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516 You Say That You Don’t Want This, But Your Body…

 At that moment, Liu Zilang's health was in a critical state.

Should his opponents chase up to him, one bullet was all it would take to kill him.

"Sha, sha, sha!"

Right then, a set of footsteps was heard coming from the warehouse beside his.

'Oh right!

'There's one player left next door!'

Initially, he was going to go to the next warehouse to heal himself whenever he had the chance to. However, he was suddenly struck with a bright idea.

He turned around and then climbed up a wooden crate!

Seeing as Liu Zilang had climbed up a wooden crate at such a time, the spectators in his live streaming channel were dumbfounded!

'What the h*ll? Is Vic unmindful of where he chooses to flee now?

"F*ck! Quick, get down from there, they're coming!"

Nonetheless, Liu Zilang was unswayed. Once on top of the crate, he crouched and remained still.

He looked like... a stone lion at the entrance of a residence.

'He's fooling around, isn't he?'

Little Shou, Cola, and Brother Li were utterly shocked.

While Liu Zilang appeared to be unperturbed and unflinching, they could only worry for him.

"Thud, thud, thud!"

The footsteps were getting closer. It was as if they were drumsticks beating on hearts.

The next second, the two players who were hunting for Liu Zilang barged in from the door on his right.

However, at the same time, the player from the next warehouse had sneaked in through the other side entrance.

The instant all of their eyes met, they were stunned for a while.

"Kill him!"

The two players who were initially chasing Liu Zilang raised their guns!

"F*ck... weren't they fighting just now?"

The player who had sneaked his way there from the warehouse beside them was baffled. He quickly lifted his gun too.

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

"Da, da, da-!"

As sparks of ignited from the three guns, they seemed like three fire dragons attacking each other.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that the player who had sneaked over from the other warehouse was not capable of a 1v2. As he exerted his utmost effort to take down one of the two players, he fell to the ground face-up after suffering numerous hits.

With both legs straight, he died.

In the blink of an eye, there were only three players alive!

The moment that player from next door died, the healthy player of the two players who had been chasing after Liu Zilang quickly realized that the person they had killed was not Liu Zilang.

Hence, although his teammate was knocked out, he dared not revive him.

Instead, he looked around himself.

'Where is he?'

The next instant, his pupils shrunk!

The second their eyes met, he saw Liu Zilang crouching on a wooden crate. Liu Zilang was aiming his dark green sniper at the center of his brows!


That player reacted swiftly by firing shots at Liu Zilang.

"Tu, tu...!"


As soon as rapid gunshots filled the air, a more thundering gunshot cut them off!


Consequently, the player's helmet shattered into pieces and he fell headfirst backward. In addition, he looked bewildered...

'What's going on?

'When did that fella crouch over there?'


"Winner winner chicken dinner!"

20 kills!

Liu Zilang who was still crouching on the crate blew the muzzle of his AWM casually even though there was no gunpowder smoke at all.

"Wow, wow, wow..."

In the end, Liu Zilang had led them to win chicken dinner. Little Shou was astounded for a brief moment before he finally uttered, "Oh, f*ck!"

"Wow! That was awesome!"

Cola shouted excitedly as well.

After that, she spoke cheerily to Brother Li in Korean and relayed Brother Li's message to Liu Zilang.

"Brother Li says that you're amazing! You're the best PUBG player he has ever seen!"

"He's being too polite, I'm lucky to have not let you down!"

Liu Zilang let out a dry cough and then continued, "Brother Li is also the best MOBA player I've ever seen!"

"GG! They're really good at complimenting each other!"

"Vic's idea of pretending to be a gargoyle really gave me a headache."

"Pfft, haha. Indeed, one doesn't need good eyesight in eSports!"

"GreedForEarthlyBonds sent the streamer a super rocket - Thank you for leading Brother Li to a chicken dinner!"

"WuKing sent the streamer a super rocket - 20 kills? You fail!"

"NorthSouthSugoi sent the streamer a super rocket - Brute! F*cking let go of 98K, its neck is going to break!"


Watching Liu Zilang's screen that had froze at the chicken dinner interface, rich spectators began sending him gifts.

Even players from the "4 Emperors Squad" that had been killed by Liu Zilang's squad sent him super rockets when he became victorious in the "1v4v4" misery.

Due to the various gifts received and the fact that the "two devil kings" won chicken dinner, the view count of Liu Zilang's live streaming channel skyrocketed!

Before long, it surpassed the great mark of 2 million!

Although the view count fluctuated and the effect of the gifts would disappear eventually, Liu Zilang had made a big step on his path to being Douyu's best streamer.

In actual fact, that was not all.

Since there was a simultaneous live stream on Twitch, many foreign spectators were attracted to Liu Zilang for leading Brother Li to obtain chicken dinner. Thus, they either subscribed to him by spending a generous amount of money or sent him small gifts.

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang could only express his gratitude to them.

In the room next to Liu Zilang's, Wang Qianqian had been watching everything through her phone and she smirked when she saw how popular he had become.


'You say that you don't want it but your body is quite honest!'


Then, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel requested him to play another match. After all, it was the day 4AM had taken the crown so he was not expected to leave after playing just one game.

Unfortunately, the server maintenance of Brother Li's game was done and it was time for him to train.

Being a professional MOBA game player, Brother Li was very strict with himself. Apart from playing mini-games, he usually never played other games.

Earlier on, if it was not to satisfy his fans, he would not have played PUBG.

Perhaps it was because of his discipline that he was able to achieve such good results.

As a professional player too, Liu Zilang understood it very well.

After adding each other as friends, they exited their YY voice chat.

Liu Zilang carried 98K up, raised its meaty paws and then said to his camera with a smile, "What do you say? Do you guys want to watch a solo match or a squad match next?"

"Squad! Squad games are more interesting!"

"You better stream live for the whole night or you can't go offline."

"How about a fanbase skirmish match? Aren't you going to give your fans some benefits?"

"Fanbase skirmish match? Eh! That sounds interesting!"

"Fanbase skirmish match, let's go!"


Liu Zilang pondered when he saw the bullet screen and quickly realized their true intention.

He giggled as he remarked, "You're all thinking of ganging up to snipe me, right? Here's my piece of advice, don't even think about it. You should know that I've taken out all my fans who have tried to attack me. They all end up broken-hearted."

As soon as the spectators in his live streaming channel heard his boastful comment, they could not take it anymore.

In a trice, many of them demanded a fanbase skirmish match and swore that they would smash Liu Zilang into pieces.

Seeing how thrilled his spectators were, Liu Zilang gave it a thought. "A fanbase skirmish match... is not entirely impossible."

He grinned before continuing, "But wait, allow to me recruit some reinforcements."