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515 The Real 1v4v4!

 Even if one was pretending to be awesome, one would kill players with a chick on their lap.

On the contrary, Liu Zilang did it with a cat on his lap, causing others to exclaim!

"I'm floored, I'm floored! Stroking his cat with his left hand while killing players with his right. Someone, give the boss a cup of tea."

"He's like a yuppie! (TN: Yuppie is a word for a young upwardly mobile urban professional person with an affluent lifestyle) Seriously, who else can do that?"

"Stop pretending! Did you really think that we can't tell that it was 98K who killed the player?"

"I get it, Vic only looked like he was stroking his cat. However, he did that so 98K would give him power."

"2333, why are the people in this live stream channel imagining things now?"

After taking care of the "uninvited guest", Liu Zilang went into "sage" mode again by stroking his cat.

98K licked its paws as it sat on Liu Zilang's lap with its legs hanging. It then meowed softly as if it dared not "say" anything even though it was furious.

Perhaps it silently wished that the person who took it home would show up soon to punch this person in the face!


Soon enough, the blue circle shrunk again and the safe zone refreshed to a new area.

Blessed by good luck throughout the match, the warehouse that Liu Zilang was in was part of the safe zones. As such, he had remained comfortably in the safe zone throughout the process.

Nevertheless, 98K was almost turning bald for being rubbed on its head, yet nobody else visited him.

At that time, out of all three warehouses that were in the north of Los Leonos, apart from the warehouse Liu Zilang was in, it sounded like the other two warehouses were occupied by other players as well.

Once the second last safe zone refreshed, there were 9 players left on the battleground.


Liu Zilang took a look at the number and was suspicious. "F*ck, don't tell me that it's going to be a 1v4v4?"

Upon hearing him, Little Shou and Cola became worried. If that were the case, Liu Zilang had to be really unfortunate.

Liu Zilang pondered for a while and knew that given the circumstances, it was inadvisable for him to "stroke his cat while waiting for his prey".

Coincidentally, gunshots were heard from the two warehouses beside his. It sounded like the start of a fight. After hesitating for a while, Liu Zilang decided to take a look to observe his enemies' situations.

When he was at the entrance of the warehouse he was in, he glanced at the warehouse that was on his left. He was left speechless when he found four players shooting together at the players in the other warehouse.

Then, Liu Zilang stole glances at the other warehouse but was unable to get a good view of the players inside. Nonetheless, he made a conservative guess that there were at least three players.

Liu Zilang was disheartened. It seemed like the "big battle of a lone player" that he initially imagined was not going to happen.

Despite that, he was lucky that the two squads noticed each other first and had begun fighting. Should they have attacked him together first, he would be in a terrible spot.

In the end, Liu Zilang hid in the warehouse he was in as he listened to the gunshots around him.

Just as he was cheering on his opponents for the fight to get more intense, footsteps were heard coming from the second warehouse.


Liu Zilang was slightly startled before he realized what was going on.

The players were probably sparked with a bright idea to break the deadlock whereby they wanted to draw the line of fire by entering the warehouse next to them. Even though they were being cautious, it was believable that they had not discovered Liu Zilang.

'That'll be easy.'

Liu Zilang giggled to himself and retrieved a stun grenade from his backpack.

In the game, soft sounds were heard whenever players changed weapons.

With that being said, since his other opponents were immersed in their own fight, their gunshots filled the air.

Therefore, the soft sound as a result of Liu Zilang retrieving a stun grenade was completely masked by the gunshots outside.


The next second, he pulled the pin of the grenade.

"Wait up, brother! I think I heard a sound."

"What sound?"

"It sounded like someone was going to throw a grenade."

Just as he said so, Liu Zilang peeked to throw a stun grenade.


In a trice, everything turned white for the two players. It was accompanied by an irritating buzzing sound that rang in their eardrums!

At the same time, it was chaos in those players' team voice chat.

"F*ck! Someone's in this warehouse!"

"We've been stunned, quick, cover us!"

"Don't panic, be steady! It's probably the lone player, we're coming."

Two players charged toward Liu Zilang's warehouse.


Right away, Liu Zilang blasted a shot with his AWM!

The instant the bullet was shot from the gun's barrel, one of the enemies collapsed to the ground.

It was then when the players from the other squad in the left warehouse noticed the battle that was going on there.

"It looks like they're fighting someone else now!"

"Someone's down!"

"Come, come, come! Time to charge!"

It was worth noting that the squad of players in the left warehouse seized the opportunity at the right time.

After Liu Zilang had stunned the two players, he was about to "encircle their post to take down their reinforcements" with his AWM.

Who knew that the players from the left warehouse would arrive so timely. Not to mention, they were so... impolite...

As soon as they arrived, they knocked out the two players who had been stunned by Liu Zilang and killed them right after.


Liu Zilang's eyes twitched, and he was raging with fire!

He had always despised the terrible behavior of kill stealing!

Subsequently, Liu Zilang switched his AWM to his M16 and took a look in his backpack.

'A red dot sight it is!'

When the footsteps from the left side of his warehouse became louder, instead of fighting his opponents head-on, Liu Zilang backed away by flanking to the right.

After all, the other squad was a full squad. If he were to fight them head-on, it would be an impractical move even with his "hold down LMB" shooting technique.

For all that, there were only two players approaching him. Upon realizing this, Liu Zilang quickly peeked to take out one of them.

"He's at the back!"

"Don't rush, don't rush, we'll go around the warehouse."

"I'll cover you, crawl out to me."

Immediately after one of the players had been knocked out, the rest planned their next move.

Evidently, those players were rather capable because of the fact that they survived as a full squad all the way until the final circle.

In spite of that, Liu Zilang raised his brows when he saw them. He held his AWM up as he showed himself for a while, acting as if he was going to kill the player who was crawling toward his teammate.

Sure enough, the player who was covering his teammate was impatient.

He wanted to shoot Liu Zilang as soon as the latter showed himself.

Right then, Liu Zilang shifted the crosshair of his AWM's scope toward his right and blasted another shot!

Given the distance, the bullet's projection time in the air could have been neglected entirely.

With that, the player was knocked out.

The next second, gunshots were heard coming from the side.

"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!"

As a result, Liu Zilang who was pulling the bolt of his AWM bled. He was unlucky to have suffered a shot in his head, it caused his health to fall steeply.

Liu Zilang quivered. Without attacking the two players on the side, he quickly escaped into the warehouse again.

"Be steady, Brother Lang!"

"Heal! Heal yourself first!"