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514 Killing With A Cat On His Lap!

 "Da, da, da-!"

Three bullets were shot right in his face.

In FPS games, when experts exchanged blows, they only aimed at each other's heads.

Nonetheless, not only did Liu Zilang aim at his opponent's head but he also aimed at his nostrils.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

His opponent quickly became unrecognizable such that his nose and eyes were no longer what they looked like in the first place.


While Liu Zilang did suffer a hit, his health did not drop at all.

This was because Liu Zilang was able to react with outstanding speed with his M16. Not to mention, it had a bullet speed that outmatched other rifles.

Before the enemy's bullets did any damage to him, Liu Zilang killed him with a headshot. With that, the bullets that hit him became ineffective.


That was truly fast!

A "thump" was heard as the player collapsed to the ground for being knocked out.

Nevertheless, Liu Zilang knew that it was not the time for him to loosen up yet because he clearly saw three players earlier.

It was just as he had expected.

Once the first player fell to the ground, the other players appeared from behind him.

Despite that, a different scenario played out.

Previously, the first player charged right into Liu Zilang. Although it caught him off guard, that player obstructed his teammate's line of fire in a way that he became his human shield.

On the contrary, the two players in front of him after that were a distance away from him and they appeared at the same time on both his left and right.

Upon seeing them, Liu Zilang did not intend to look for cover to dodge their attacks.

He pulled the trigger of his gun abruptly and began firing.

He fired multiple shots at the player on his left and then shifted his scope toward the player on his right!

"Hold down LMB" shooting technique!

In just less than two seconds, apart from pulling the trigger four times, Liu Zilang emptied all of the thirty bullets in his gun's magazine!

"F*ck me! Stop showing off!"

"Motherf*cker! My head aches from watching you play!"

Under normal circumstances, if Liu Zilang exchanged fire with a player, even if he could kill one of them, the other player would certainly be able to take him out with ease.

However, looking at the hail of bullets that were directed toward the two players, it was unquestionable that he managed to suppress the two of them with his firepower.

For all that, owing to the fact that he pulled the trigger so quickly and that three-burst shots fired from an M16 through a 4x scope resulted in extreme recoil motion, there was a risk in the accuracy of his shots.

After Liu Zilang had emptied his magazine, only one out of the two players were knocked out.

On top of that, he was left with very little health.

In that crucial moment, he crouched without any hesitation and went prone.

While doing so, he retrieved his AWM.

Given the close distance, Liu Zilang who was prone with his AWM neither scoped in nor shot from his shoulder level.

As soon as he had a firm grip on his gun, he blasted a shot at the source of his opponent's gunshots!


It sounded as if a crash of thunder shook the Earth!

Through Liu Zilang's lowered perspective, his spectators could vaguely see blood squirting from the top right corner of his screen.

Though it was not a headshot, the damage was sufficient.

Subsequently, a series of kill notifications appeared on his screen.

16 kills!

Watching Liu Zilang heal himself on the ground, the spectators in his live streaming channel gasped!

In all truth, when the three players enveloped Liu Zilang from behind, almost everyone thought that he was going to die.

In spite of that, Liu Zilang showcased his ability to eliminate a whole squad by himself once again.

"Tss! This player... is wicked!"

"Amazing! What an amazing shot!"

"Let's watch the replay later, I'm getting hard from watching this! Please, make me hard again!"

"I'm not kidding at all, Vic's reaction speed and luck are both at their peak. That's why he was able to do what he did."

"Hey, the one who mentioned about his peak... I'm afraid you haven't seen Vic play CSGO."

"Oh my god... are you saying that those were basic moves from him too?"

In the game, the blue circle began shrinking.

After using a bandage, Liu Zilang used a medkit as well and then immediately ran toward the safe zone. As such, he arrived at the warehouse where the first player he shot with his AWM was at.

"If I had known this would've happened earlier, I would've taken the motorcycle," Liu Zilang muttered to himself while in the warehouse.

On the other hand, Little Shou and the rest who had been spectating thought that Liu Zilang was bound to win chicken dinner after surviving the misfortune.

Hence, when they heard what Liu Zilang said and knew that he was still thinking about the motorcycle, they were totally speechless.

Soon, the border of the blue circle and the safe zone met.

When Liu Zilang's teammates saw the circle, they were elated.

This was because the warehouse that Liu Zilang was in was part of the circle!

A destiny circle!

Since there were 18 players left alive in the match, Little Shou was thrilled. "It's done, it's done! Steady, Brother Lang!"

The followers in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel could not help but laugh.

That was because the words "Brother Lang" and "steady" did not usually go together.

What happened next proved their point.

Due to Liu ZIilang's location in the safe zone, there was no need for him to outrun the blue circle.

As Liu Zilang waited for the next circle, he became bored.

When he noticed his cat, 98K snoring on the cat tree beside him, he carried him and began rubbing its belly.

"Meow~ Meow~ Meow~!"

The cat that was woken up opened its sleepy eyes and licked its mouth before getting ready to go back to sleep on Liu Zilang's lap.

Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang threatened it with a menacing tone, "Don't move! If you move again, I'll make a stew with your bones and meat!"

"Meow, meow, meow?"

When 98K heard Liu Zilang's creepy tone, it was stunned. After meowing twice, it remained still.

Liu Zilang chuckled and rubbed 98K's furry head. "That's it, I'll make you feel comfortable!"

"F*ck, this streamer is a psychopath, how could he do that to a cat!"

"Quick, tell Xiaotong-chan that not only is her onii-chan rubbing their cat but he wants to eat it as well!"

"How dare you! How dare you go against me!"

"98K: If I punch you now, you might die!"

As Liu Zilang stroked 98K that was on his lap, he heard footsteps.

Someone was there at the warehouse.

Soon enough, that player entered through the side door of the warehouse.

When that player saw Liu Zilang crouching in a corner, he was baffled.


'Free kill for me then.'

As that person raised his gun, Liu Zilang stroked his cat with his left hand and moved his mouse with his right hand.

He scoped in with his red dot sight and fired quick shots at that player!

"Da, da, da-!"

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

A series of gunshots later, that player was seen crawling on the ground with a bewildered look on his face.

Stroking his cat with his left hand and killing his opponent with his right hand.

The followers of Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were left open-mouthed after seeing how composed he was when he shot someone!