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513 Asia’s Fastest M16!

 Liu Zilang might have harrumphed and replied without holding himself back if he knew what was on Vivian's mind.

'I may be young but I'm not easily intimidated.'

However, he did not care about it much as the next Safe Zone had spawned at the three warehouses of Los Leones.

That location was neither far nor nearby.

Liu Zilang looked at the map and thought of doing another round of "Happy Motorcycle".

However, Lil Shou assessed the situation and tried to persuade him with a gentle voice, "Brother Lang Brother Lang! There are only around twenty players left. Let's play safe and win this chicken dinner!"

"Yeah, let's play safer. Brother Li has not won a chicken dinner before," Cola joined in the persuasion.

Liu Zilang was not serious at first as he planned to find some excitement with his motorcycle in Los leones.

However, after listening to Brother Li's warning, he felt extremely remorseful for killing him earlier.

He looked at the motorcycle that was right before his eyes and then at the Safe Zone that was behind him.

Liu Zilang hesitated for a moment but chose to play safe so that Brother Li could taste chicken dinner for the first time.

Liu Zilang then took out his M16 and fired at the motorcycle that was in front of him, flattening its tires.

"Puhaha, what a quality streamer. Subscribed!"

"It's fine if we don't see this. It's best that Vic doesn't ride that motorcycle."

"Vic: If I can't have you, I'll destroy you!"

"Vic, that b*stard. I feel like Los Leones is a place where you can die easily even without driving a motorcycle."

It was without reason that the viewers watching the live stream had such thoughts. That was because Miramar's Los Leones was very different from Erangel's Pochinki. Although Pochinki had many buildings, one required delicate footwork when one engaged in battles. It was easier for league players to face many enemies simultaneously in a public game and it was even harder for them to be ambushed.

Although Miramar's Los Leones had more buildings than Pochinki, the buildings were spread far apart, similar to Rozhok. This meant that it was easier for players to engage in battle.

While one was fighting happily with his or her enemies, the latter's teammates could appear from the side or from behind.

It would basically be one kill after another!


After flattening the motorcycle's tires, Liu Zilang chugged down a can of red bull to fill up his boost meter. He then started running toward the Safe Zone.

He thought that he had a low profile as he ran toward the Safe Zone. However, he was blocked off by someone before he could sneak into it.


A long-awaited sound was heard as the soft gunshot of a suppressed M24 reverberated!

Blood erupted from Liu Zilang's body as he ran and his health dropped insignificantly.


Liu Zilan crouched on the hill and healed himself with a bandage. He had determined the source of the M24 and raised his eyebrows.


Liu Zilang peeked out and scoped in after using two bandages!


He was startled when he did not spot a single soul with his 8x Scope.

What happened to the snipe off?

'Where's the enemy?'

Meanwhile, in the voice chat of the squad camping at the edge of the blue circle.

"I'll hold him off! You guys take a detour now," a player said as he hid behind a warehouse's wall at the foot of the hill. "He should be a lone wolf but I think I saw an AWM on his back and I'm quite nervous about that."

Someone in the squad replied, "Don't panic, don't panic! There's nothing to be afraid of a lone wolf. Make sure he doesn't escape."

The other player added, "Wait for us to get closer. You can attract his attention by opening fire."

Based on the squad's teamwork, they were able to survive not because of luck.


Meanwhile on Liu Zilang's end.

He chugged down an energy drink before using two bandages.

He hid behind the wall on the hill and glanced a few times over it.

The player who opened fire at him from the warehouse did not peek. It was as if the shot from the M24 did not happen at all and everything was an illusion.

It seemed like the enemy had no intention of having a snipe off with him, and the blue circle behind him was approaching.

Liu Zilang pondered for a moment and decided to act after making running from it.

Who would have thought that he would hear gunshots rattle again the instant he made a move.


A sniper bullet whizzed past Liu Zilang's side.

It seemed like the enemy was not good at aiming when it came to a moving target. If the enemy managed to hit him, it would be the equivalent of a blind cat finding a dead rat.

Since the enemy was willing to reveal himself, there was no reason for Liu Zilang to not greet him.

The AWM behind his back quietly slipped into his hands as he ran.

Gunshots reverberated once more at the warehouse located at the foot of the mountain.

However, the enemy seemed to have realized that his sniping skills were below-average as he swapped his M24 to an M4 and opened fire.

"Pew pew pew!"

A chain of bullets flew toward Liu Zilang.

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips curled up as he jumped around strangely in the rain of bullets before pulling out his weapon!


The AWM's gunshot was as powerful as a thunder's roar as it reverberated at the top of the hill!

The instant the magnum bullet was released from the chamber, it pierced through space!

Blood erupted from the head of the enemy who was at the warehouse, and he fell to the ground.

"GG! Has he started?!"

"I love watching Vic show off. That jump snipe was incredibly mesmerizing!"

Liu Zilang glanced at the bullet screen as he reloaded his weapon after firing his shot. He then started smirking. "Sit down everyone. These are all basic techniques. There's nothing to be shocked about."

"All you need to do is make a card if you think the streamer is performing well. I don't need anyone to gift me fireworks."

The bullet screen fell into silence as Liu Zilang's hint was so obvious that it could no longer be called a hint.

Then, Liu Zilang's face turned pale.

"Thud thud thud!"

Footsteps appeared on his radar without any warning!

Liu Zilang was shocked as he saw three players appear behind him without him noticing them earlier!


He screamed in shock as he immediately swapped his AWM to his M16!

Coincidentally, an enemy appeared from behind the wall he was hiding behind earlier!

Liu Zilang raised his weapon and scoped in.

However, something shocked every viewer watching the live stream the instant he scoped in!

The scope that was equipped on Liu Zilang's M16 was a 4x Scope. For him to aim at someone who was literally right in front of his face with a 4x Scope was rather...

He was basically giving the enemy a body check at that point!?

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang's heart sank as he could not help but think to himself, "F*ck this!"

However, he was different from others. Any average player would be incredibly nervous the instant they made such a huge mistake at such a critical moment.

Liu Zilang's hand was as quick as the wind as he immediately pulled his weapon up until he was aiming at the enemy's nose!

'F*ck you!

'I'm going to show you all today what it takes to be the quickest in Asia using the M16!'