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520 The Widowmaker Of Sosnovka Military Base!

 Title Translator's Note: Widowmaker is a hero from Overwatch

Evidently, the thunderous sound did not come from a firearm but from the explosion of a grenade on a flight of stairs!

The explosion happened very quickly, very sudden!

As flames burst out, black smoke and sparks filled the air!

The two players were prone and had been aiming at Liu Zilang beside the rail when they were bombed away. They could not react to the situation.

The next second, their bodies hung on each side of the rail on the staircase...

"Vic123 killed 77777 with frag grenade!"

"Vic123 killed YoureTheBaldie with frag grenade!"

The two players felt terribly frustrated as they watched their screens turn monochrome.

'Another 'landmine'!

'We've watched Vic's live streams for a long time, how'd we not think of that?

'I'm so mad!'

Nonetheless, when Liu Zilang's fans finally saw his name on the kill feed, they were thrilled!

"He showed up! He finally showed up!"

"F*ck, his first two kills were by a frag grenade. Indeed, he's as brutal as ever!"

"Speaking of which, where is he? Why isn't he in Pochinki?"

All of a sudden, apart from the players at Sosnovka Military Base whose eyes glimmered when they heard the explosion, the players who were in other locations were baffled.

'Logically, if Xiaotong-chan is with him he won't jump to Sosnovka Military Base?'

It was obvious that those players were unaware that not only did Liu Zilang jump to Sosnovka Military Base but he also landed on Duga which was an unusual landing spot.

On the other hand, the players from Sosnovka Military Base... perhaps to put it more accurately, the players from C Building, the five warehouses, and K Building, heard the explosion from Duga.

When they saw the kill notifications on their screens, they became excited.


'He's on Duga!'

On the spur of the moment, it was as if someone had called for an assembly.

Players who were halfway through intense fights near Duga instantly halted and formed alliances before rushing over to Duga.

'Kill Vic, capture Xiaotong-chan alive!'

That was the only thought in their minds.


At the same time, Liu Zilang who had used himself as bait to kill the two players with a grenade previously was running up the stairway again.

After throwing the grenade, he was left with a Level Two Backpack and an 8x scope.

'I'm just like a f*cking delivery man now!'

Once he climbed his way up, he began looting the crates.


'They're so well-equipped!'

The bald black player who had chased him previously was averagely equipped whereby he only had an S1897 and a few resources.

On the contrary, the other player who had run up from downstairs was equipped with two guns, an M4 and a 98K. Other than that, he also had two medkits and a few consumables. From the looks of it, Liu Zilang had taken all the luck away from the black player and his teammate!

Liu Zilang was glad.

'I'd be violating the laws of Heaven if I didn't kill him!'

Once Liu Zilang was done looting, he started healing himself. Then, Zhang Xiaotong shouted anxiously,

"Someone's going over! Someone's going over!"

Liu Zilang was startled for a while before he quickly comforted her, "Don't panic, where?"

At that moment, Zhang Xiaotong who was above C Building answered, "At C Building No. 2, he's hiding on the left side of the fence."

"The left side of the fence?" Liu Zilang repeated and smirked.

Followed by that, instead of consuming an energy drink after using a medkit, he positioned himself behind Duga's staircase.


"Go closer, I'll cover you guys!"

When the players from C Building approached Liu Zilang, they went against all rules such that they had begun instructing one another through the public voice chat.

In a trice, three players charged together from behind the fence.

Although the remaining player who was positioned behind the fence did not have vision of Liu Zilang, he knew that he was definitely on the staircase.

With that in mind, he peeked.

What happened next left everyone open-mouthed. The instant that player peeked, a loud gunshot was heard from Duga!


Next, a sniper bullet zoomed toward that player!

As soon as that player peeked, blood splattered out from his head and he collapsed to the ground.

Right away, that player was baffled.

'Did he see me?


'I never peeked before this!

'Why the f*ck does it seem like he can see through walls?'


After blasting a shot, Liu Zilang reloaded his gun with another 7.62mm bullet!

It was at that moment when he heard gunshots from the five warehouses.

"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!"

A hail of bullets attacked Liu Zilang, resulting in sparks being ignited on the metal rails beside him!

After Liu Zilang identified the source of the gunshots, he was about to scope in to observe the situation. However, Zhang Xiaotong who was still in the air yelled, "The five warehouses! Behind the door of the second warehouse on the left!"

Upon hearing Zhang Xiaotong's voice, Liu Zilang scoped in without hesitation and aimed at the second warehouse on his left.

Sure enough!

A player who was aiming at him through a SCAR-L's iron sight came into view!


At the speed of light, the thundering sound of a 98K was heard again!

Before that player could react, his head began bleeding since he did not have a helmet on!

"Vic123 killed LordOfGoldenArches with Kar98K!"

Next, as the sound of his 98K echoed throughout Duga, he acquired another kill!

"There, there, there! Behind the metal fence!

"Another one, another one! Someone's sneaking an attack on you from the bushes!

"Haha, there, too! Aiya, he's so dumb! He's on the rooftop!

"Hehehe, this is so fun!"

Zhang Xiaotong who was gliding in the air sounded excited. She felt like she was an "air force commander" who was giving instructions to her subordinates.

Unquestionably, it was an entirely new playstyle for her!

In actual fact, Liu Zilang had to be credited for it.

Not only was his shooting technique out of the world but his reaction speed and visual assessment were so fast that it was frightening!

Should it have been someone else listening to Zhang Xiaotong's messy reports that were not in order, one would have gotten a headache.

One might have actually blocked her...

For all that, when the remaining players in Sosnovka Military Base heard the echo of gunshots and saw the kill notifications that constantly appeared on the top right corner of their screens, they were in a daze!

It seemed like he was able to spot players instantly even if they were sneaking attacks on him and he was able to hit them accurately!

'Why the f*ck does he seem like a Widowmaker?'

Right then, among the players who were hiding, one of them noticed something!

"F*ck! Why is there still a player in the air?"

When everyone looked up and saw Zhang Xiaotong who was slowly landing at Duga, they were shocked!