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518 Are You Willing To Be My Master?

 Underneath Liu Zilang's bed.

98K was resting its head sideways on its forelegs and appeared to be puzzled with its sleepy eyes.

In addition, it was hugging Liu Zilang's cotton slippers, by which it had been subconsciously pressing with its meaty paws.

All of a sudden, 98K felt an itch on its nose and thus rubbed it with its paw. Then, it opened its eyes.


Upon hearing the familiar chuckle, it was so shocked that it sprung up with its eyes wide open!

"Meow, meow, meow?"

The next second, it stared at Liu Zilang who was crouching by his bed with a tilted head.

Instantly, the cat was taken aback!

Right then, Liu Zilang giggled as he reached out toward it with his devilish hands.

'Stay away from me!

'If you come any nearer, I'll scream!'

"Meow~ Meow~ Meow~!"


Through their voice chat, Zhang Xiaotong asked as she was confused, "Why did I hear 98K meowing just now?"

When Liu Zilang heard Zhang Xiaotong's question, he glanced at 98K that was stuck between his knees and then responded with a laugh, "Oh it's nothing. I was just playing with it."


When the spectators in his live streaming channel witnessed what happened, they condemned him for acting like a psychopath.

"I just got here, can anyone brief me about what the streamer is doing?"

"Can't you tell? The streamer's stroking his cat!"

"I feel sorry for 98K, nooo! It's going to be bald soon, yet it dares not 'say' anything even though it's mad about it."

"98K, oh, 98K. If you were ever kidnapped, blink your eyes. We'll immediately send a dragon team over to rescue you."

"What a joke, 98K doesn't need backup, it can transform into one to take that b*stard down!"

At that moment, Liu Zilang could not be bothered about the mockery on the bullet screen because both Zhang Xiaotong and himself were in the game.

For that match, they were randomly assigned Erangel as the map.

After taking a look at the flight route, Liu Zilang was about to mark a spot when he suddenly remembered. "Xiaotong, have you adjusted the delay?"

"Of course."

Zhang Xiaotong was proud of herself. "I adjusted it long ago."

When Liu Zilang recalled the scene where they were both chased from Stalber all the way to Prison, he burst out laughing.

'Looks like the little girl learned her lesson from being sniped by my fans last time. She now has the habit of adjusting the stream delay.'

The flight route began from Novorepnoye which was at the bottom right corner of the map. It stretched upward such that it passed by Mylta Power before it stopped near Stalber.

Without further ado, Liu Zilang marked Sosnovka Military Base on the map.

A brief moment later, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were surprised by his choice!

"F*ck! He still has the guts to jump to Sosnovka Military Base with Xiaotong-chan? Is he not afraid that she'll turn into a crate as soon as she lands?"

"It feels like Xiaotong-chan is going to start a match that has zero game experience."

"I smell conspiracy in the air. Is Vic planning to turn Xiaotong-chan into his personal cheerleader as soon as she lands?"

"GG! Having a cute cheerleader like Xiaotong-chan will definitely boost his fighting will!"

While the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel criticized him for his ill intentions, Liu Zilang had planned a strategy.

When he saw the numerous parachutes above Sosnovka Military Base, he took a deep breath and then braced himself as he uttered, "Xiaotong, spend more time in the air, don't face downward."

Zhang Xiaotong was startled when she heard Liu Zilang's instructions, "Ah? Why?"

After a short while, she quickly realized the reason behind it. She pouted her lips as she was unhappy about it. "Hmph! Are you asking me to do this because you think that I'm incompetent!"

"Of course... not!" Liu Zilang responded and then said in a serious manner, "Haven't you been watching our matches the past two days? Do you remember Aluka?"

"The one who always flies in the air?"

Zhang Xiaotong was not dumb, hence she quickly understood what he meant, "You're saying..."

"That's right! Aluka is the explorer in our squad, he's in charge of observing the area from the air and giving us instructions after."

Once Liu Zilang explained, he popped the question, "From now on, are you willing to be my Aluka!"

He sounded so firm as if he was asking, "Are you willing to be my master?"

"Be your Aluka?"

Zhang Xiaotong repeated his question and then answered with a reddened face, "D*mn you! I...I don't want to be your Aluka!"

With that being said, she unconsciously slowed down and began gliding in the air.

As Liu Zilang dove downward, he looked behind and saw Zhang Xiaotong descending slowly in the air.

Satisfied, he smiled and thought to himself, 'She's quite sensible after all~'

Then, he turned around again and looked at the few landing spots in Sosnovka Military Base.

Under normal circumstances, he would likely land at either the police station, C Building or K Building.

Nonetheless, it was a fanbase skirmish match.

Even with a one minute delay, the players in the match were his spectators, thus they naturally knew his favorite landing spots in Sosnovka Military Base. It was believable that those three spots would be packed with players.

At once, Liu Zilang flew over to Duga.

With a perfect spiral landing, he landed on the top of Duga's right staircase.

After breaking free from his parachute, Liu Zilang stood on the top of the Duga and looked at the crowd of players at C Building and K Building.

He snickered as he said to himself, 'Fight, fight!

'Those who survive are the ones who deserve to fight me.'

However, just as he was about to loot the Duga, he heard the sound of another parachute.

As soon as he looked up, he was struck dumb to see a bald black player on the opposite staircase.

Right then, the two of them looked at each other from far while being on the top of Duga.

The instant their eyes met, it was as if sparks ignited!


'Are you frightened by my killing aura?!'

In spite of that, Liu Zilang was stunned by what happened next.

Without warning, the black player charged toward him while picking up items on the way.

'What the f*ck, why does it look like he has just met the love of his life!'

Liu Zilang cursed to himself, 'Bald black players are all perverts!'

Subsequently, he charged toward him without fear as well.

'Life and death are decreed by destiny. Rank and riches are determined by Heaven!

'I don't f*cking believe this!'

Soon enough, the two of them came closer to each other whereby they would crash into each other after three to four pillars.

Nevertheless, it was quite a tragic that apart from an 8x scope, a Level Two Backpack, and a frag grenade, Liu Zilang did not have a gun...

Fortunately, the bald black player was in similar luck such that he did not have a gun on him too.

Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang knew that it was time for a boxing fight on the top of Duga!

Just as he was about to communicate with that player through the public voice chat, that person ran forward to pick up a shotgun!

'An S1897!

'F*ck... you're kidding me?'

On the spur of the moment, Liu Zilang was stupefied!