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519 Kill Vic, Capture Xiaotong-chan Alive!

 'What happened to our boxing fight? You picked up a gun!'

At that very moment, Liu Zilang was devastated.

As the spectators in his live streaming channel watched on, they dissolved in waves of laughter.

"If you're a man, don't be afraid! Fight!"

"That's right, isn't it just a shotgun? Why are you afraid!"

"Now that he's reloading his gun, it's your chance! Go, Pikachu!"

"It's time to see who's the real Boxing King in Asia."

In all truth, the spectators in his live streaming channel were anxious to see the world in chaos. However, it was unfortunate that their screens were delayed by a minute.

In real-time, Liu Zilang gritted his teeth as he saw the bald black player reload the shotgun. He wielded his fists at him even though they were meters apart.

The player thought that Liu Zilang was about to hit him. Thus, he was so afraid that he backed away.

It must be mentioned that it is not uncommon for one to be killed by fist even if one has a gun. Especially for Liu Zilang's despicable spectators, they had a fetish for such brutal things.

'Is this player one of them?'

When the black player thought about it, he became extremely alert.

The black player retreated for the sake of advancing and decided to attack after reloading his gun. After firing a shot, he watched on as Liu Zilang began to flee!


'F*ck, is he that shameless?'

Looking at the player who had run away without turning back, a thought crossed the black player's mind!

'Was that player Vic?'

All of a sudden, he yelled at his teammate who was "picking up scraps" from the ground since he failed to land on Duga, "Vic! I think I met Vic! He doesn't have a gun!"

"Is he on Duga? Is that possible?"

His teammate was dubious.

This was because according to Liu Zilang's past live streams, Liu Zilang only ever landed in three spots in Sosnovka Military Base.


'I've never seen him land there before.'

Nevertheless, since it came from his teammate, he believed it to be the truth rather than not.

The player who was "picking up scraps" shouted, "Chase, chase, chase! Let's sandwich him, kill him and then capture Xiaotong-chan alive!"

"Kill Vic, capture Xiaotong-chan alive!"

The black played was thrilled.


After inserting another 12 gauge shell into the barrel of his gun, he looked at Liu Zilang who was running away like a rabbit.

He ran a few steps forward and then lifted his shotgun!


Accompanied by a muzzle flash, a shot was blasted!

Although Liu Zilang was running with his back facing his opponent, the match was in third-person perspective mode. Hence, he had been keeping an eye on his enemy.

As soon as his opponent lifted his gun, Liu Zilang hid behind a pillar.

"Cling, cling-!"

The explosive bullet missed him whereby only a few sparks hit him.


'That was a nice move!'


Another 12 gauge shell was inserted into the gun's barrel.

Instead of feeling disheartened by his missed shot, the black player became motivated!

This was because the more the player played like that, the more certain he was that the player was Liu Zilang.

Nonetheless, he became hopeless because of the events that happened next!





After missing all four shots, the player was getting further away. The black player became dispirited that his last three shots did not hit his target's body at all.

Throughout the whole process, Liu Zilang dashed between the pillars on Duga as if he was a butterfly. He managed to completely avoid the shots that came from behind him each time.

"F*ck. Brother, are you setting off firecrackers? Didn't you say that he doesn't have a gun?" The black player's teammate who was running toward them with an M4 was annoyed after hearing all the gunshots because the player had not been knocked out.

On the spur of the moment, he questioned his teammate.

"I...I...I!" The bald black player with a shotgun was embarrassed. He then blurted, "F*ck me... that brute is definitely Vic!"

It was the perfect explanation!

Everything made sense if that player was Vic!

Being Liu Zilang's older fans, they knew very well how despicable he was as a player!

Right away, the player with an M4 commented, "Don't panic, don't panic! He's coming down, right? Let's sandwich him now!"

"I think that'll work!" The black player's eyes glimmered!

When he saw Liu Zilang run down the stairs empty-handed, he thought to himself, 'Run, run!

'I'll let you have a good taste of cruelty!




Liu Zilang who had survived sighed a long breath of relief.

He then made scornful remarks in his live streaming channel, "Is that all?

"My fans in this batch are too weak!'

Upon hearing him show off, the spectators in his live streaming channel went mad!

"Please work harder, beat that brute up!"

"F*ck... you guys are fast at picking up guns but terrible at shooting!"

"I can't bear to watch this anymore! Where's the Heavenly Fire? Is the three-wheeled motorcycle in position? Quick, kill that player!"

"Guys, work harder! Kill Vic! Capture Xiaotong-chan alive!"

"Capture Xiaotong-chan, 2333!"

As the fans in his live streaming channel expressed their anger through the bullet screen, there was a change of events on Duga.

When Liu Zilang arrived at the spiral staircase, he noticed the black player chasing after him. Hence, he quickly ran down.

As he climbed down two flights of stairs, he realized that the sound of footsteps was becoming strange!

'It's coming from above... and below!

'F*ck, it's that baldie's teammate!'

Liu Zilang quickly registered what was going on.

Though he was clueless if the other player had a gun, he knew that if he were to continue running down, he would be stuck by the other player on the stairs. Then, the player with a shotgun would catch up.

Basically, he would be dead...

At that crucial moment, Liu Zilang was sparked with a bright idea!

'Right, I still have a 'glorious grenade' on me...'

At once, he retrieved his frag grenade and pulled its pin without hesitation!

After pausing to get a clearer picture of both footsteps, Liu Zilang went down another flight of stairs and then remained still.

He crouched and placed the frag grenade on the stairs discreetly as if he was setting up a landmine.

Then, he stood up and looked at the mountain northwest of him...

'What a magnificent mountain!'

At the same time, the two players encountered him and successfully "joined forces"!

When they saw the vague figure of Liu Zilang, they were elated!

'Brute, let's see where you're going to run to now!'

As if answering their question, Liu Zilang supported himself on the railing and jumped down...

'Jumping down?

'Brother, which team did you place your bet on!'

The two players were stunned and they quickly ran toward Liu Zilang!

Then, they pointed their guns at him!