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517 Fly With Xiaotong!

 "Meow~ Meow~!"

After letting go of 98K that had been tormented for a long time, Liu Zilang opened his door quietly.

98K licked its paws after climbing onto the cat tree and then jumped down again once Liu Zilang left.

Subsequently, it made its way under his bed and rested its head on its forelegs before licking the corners of its mouth.

Then, it squinted its eyes as if it was extremely contented with its new spot.


In the living room.

Liu Zilang knocked on Misaka Mikoto's door but was answered with silence.

"It's late at night, is she out?"

Liu Zilang scratched his head as he was confused.

Next, he turned to look at Wang Qianqian but decided that it was better to not disturb SharkChilli.

When he walked past Zhang Xiaotong's room, he vaguely heard someone singing.

'Is the girl streaming live now?'

Liu Zilang wondered and decided to knock on her door.

"Knock, knock, knock-!"

The singing was brought to a halt and footsteps were soon heard approaching him.


Once the door was opened, Zhang Xiaotong who was in pajamas stared at Liu Zilang as she was puzzled.

She was seen carrying a doll in her arms which was Umara-chan that had been given to her by Liu Zilang from a claw machine.

When their eyes met, Zhang Xiaotong's face reddened. As she lowered Umara-chan, she looked elsewhere.

Evidently, she did not expect to see Liu Zilang at her door, by which she probably thought that it was Misaka Mikoto.

"Ahem... the, uhh, why isn't Mikoto here?" Liu Zilang popped the question.

Zhang Xiaotong replied softly, "Mmm."

She looked up at Liu Zilang and then looked away again. "Mikoto went to the supermarket nearby, she needed to buy some daily necessities."

"I see." Liu Zilang nodded and then asked bluntly, "Are you streaming live? I have a fanbase skirmish match next, do you want to join?"

"Fanbase skirmish match?" Zhang Xiaotong tilted her head as she was muddled but quickly realized what was going on.

She pinched Umaru-chan's ears softly as if she was hesitant but still nodded her head in the end.

"Remember to log in on YY later then," Liu Zilang said with a smile.

He took a look at the doll held by Zhang Xiaotong and asked, "Is this the one I got you from the claw machine?"

Upon hearing his question, Zhang Xiaotong pulled Umara-chan away and gave Liu Zilang a watchful look.

"I wasn't going to ask for it..." Liu Zilang coughed. "I was going to say that if you like it, I'll get you a few more."

"Who... who said that I like it..."

Zhang Xiaotong turned her head to the side but her response was not convincing at all.

Liu Zilang smirked. "Really? Give it back to me then, I'll give it to Mikoto later."


Zhang Xiaotong hugged Umara-chan tightly.

Followed by that, she was so embarrassed that her face became flushed. She pushed Liu Zilang out of her room.

"You... go on YY now, or I won't play with you!"


Right after she shouted, she slammed the door shut.

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin and shook his head.

'That little girl, she says that she doesn't want it but her body is quite honest!

'She's not plain-spoken at all...'


Of course, a custom server was needed to hold a fanbase skirmish match.

Back then, it was not easy for Liu Zilang to do so. However, he was in 4AM and recreational clubs were usually provided with a dedicated training server.

Once Liu Zilang returned to his room, he sent a message to GodV. GodV responded to him shortly and gave him permission to a custom server.

At that moment, GodV and the others seemed to be celebrating their victory at a dinner gathering.

Someone even sent him a picture of Long Shenjue with his big belly as well as pictures of their food for dinner.

Liu Zilang was rather speechless when he saw the pictures and thought about beating him up in Canada the following month.

When Liu Zilang named the custom lobby, he decided to name it - Killing With A Chick On My Lap!

After changing the mode to duo, he added Zhang Xiaotong into the lobby.

Initially, when Zhang Xiaotong joined him, she was unaware of the lobby's name.

At that time, the two of them were the only ones in the custom lobby whereby there were many empty spots below them.

Therefore, she began jumping around those empty spots and appeared to be very cheerful.

Nevertheless, it did not take long before Zhang Xiaotong noticed the lobby's name, thus she yelled in the voice chat, "You... your lobby name, change it now!"

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin and then replied, "This... I think it's great!"

"It's not!"

Zhang Xiaotong was persistent. "Change it! Change it now!"


'I'll change it then...'

Liu Zilang thought for a while before he changed the lobby's name to - Killing With A Guy On My Lap!

Zhang Xiaotong had been keeping an eye on the lobby's name.

The instant she saw the change, her face turned dark. She was both embarrassed and mad. "'re bullying me! I, I, I...

"I'll kill you in the game later!"

Upon hearing the change in Zhang Xiaotong's tone, Liu Zilang could only curb his behavior by holding back from being so unrestrained.

Should Zhang Xiaotong go against him in the fanbase skirmish match too, he would be dead for sure.

"Alright, you can rename the lobby." Liu Zilang granted her permission.

When Zhang Xiaotong heard Liu Zilang's reply, she considered his offer seriously amd then began typing on her keyboard. With that, the lobby name became - Fly With Xiaotong!

"..." Liu Zilang was at a loss for words.

'I don't f*cking want to fly!'

On the other hand, Zhang Xiaotong giggled and was proud of what she did.

'Alright... let's fly, let's fly...'

Liu Zilang did not want to argue over the lobby room name because the fans in his live streaming channel were becoming impatient.

After asking Zhang Xiaotong to return to her spot, Liu Zilang sent the lobby's password to his live streaming channel.

It was just as he had expected.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the custom lobby was flooded with his fans. Nevertheless, many players who responded slower did not manage to enter the lobby and expressed their dissatisfaction in the bullet screen.

When Liu Zilang saw the bullet screen, he uttered seriously, "Don't blame the society for having slow hands. Besides, did you think that it was simply a matter of getting into the server? You're wrong! In fact, that was a selection process and a test. Those with slow hands, even if all of you enter, you won't be able to take me down. It's better that you let others have the chance."

The second Liu Zilang boasted about himself, his fans who failed to enter the lobby were furious!

All of a sudden, they cheered and rooted for the ones who had managed to enter. They also flooded the bullet screen with comments that they would beat Liu Zilang up...

Liu Zilang only laughed when he saw their comments. Once everyone was ready, he started the game.

However, as the game loaded, he looked around him and realized that something was missing.

'Oh right!

'Where's my silly cat?'