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512 I’ll Send You Home Crying This Time!

 The AWM was hip-fired in mid-air.

It was neither a flying kick nor a Flying Dragon's Face Plant.

However, it was far more shocking and exciting than them!

Everyone could crack their skulls for as long as they wanted but Liu Zilang had used such an unexpected method to break the stalemate in an instant!

Many viewers watching the live stream had their brains frozen when they saw it!

Liu Zilang had fired the instant he jumped out of the window. This meant that if he were to miss the shot with his AWM, he would be in a stationary position when he landed. Vivian would definitely notice him and his death would be certain.

Even so, Liu Zilang had jumped down without any hesitation.

His huge and outrageous confidence gave everyone goosebumps just by them thinking of it...

Vivan was beyond astonished when she saw herself die after being shot in the head while outside of the staircase.

All she felt was a brief buzz as she put all of her focus onto that window.

However, she fell to the ground before she was able to spot a single soul...

Hence, Vivian's first reaction was that she had been ambushed by someone else the instant she was shot in the head!

However, Vivian realized what had happened when her vision went up toward the sky and she saw Liu Zilang healing himself on the other side of the window.


Her jaw dropped as she was beyond shocked.

She could not believe what she saw.

'Are... are you serious?'

Vivian then looked at the Kill Notification on the top right corner of her screen.

"Vic123 killed Weiweian by headshot with AWM!"


'It's him!'

Vivian's pupils shrunk as she recalled the videos that highlighted Liu Zilang and Shroud who had been streaming on Twitch throughout the past two days.

Vivian's lips curled up again as she pondered.

Everything made sense if it was him.

After all, there was only a handful of people other than him who could utilize a sniper rifle to such an extent.

Vivian's blue cold eyes shined brightly and the smile on her face became even more apparent as she recalled their first encounter in Europe.

That expression of hers... She looked like a little loli that had found her lost teddy bear...

Then, a golden-haired man with green eyes appeared behind her and entered the training room.

Vivian turned around as she heard his footsteps. She blew her long hair that was on her forehead before raising her arms to greet him.

"Hey! Captain Karl, come on! Hehe, let me show you something interesting."

Karl who was about to leave the room was confused and said, "You're going to show me one of your prank videos, right?"

Vivian immediately patted her chest in response and said, "No no no! This is much more interesting than my pranks! I guarantee it! You'll definitely be interested in it."

Karl let out a long sigh of relief as he had Vivian's assurance. He nonchalantly moved toward her and casually said, "Stop patting your chest. Your chest will disappear if you keep doing that."

"F*ck you!"

Vivian crooked her lips and stared at him furiously.

Karl raised his eyebrow slightly after watching Vivian's replay.

"Vic123... Is he... That guy?"

"Who else could he be?" Vivian shrugged casually as she swung around in her chair.

Karl smiled as he shook his head. "I thought he'd lost his motivation after Satan defeated him."

"He's not the kind of person who'd give up that easily." Vivian tilted her head.

"Hehe. It looks like this international tournament won't be that boring now," Karl said casually.

He was not worried at all as the former Se7en did not exist.

Karl turned around and headed toward the door. He opened his mouth before he left, "I'm going out to get lunch, do you need anything?"

Vivian's blue cold eyes turned green as she raised her hand up excitedly. "Cola! Hamburger! Fries!"

Karl seemed to have expected Vivian's three-meal set response.

He could not help but look at her thin and petite figure as he helplessly raised his hands up.

"Believe me when I say that you'll be as fat as our coach, Charon one day."

"I agree with your deduction."

Vivian whistled as she laughed. "Before that day arrives, I'll do my best to digest more cola and hamburgers!"

Karl was speechless...


In the game, Liu Zilang headed back up after healing himself.

His Level Three Military Vest had been shattered, and he was fortunate to have landed a headshot on Vivian. Hence, her Level Three Military Vest was in perfect condition.

He equipped the brand new Level Three Military Vest after climbing through the window.

Liu Zilang looked at the crate by the ladder and could not help but rub his chin and fall into deep thought.

Based on his analysis, the marksmanship, reaction speed, and awareness displayed by his enemy had far surpassed most skilled streamers and league players. She had to be someone famous.


'Wait a minute... Could it be her?'

Liu Zilang could not help but open all chat and ask her, "Vivian?"

"Victor Liu?"

A rather cunning and active voice was heard. It seemed that the enemy had yet exited from her death cam.

'It really is her!"

Liu Zilang was able to determine his enemy's identity the instant he heard her voice. He was incredibly surprised how small the world was and immediately called her out, "Laji!" (TN: Laji means Trash in Mandarin.)

Vivian was not angered at all when she heard him. Instead, she felt rather close to him as it was how Liu Zilang addressed her personally in the past when they were in skirmish matches.

Although she did not understand the general definition of the term, it did not affect her from replying, "F*ck you!"

Liu Zilang burst into laughter upon hearing her words.

He was not teasing Vivian when he called her "Laji."

This was because out of all the major FPS squads in the past, the flexible role was usually given to the most capable and well-rounded player in the squad.

However in squad SKK, the flexible role was given to their weakest member, Vivian.

Although Vivian was the weakest player in squad SKK, that did not mean that she was not strong. In fact, she was one of the First God tier players in the FPS world which were stronger than the Twelve Titans.

Vivian's strength was the real deal.

She was relatively the weakest in her squad...

In terms of her teammate's sniper, entry-fragger and commander who were ridiculously skilled in what they did, Vivian who was the weakest member had no choice but to play the flexible role as she was no match for their specialties...

Liu Zilang was also a flexible player in his squad in the past and he always had the feeling that it was an insult to the rest of the flexible players when Vivian was assigned the role...

Since the two players had reconnected, it was only natural that Liu Zilang would welcome her passionately to the Asia Server.

He raised his weapon and fired at Vivian's warm corpse endlessly before her corpse disappeared!

Vivian originally wanted to reminisce the good old days with Liu Zilang. However, she blew her bangs up and started screaming, "F*ck you" endlessly at Liu Zilang when she saw the latter firing at her corpse.

Liu Zilang jumped down from the building after finishing a magazine of ammo.

Then, the next Safe Zone spawned.

Vivian looked at the monochrome screen on her computer and recalled the California international tournament that was going to be held the next month. She clenched her fists angrily as she watched Liu Zilang's back while the latter disappeared into the horizon.


'I'll send you back home crying this time!'