He just sent me a message saying that Xiaotong-chan has been gliding in the air to report to Vic!"

"Ah! So it's Xiaotong-chan!"

"This is so infuriating!"

"Don't shoot, all of you, don't shoot! We need Xiaotong-chan alive!"

Nonetheless, not all the players heard them.

The players who were at K Building dared not peek anymore after being shot at by Liu Zilang. As soon as they noticed that someone was gliding in the air, they got mad!

'I'm struggling to kill that rascal!

'Now you're being an eyesore by flying in front of us, aren't you just courting death?'

Right away, the players who were at K Building looked for windows to shoot Zhang Xiaotong.

"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!"

In a trice, numerous bullets struck Zhang Xiaotong!

"Ahhh! Someone is shooting me!"

Zhang Xiaotong who was in the air began bleeding and was so frightened that she began shrieking.

With that being said, since those players were afraid of Liu Zilang who was on Duga, they could only sneak a few shots from behind their cover. This resulted in inaccurate shots.

Most of the shots had not been aimed in advance such that they mostly hit Zhang Xiaotong's parachute instead.

Fortunately, parachutes could not be damaged in the game.

Or else, her parachute would have been destroyed long ago, by which she would have fallen to her death.

Soon enough, Zhang Xiaotong landed on the ground.

Since she was left with only less than half her initial health, she quickly scurried to the other side of Duga. Then, she went prone.

"Which brute shot Xiaotong-chan? This batch of fans is truly terrible!"

"2333, I feel sorry for Xiaotong-chan, it really is a hopeless feeling; to be shot at when one is in the air!"

"Speaking of which, Vic's tactic of having an 'airforce commander' was awesome! I learned something new! I learned something new!"

Once Zhang Xiaotong landed, the gunshots around them were brought to a halt.

At that time, the players were unable to hit both Zhang Xiaotong and Liu Zilang. Thus, they could only play passively to survive longer...

Nevertheless, it was not long before they had reinforcements.

Due to Liu Zilang's setting of a one minute delay, the players at the boiler room and the star viewing tower were initially unaware of his specific location.

However, the gunshots on Duga and the live stream eventually exposed Liu Zilang's location.

All of a sudden, the players from the boiler room and the star viewing tower began joining the encirclement by being a part of the big army that stressed on killing Vic and capturing Xiaotong-chan alive...


"Are they... gone?"

Zhang Xiaotong who was prone in the grass patch that was north of Duga crawled forward as she observed her surroundings carefully.

"Three more at C Building, two more at K Building," Liu Zilang answered.

Right then, he added, "Eh, wait! Another four more are coming from the warehouses."

The second Zhang Xiaotong heard him, she was ready to burst into tears.

She pouted her lips angrily. "Why are they like this! I... I'm going to report them!"

"Exactly, exactly... this batch of fans is of such low standard!" In front of his spectators, Liu Zilang nodded repeatedly as he agreed with her.

"F*ck! He's such a brute!"

"Didn't you say that you were going to beat us up? Are you scared now?"

"Brothers in Sosnovka Military Base, work harder! Don't outrun the blue circle, just block Vic who's on Duga."

"That's right, that's right, Vic loses if he dies anyway!"

"Everyone, don't peek now. Once the blue circle comes and he makes his way down, shoot him. I doubt he can escape!"

"Great idea! Brother, you're such a genius, you're indeed a fan of Vic's live streaming channel!"

When the spectators of Liu Zilang's live streaming channel heard his comments, they were so angry that they began throwing ideas in the bullet screen.

In the game, Zhang Xiaotong asked as she was worried, "What do we do now?"

"I think we can sneak our way out." Liu Zilang did not feel shameful at all for wanting to flee.

Zhang Xiaotong who had just landed was dejected as she replied, "But I haven't looted anything yet. No! You must compensate me for it."

"Compensate?" Liu Zilang purposely teased her, "I'll make it up to you with a muzzle?"

Zhang Xiaotong was speechless.

"66666, you're really trying to be funny!"

"Vic's truly inhumane in this match, Xiaotong-chan must have broken down by now."

"Xiaotong-chan, I'll take you in, come over to our side, I'll take care of you!"

"Hey, take note that it's illegal to keep a Loli, you'll be arrested and executed by shooting."

"23333, executed by shooting..."

Liu Zilang knew that the little girl was staring at her computer screen with a displeased look. Hence, after he finished his sentence, he added, "Don't be mad, don't be mad. I'll give you an M4, alright?"

Instantly, Zhang Xiaotong's face went from cloudy to clear. Evidently, among all rifles, she had eyes only for the M4 as it was easy to use.

Elated, she uttered proudly, "At least you're sensible, hmph!"


Liu Zilang was not mindful of it and smiled as he shook his head. "There's a car outside, let's just leave later. Oh right, come pick me up."

"Pick you up?" Zhang Xiaotong was confused for a moment and then immediately became anxious.

"Are you asking me to drive the car over?"

"No, no." Liu Zilang looked down from Duga toward where Zhang Xiaotong was prone. "Shift to your left a little."


Though puzzled, Zhang Xiaotong crawled to her left carefully.

"A bit more."


"Too much, go back to your right a little."


"Alright, you can stand up now."

As soon as she heard Liu Zilang's instruction, she stood up straight.

Just as she was feeling bewildered, a black shadow appeared under her feet.

'Is something falling down?'

Zhang Xiaotong looked up subconsciously and was shocked to find a human figure zooming toward her head!


Liu Zilang knocked her head with his feet...

At that moment, Liu Zilang's health declined right away but instead of dying which was what was expected, he miraculously survived.

"Quick, get down!"

After the two of them had been stuck together for a while, Liu Zilang landed on the ground and went prone.

"Ah? Oh, oh!"

Zhang Xiaotong who was rather baffled quickly realized what had happened and went prone beside Liu Zilang.


It was just as they had expected.

The instant she went prone, a bullet swooshed past her from above.


'That was close!'

When Zhang Xiaotong heard the gunshot, she sighed a long breath of relief as she was glad that she had dodged the hit. However, a second later, her face turned dark as she yelled at Liu Zilang angrily, "You... you... you stepped on my head!"

"Ah? Haha, did I?"

Liu Zilang who was putting on bandages replied her.

"Hmph!" Upon hearing Liu Zilang's pretentious reply, Zhang Xiaotong was displeased.

"I'll step on you next time."

Liu Zilang was speechless.

For all that, compared to Zhang Xiaotong who was mad about what had happened, the players around them who had been aiming at Duga were dumbfounded!